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Wang Kai and Tan Songyun: How Do You Feel Their Nan De Xiao Ting CP

Wang Kai Tan Songyun

Recently, starring Wang Kai and Tan Songyun, the hit drama “Flight to You” finally came to an end. The good drama leaves viewers panting for more. They are expecting a second season.


The main characters in the drama, Gu Nanting, and Cheng Xiao, have very few intimate scenes, but their relationship has gone from “enemies”, ambiguity, and estrangement, to being together. The two actors’ performance is so special and touching.

Wang Kai

Wang Kai plays the role of Captain Gu Nanting in the drama, who has been blocking his inner feelings due to the death of his ex-girlfriend in a plane accident. He put all his heart into the work, and his serious attitude makes everyone fearing of him.

He is also very straightforward in his approach to relationships, often failing to see through the hints of others.

Wang Kai’s portrayal of this civil aviation captain has won the unanimous approval of the audience.

Tan Songyun

Tan Songyun’s Cheng Xiao is lively and sweet, with a genuine, positive, and enthusiastic personality, which is the complete opposite of Gu Nanting.

The same thing is that Cheng Xiao is also very capable and responsible at work, and is very motivated. Her home is full of model planes and flight plans, and she even practices driving planes every day.

At first, netizens were not very optimistic about this CP. After all, Tan Songyun’s looks are really small and Wang Kai looks too mature, they are not on the same level of temperament.

Whether it is the character setting or the temperament of the actors themselves, it can be said that they are very far apart, but they play CP without any inconsistency, why?

We believe that the main reason for this is that Tan Songyun’s acting skills really support Wang Kai so that their interaction is not awkward in any way.

Wang Kai

Because Gu Nanting’s character is set up to be too passive, it is mainly up to Cheng Xiao to drive the plot, and Tan Songyun’s lively and spirited acting has landed Cheng Xiao’s character firmly in the ground.

Tan Songyun plays the role too naturally, just like a friend and colleague in life, as real as the stories around us. Actively pursuing the person she likes, not hiding, no crush, faced with such an “attack”, what man can refuse? Who can’t get a kick out of watching it?

Tan Songyun

Netizen comment:

“They are too compatible, obviously not many intimate scenes, but sweet to the viewers’ hearts. The “Nan De Xiao Ting CP” formed by Wang Kai and Tan SongYun, is a great match.”

“The captain of the plane, the flight attendant, and the pilots are full of all kinds of super uniform temptation, which is also too eye-catching, right? I really like it.”

“The acting is so good that it resonates with the audience.”

“Best match, older gentleman couples with a loli, with an eye-catching appearance and good acting skills.”

“Although I have not read the original, I truly feel that these two actors acted really well, I really experienced from not looking good at the beginning to crazy shipping the CP.”

Have you watched “Flight to You”? Do you like “Nan De Xiao Ting CP” formed by Wang Kai and Tan Songyun?

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  1. This film msrked a good impression about the chinese actors and actress…Id fall in love with them Wang Kai and Tan song yun they portrait their part well… it gave me the smile in my heart…. hope and fate be upon them..see vyou both in next season .. for reals with more romantic scenes and adventure???❤

  2. I loved Flight to You. The lead characters were excellent and the supporting cast was also very good. It’s nice to watch a show that doesn’t have crazy sexy scenes. Actors who can show their emotions in their eyes are very rare. Please make more episodes of Flight to You because there’s still a lot of story to tell. The “Kiss” scene was awesome.