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How is Tan Songyun and Ren Jialun’s relationship in private?

The popularity of “Under the Power” has brought many viewers to expect a new relationship between Tan Songyun and Ren Jialun. As many people regret their relationship in the drama, they are hoping for a better relationship in life.

Both are new generation actors in showbiz, how is the relationship between Tan Songyun and Ren Jialun in private?

Tan Songyun Ren Jialun

First of all, it is important to understand that the reason why Tan Songyun and Ren Jialun are so sweet in the drama. The plot requires it, while they are both professional actors. So they can perform the sweetness that the viewers need.

However, Ren Jialun is already married and has children in reality. As a man with a family, he is very careful in dealing with other relationships of the Female. The same goes for Tan Song Yun.

Tan Songyun Ren Jialun

Since getting married, Ren has been wearing a wedding ring. The same was true when he attended the promotional roadshow for “Under the Power”. Ren Jialun does not hide the fact that he is married at all. He uses the ring to hint to other peers of the female that he is a married man.

He keeps a proper distance. So when Tan Song Yun accidentally fell during a game on a show, Ren Jialun did not immediately rush up and hug her, He knows how to control the distance and have a sense of proportion in his heart.

Tan Song Yun is actually a smart person too. “With You” with Liu Haoran was aired, it was even hotter than ”Under the Power”. Many viewers wanted to make a cp between them, but Tan Song Yun never accepted the viewers’ idea.

She didn’t interact much with Liu Haoran in her life. She didn’t have any contact with him except for work. This is very smart and avoided a lot of trouble.

The same is true for this collaboration with Ren Jialun. Whether on a show or in a photoshoot, Tan Song Yun, although the female lead, never deliberately gets close to Ren Jialun.


It’s fine to be so sweet in a drama. But in reality, one should understand one’s identity and not overstep by doing anything excessive. Tan Song Yun has always been very clear.

So viewers who want to make the two of them cp will probably be disappointed. If you are really not enjoying yourself, you may go back and watch the drama a few more times to find satisfaction in some of the details of their interaction in the drama. It is also a kind of fun for drama chasers.

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