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How Is Yang Mi And William Chan’s Relationship?

Yang Mi William Chan

Starring Yang Mi and William Chan (Chen Weiting), the TV series “Novoland: Pearl Eclipse” is on hot broadcasting.


Yang Mi is a year younger than William Chan. Both of them have a superior appearance, especially Yang Mi’s costume look has always been affirmed. William Chan is tall and handsome, they playing a couple is a very good match.

So how is Yang Mi and William Chan (Chen Weiting) ‘s relationship?

Yang Mi

Recently, a ​behind-the-scenes clip of Yang Mi and Chen Weiting interacting so sweetly on set was revealed.

In the video, Yang Mi is wearing a white antique sarong, looking delicate and lovely. She is lying on top of an antique bed, full of shyness, while William Chan is sitting next to her, they are very close and look very tacit understanding.

At the beginning of the shoot, Yang Mi was very shy. Especially when William Chan was ready to kiss her according to the description of the script, Yang Mi began to laugh and hideaway. Even the director couldn’t stand and kept shouting: can you not laugh?

Later, under the dedicated attitude of the two actors, the scene was finally finished. However, Yang Mi also exposed herself to having been pinching her hands hard to be able to hold back the laughter, and also showed the director the scars on her hands.

During the shooting, Yang Mi and William Chan were always joking and laughing on the set. They often teased each other, especially Willam Chan often made jokes because of his poor Mandarin when preparing lines, which made Yang Mi laugh like a child.

The relationship between them is indeed very good, that’s why they shoot such work with tacit understanding.

Novoland Pearl Eclipse

As the male and female protagonists, William Chan and Yang Mi not only have many interactions and emotional lines in the drama, their private relationship is also very good.

They are actually a pair of good friends who have known each other for 8 years, so they seem more tacit understanding.

Yang Mi William Chan

On the day of William Chan’s birthday, Yang Mi left a message on William Chan’s Weibo for his birthday, using the role of “Hai Shi” in “Novoland: Pearl Eclipse”: “My excellent and handsome great master, happy birthday for long life. ” What’s a divine friendship.

Some time ago, they also walked the red carpet together to promote their new drama. They even took a set of promotional photos.

Yang Mi William Chan

Yang Mi and Chen Weiting have known each other for a long time. It’s not easy for William Chan to come all the way. Seven years ago, Yang Mi has been a very popular actress, but William Chan was only a supporting role.

After three times cooperation, they finally played the lead roles as a couple.

The first cooperate of them should be in “Swords of Legends”, William Chan played the senior brother. They had not many interacting scenes.

Later, Yang and Chen reunited in Guo Jingming’s work “L.O.R.D.”, in which the relationship between them is more aptly described as master and disciple rather than superior and subordinate, but there is still no emotional line between them.

“Novoland: Pearl Eclipse” is the third time they have worked together. They have worked together many times and finally played an attractive CP.

We believe that under the joint efforts of Yang Mi and William Chan, the drama will not let viewers down. Even some netizens delicate that they look quite perfect for each other and call for them to date in real life.

Novoland Pearl Eclipse

Have you watched “Novoland: Pearl Eclipse”?

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