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Legend of Nine Tails Fox – Gulnazar, Gina Jin

Legend of Nine Tails Fox is a historical fantasy legend series co-directed by Lin Yufen, Gao Linbao, Xu Huikang, and Yu Cuihua, starring Gulnazar, Jiang Jinfu, Xiao Caiqi, Gina Jin Chen, Chen Yao, Zhang Ruoyun, Qiao Xin, Yao Yichen, Wang Kai, Fu Xinbo, Mike, Tang Yixin, Zhang Xueying, Jiang Kaitong, Zhai Tianlin, and Chen Ruoxuan.

The drama is adapted from the six stories in "Liaozhai Zhiyi", which are based on the metaphor of fox fairies, and tells the love and desire story of "fox fairies" who have human nature.


Legend of Nine Tails Fox

English Title: Legend of Nine Tails Fox
Chinese Title: 青丘狐传说
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance
Tag: Chinese Mythology, Fox, Interspecies Romance, Martial Arts, Spirit, Supernatural
Episodes: 32(TV) / 37(DVD)
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Lin Yufen, Gao Linbao, Xu Huikang, Yu Cuihua
Writer: Wang Lizhi
Released Date: 2016-02-08
Broadcast Website: Viki



A Xiu

The fox girl Hua Yue poses as an ordinary woman, A Xiu, and gets tangled in love with Liu Zigu. She goes from being greedy for love in the human world to understand true love, and finally sacrifices herself to fulfill the real A Xiu and Liu Zigu.

Feng Sanniang

Spiritual fox Feng Feiyue enters the Meng family to fight for the people but finds out that the Meng family’s bad reputation is only framed by others, so she helps the Meng family get out of danger and gains her love.

Ying Ning

Ying Ning, a fox girl who loves to laugh by nature, comes to Wang Zifu’s house in order to find out the truth of her mother’s brutal murder by the Wang family, when the Wang family is in danger, Ying Ning repays her grievances with virtue and wins the respect of all.

Hu Si

Hu Si was originally a male fox with great magic power. He became a close friend of Zhang Sheng, a rich gentleman, because of his greed for wine. He left in style after helping Zhang Sheng to find a good marriage.

Chang Ting

Shi Taipu, a demon hunter, helps the fox clan to drive away from the demons. The old father of the fox clan promises to marry his eldest daughter Chang Ting to him, but he repeatedly reneges on his promise, Shi Taipu saves the fox clan regardless of their past grudges and was finally married to Chang Ting.

Heng Niang

The beautiful fox fairy Heng Niang helps her next-door neighbor Zhu to win back her husband’s heart, fighting the weasel concubine.


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