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Allen Ren Jialun, Li Qin Start The Fantasy Xian Xia Love Journey

Allen Ren Jialun Li Qin

On September 8, the TV series “Qing Jun” officially announced the main cast. The drama is directed by Zheng Weiwen, starring Allen Ren Jialun and Li Qin.


Ren Jialun plays the role of Lu Yan, the god of war for a thousand years, and Li Qin plays the role of Yu Dengdeng, the righteous female chief of brigands.

The official Weibo account released this news with the text: “God travels for love for a thousand years, falling in love at first sight without regrets”.

Qing Jun

It is reported that the drama combines elements of immortality, and fantasy in the Republic of China period, mainly It is reported that the drama combines elements of immortality, fantasy, and the Republic of China period, mainly about the love story of Lu Yan and Yu Dengdeng.

The director of this drama is also director Zheng Weiwen, whom everyone has always liked, and has previously released several good dramas.

One of the most impressive would be the costume drama “The Untamed” which has been very popular in recent years. “The Imperial Doctress” and “The Legends” are also his works.

The Untamed

Director Zheng Weiwen always pays attention to the quality of his works, and every work he launches is very qualitative. The expectation of “Qing Jun” starts from the director.

The male and female protagonists of “Qing Jun” are the outstanding actors, Ren Jialun and Li Qin, which is also slightly different from the previous net rumors.

Allen Ren Jialun

Ren Jialun is considered a very popular actor in China in recent years and has broadcast four new dramas this year. Three modern dramas are the light comedy “Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard”, the narcotics theme “Never Say Goodbye”, the sweet drama “Forever and Ever”. A costume drama is “One And Only”.

Whether in appearance or in acting skills, Ren Jialun is one of the best actors in the viewer’s heart. He is very low-key, does not like to hype. His works have also received good reviews.

He looks cool and elegant in costume dramas but is handsome and warm in modern dramas. Both images are very eye-catching. This kind of Lu Yan, fans can’t wait to see!

Sweet Li Qin

The female lead Yu Dengdeng’s player Li Qin has always been a reputable actress with sweet-looking and superb acting skills. It is worth paying attention to such a good actress.

In “Princess Agents”, the little princess Chun’er is beautiful and lovely in the beginning. After she turned bad, she did not need to rely on heavy eye makeup and exaggerated modeling to interpret the change. A single look will show the change in Chun’er.

Good actors couple with a good script, a good director, and S-grade production standards, we believe “Qing Jun” will be a very good drama to look forward to.

The fantasy Xian Xia plot setting in the period of the Republic of China will also surely attract more people’s attention. Are you looking forward to the partnership of Allen Ren Jialun and Li Qin?

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  1. Patiently waiting for Allen Ren new drama. His acting improves and grows with every experience he had. He always putting a lot of thought in selecting a good script and story plot and so far his choice isn’t that bad. Combined with talented director, “Qing Jun” is worth looking forward to.