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Allen Ren Jialun, Bai Lu: The Fated Love In Two Lives Begins

One And Only

The costume drama “One and Only“, lead by Allen Ren Jialun and Bai Lu, has been getting a lot of attention even before it has started airing.


As well as the two main actors being loved by the viewers, it is also because the drama is scripted by the author of the novel, Mo Bao Fei Bao. It avoids some unacceptable changes and provides some assurance for the plot.

From the response to the beginning of “One and Only”, it is very good. Not only the plot is fast-paced, but also the presentation of “Family-country” emotion is atmospheric, while the expression of personal love is very delicate.

The drama has received a lot of praise since it started, and it is expected to become a hit in the costume drama!

Bai Lu Ren Jialun

The drama is adapted from the novel “一生一世美人骨/ Yi Sheng Yi Shi Meir Ren Gu” in the “ancient ” chapter, mainly tells the moving love story between Zhou Shengchen(Ren Jialun) who had brilliant exploits, and Cui Shiyi (Bai Lu), a lively, intelligent girl who has a strong understanding.

Compared to other sweet dramas, the love in “One and Only” gives viewers the possibility to feel more delicate emotions.

It provides another model for sweet dramas in the way it expresses the emotions between the male and female leads. This special emotion is reflected in many scenes where Zhou Shengchen and Cui Shiyi get along.

Allen Ren Jialun

Besides, the emotions between the hero and heroine are not a fast-food type of passionate romance but are gradually built up through constant getting together, which is more in line with most people’s emotional needs.

“One and Only” has both the subtle and secret love between the main roles, which is a wonderful experience, and the undercurrents between the court that drive the plot.

It is a good thing that the drama is well arranged in terms of national issues and personal emotions, not just focusing on the personal scenes of the main actors at the expense of the national issues that drive the plot.

Although the main roles will go on the way of the destiny due to responsibility and mission, the drama balances the pace of the plots and clear cause and effect well.

The special chemistry of Allen Ren Jialun and Bai Lu working together is a big surprise to viewers. Their acting skills are quite excellent.

They have gained a lot of viewers who like them with their past works. In “One and Only”, the picture of them in the same scenes are very beautiful. They look quite a perfect match.

Ren Jialun

From the affectionate and righteous Lord Li Ping in “The Glory of Tang Dynasty” to different personalities of Zi Xuan and Xu Xuan in the past life and present life in”The Destiny of White Snake”, then to “Under the Power” the handsome Lord Lu, Allen Ren Jialun have made a deep impression on many viewers.

He has captured the hearts of many viewers with his charming looks and excellent acting skills in the ancient costume drama, gaining their recognition and love.

In “One and Only”, Ren Jialun’s interpretation is still very wonderful. He has the royal temperament in the face of state affairs and performs the majestic style and decisive determination of a general in warfare.

His fighting scenes are also smooth. The most surprising thing is the emotional interaction with Cui Shiyi, he always brings a feeling with the ultimate tenderness of love. When he gets along with Cui Shiyi, he is extremely gentle.

Netizens commented: Ren Jialun’s costume look is always super charming.

Bai Lu

Besides “Untouchable Lovers”, the most impressive role of Bai Lu in costume dramas is her role in “The Legends” as the cool and cute Lu Zhaoyao.

In “One and Only”, the style of Bai Lu in the first few episodes will make some viewers feel less appropriate, and she had to play a mute at this time, but this also puts a higher demand on Bai Lu’s acting skills.

If the acting skills are mediocre, it is likely that the viewers will be unable to feel uninteresting and feel her inner world.

The good thing is that Bai Lu was able to conquer the public with her acting skills during the period when she was unable to speak. The only daughter of the famous Cui family, Cui Shiyi, as interpreted by Bai Lu, is spot on at different times and under different looks.

Whether from the plot or the interpretation of Ren Jialun and Bai Lu, “One and Only” is likely to become a popular costume drama!

And the follow-up “modern chapter” “Forever And Ever” is also led by Ren Jialun, Bai Lu.

Forever And Ever

The ending of the ancient chapter “One And Only” should be more sadistic. However, the ending of the modern chapter “Forever And Ever” may usher in a sweet twist.

The modern chapter “Forever And Ever” is mainly about the romantic love story between the top dubbing actress Shiyi (Bai Lu), and the chemistry professor Zhou Shengchen (Ren Jialun), who gradually become affectionate. After a series of difficulties and obstacles, they decided to be together for life.

For the ending of Zhou Shengchen and Cui Shiyi, one is sad and one is happy. It is a perfect interpretation of “How amazing love is!”.

Bai Lu Allen Ren

Have you watched “One and Only”,starring Allen Ren Jialun, Bai Lu? Do you like the CP?

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