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William Chan (Chen Weiting) Profile

William Chan

William Chan (Chen Weiting, 陈伟霆), born on November 21, 1985, in Hong Kong, China, is Chinese actor, singer, and host.

In 2003, he entered the entertainment industry by participating in the audition of Global Chinese New Talent Hong Kong and became a member of Sun Boy’z in 2006. In 2008, he released his first solo album Will Power. In 2016, he gained higher attention with the drama The Mystic Nine.

Basic Info

William Chan

Stage Name: William Chan
Chinese Name: Chen Weiting(陈伟霆)
Nickname: Waiting
Place of Birth: Hong Kong
Nationality: China
Birthday: November 21, 1985
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 182cm (5’11”)
Weight: 81kg (178.2 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Fandom Name: Nv Huang(Queen)
Instagram: williamchanwaiting
Weibo: William威廉陈伟霆


  1. William Chan’s agency is Emperor Entertainment Group Limited.
  2. Education: he studied at the Yew Chung International School-Secondary.
  3. He is from a wealthy family.
  4. He has an elder brother and sister.
  5. He can speak Cantonese, Mandarin, and English.
  6. In 2003, he won first place in the Global Chinese New Talent Hong Kong audition.
  7. In 2004, when William Chan graduated from high school, he gave up the opportunity to go to college in the United States and stayed in Hong Kong.
  8. William Chan has been studying piano and guitar since elementary school.
  9. He started learning street dance when he was 13 years old.
  10. Likes to play Muay Thai, work out, skiing.
  11. He has over a hundred pairs of basketball shoes.
  12. Likes to play mahjong.
  13. He feels he was born to play games, but he urges young people to play less.
  14. He has six tattoos on his body.
  15. Loves turnip cake.
  16. Prefers coffee over tea.
  17. He has a Devon Rex cat.
  18. Favorite Color: pink.
  19. Favorite Season: summer.
  20. His favorite fashion item is the watch.
  21. In private, he likes casual, natural, and comfortable clothes.
  22. He sings songs in the shower.
  23. Likes to sing Eason Chan’s songs.
  24. He has to take his earphone with him when he goes out.
  25. He has bought a suite in Beijing.
  26. Ex-girlfriend: Angelababy, Charlene Choi.
  27. On September 20, 2015, William Chan posted the Weibo, indicating that he had broken up with Charlene Choi.



  • Caught in Whirlwind(暴风)(Chen Jiadong)(TBA)
  • The Yinyang Master(侍神令)(Ci Mu)(2021)
  • L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties 2(爵迹 2 : 冷血狂宴)(Nether)(2020)
  • Adoring(宠爱)(Zhao Le)(2019)
  • Air Strike(大轰炸)(Cheng Ting)(2018)
  • Genghis Khan(战神纪)(Temüjin)(2018)
  • The Founding of an Army(建军大业)(Triad boss)(2017)
  • L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties(爵迹)(Nether)(2016)
  • I Love That Crazy Little Thing(那件疯狂的小事叫爱情)(Jiang Yang)(2016)
  • Lost in Wrestling(五行攻略)(Ruo Nan)(2015)
  • Golden Brother(男人不可以穷)(Xue Keyong)(2014)
  • As the Light Goes Out(救火英雄)(Zhang Wenjian)(2014)
  • Hardcore Comedy(重口味)(Ah Jie)(2013)
  • Triad(扎职)(Ah Ting)(2012)
  • Hi, Fidelity(出轨的女人)(Bill / Ben)(2011)
  • Lover's Discourse(恋人絮语)(Ah Bao (young))(2010)
  • All About Love(得闲炒饭)(Mike)(2010)
  • Ex(前度)(Chen Yunping)(2010)
  • Beauty on Duty(美丽密令)(Qin Lang)(2010)
  • Seven 2 One(关人7事)(William)(2009)
  • Split Second Murders(死神傻了)(Ke Le)(2009)
  • Trick or Cheat(爱出猫)(Xue Junhui)(2009)
  • Overheard(窃听风云)(Zu)(2009)
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