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Meng Ziyi (Zoey Meng) Profile

Meng Ziyi

Meng Ziyi (Zoey Meng, 孟子义) born on December 5, 1995, in Changchun, Jilin, is a Chinese actress.

In 2014, she acted in her first drama Chinese Hero Zhao Zilong 2015. In January 2017, she played the role of Mu Nianci in the Wuxia drama The Legend of the Condor Heroes. In 2019, the ancient immortal drama The Untamed was aired in which Meng played the role of Wen Qing.

Basic Info

Meng Ziyi

Stage Name: Meng Ziyi
Chinese Name: Meng Zi Yi(孟子义)
English Name: Zoey Meng
Place of Birth: Changchun, Jilin
Nationality: China
Birthday: December 05, 1995 (Age: 28)
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 170cm (5'6")
Weight: 47kg (103.4 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Fandom Name: Xiao Ningmeng(Little Lemon)
Instagram: -
Weibo: 孟子义


  1. Meng Ziyi's agency is Yuekai Entertainment.
  2. Education: she studied acting at the Beijing Film Academy.
  3. She won the title of school beauty of Beijing Film Academy by Weibo Voting during university.
  4. Favorite Actor: Chen Kun.
  5. She is afraid of insects.
  6. Before going to bed she plays with her phone.
  7. She thinks she will be ugly if her weighs more than 51kg.
  8. Meng Zi Yi has two dogs, called Chocolate and Candy.
  9. Likes to watch comedies.
  10. Favorite Season: summer.
  11. She eats a lot when she's on the set.
  12. She wants to get married before she was 30.
  13. Meng Ziyi believes that love grows with time.
  14. Ideal Type Boyfriend: attentive, love her.



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