Sword Snow Stride – Zhang Ruoyun, Hu Jun, Teresa Li

“Sword Snow Stride” is directed by Song Xiaofei. It stars Zhang Ruoyun, Hu Jun, and Li Gengxi in the lead roles, Gao Weiguang in a special role, Liu Duanduan, Qiu Xinzhi, Tian Xiaojie, Wang Tianchen, Zhang Tian’ai and Li Chun in guest roles, and co-stars Ying Ding Xiaoying, Dong Yan and Liao Huijia.

The drama is adapted from the novel “Knife in the Snow” by Feng Huo Xi Zhu Hou, which tells the story of Xu Fengnian, who grows up to be the King of Northern Liang through trials and tribulations.



Sword Snow Stride

English Title: Sword Snow Stride
Chinese Title: 雪中悍刀行
Genre: Ancient, Costume, Wuxia
Episodes: 50
Director: Song Xiaofei
Writer: Wang Juan
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, NCM Televission,Nesound International
Broadcast Website: WeTV
Released Date: December 15, 2021


Zhang Ruoyun Zhang Ruoyun as Xu Fengnian
Hu Jun Hu Jun as Xu Xiao
Li Gengxi Teresa Li as Jiang Ni
Vengo Gao Vengo Gao as Chen Zhibao
Crystal Zhang Crystal Zhang as Nangong Pushe


Xu Fengnian, the son of the King of Northern Liang, has finally become a master under the earnest expectation of his father Xu Xiao. Although the road is long and obstructive, he still keeps going through the whole journey of sharpening his sword skills.

Xu Fengnian travels all the way to fight for his mother’s revenge. He is not only continuously improves his own martial arts training but also gathers many martial artists. He eventually becomes the King of Northern Liang.

At the time of the invasion of the North Mang, Xu Fengnian returned to lead the army to fight against the North Mang. By the frame of the court, 300,000 Iron Riders of North Liang were mostly killed and wounded, but they still win the victory, Xu Fengnian finally left the Northen Liang palace and come back to Jiang Hu and live incognito.

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