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Lu Xiang Yuan Han Yuan Zhuan – William Chan, Song Yi

Lu Xiang Yuan Han Yuan Zhuan is a historical romantic drama directed by Zang Xichuan, starring William Chan, Song Yi, Ying Haoming, and Zhao Yingzi.

The drama is based on the novel "Jin Xiu Hua Jue Han Yuan Zhuan / 锦绣画绝韩媛传" by Zi Meng Ying Er.


Lu Xiang Yuan Han Yuan Zhuan

English Title: Lu Xiang Yuan Han Yuan Zhuan
Chinese Title: 露香园韩媛传
Genre: Historical, Romance, Business
Episodes: 40
Duration: -
Director: Zang Xichuan
Writer: Han Chenchen
Released Date: -
Boradcast Website: -



During the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, Gu Mingshi built the Lu Xiang Yuan.

The Gu family's women were good embroiderers, with Miao Ruiyun's skills being the best, and Gu embroidery became famous.

Gu Mingshi admired Miao's embroidery. Gu Huihai tried to get Miao to take over the Gu family's embroidery workshop, so that he could take over the Lu Xiang Yuan.

However, Gu Mingshi favoured his second grandson, Gu Shouqian, who studied with Dong Qichang when he was young.

When Dong Qichang founded the Danfeng Painting Gallery, Gu Shouqian temporarily took over the position as a teacher.

Han Ximeng stood out in the examinations among painting trainees , but she had high aspirations and was determined to become a female master in teaching.

After some difficulties, Han Ximeng married into the Lu Xiang Yuan. When Miao Ruiyun saw that Han Ximeng was a good embroiderer, she taught her Gu embroidery stitches in private, but Mrs. Gu tried to prevent her from doing so.

With the help of Gu Shouqian, Han Ximeng is able to learn the Gu embroidery technique and is able to create the first embroidery and painting combination, which becomes so famous that merchants open embroidery houses and compete to sell Gu embroideries.

The Gong family, jealous of the Gu family's reputation, uses the death of a Hu merchant from the West to spread rumours and unites with the owners of the embroidery houses to boycott the Gu family's embroidery, with the intention of destroying the Gu family.

When the Gu family's embroidery is in decline and the life of Gu Shouqian is unknown, Han Ximeng sets up a school and the Gu embroidery is passed on, Han Mengxi was famous and became a female craftsman of her generation.


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