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One And Only – Allen Ren Jialun, Bai Lu

One and only is a costume romance drama directed by Guo Hu, starring Ren Jialun and Bai Lu, co-starring Wang Xingyue, Li Yiru, Yuan Ruohang, Su Mengyun, Yao Yichen, Zhou Lula.

The drama tells the story between the young Lord Nanchen, who command hundreds of thousands of troops, and Cui Shiyi, the only daughter of the main branch of the Qinghe Cui clan, and the future Crown Princess, during the Northern Wei Dynasty.

Basic Info

One And Only

English Title: One And Only
Chinese Title: 周生如故
Genre: Costume, Romance
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Writer: Mo Bao Fei Bao
Product Company: iQIYI
Broadcast Website: iQIYI
Released Date: August 18, 2021


Ren Jialun Ren Jialun as Zhousheng Chen
Bai Lu Bai Lu as Cui Shiyi
Wang Xingyue Wang Xingyue as Liu Zihang
Li Yiru Li Yiru as Hong Xiaoyu
Yuan Ruohang Yuan Ruohang as Xie Yun
Su Mengyun Su Mengyun as Feng Qiao
Ethan Yao Ethan Yao as Cui Feng
Zhou Lula Zhou Lula as Xiao Yan


The young and successful Lord Zhou Shengchen, who was determined to serve his country all his life, was known for his strict style and humility.

The only daughter of the famous Cui clan, Cui Shiyi, was born as the future prince’s concubine, and was sent by her elders to the Zhou mansion to learn the art.

Cui Shiyi’s kind and lovely, lively and intelligent personality, is loved by everyone in the mansion, and improve her skill quickly.

During their time together, Cui Shiyi admired Zhou Shengchen’s ambition and elegant character, and unknowingly fell in love with the general.

Cui Shiyi is Zhou Shengchen’s strongest backing and warmest support, whether it is waiting for good news at the mansion or fighting alongside him.

They like each other, but keep their love in the heart.

The border is once again in an emergency, and Zhou Shengchen is obliged to lead the troops to war, while Cui Shiyi has to bear the responsibility of the family’s reputation and marry the Crown Prince.

Zhousheng Chen endured the torture of boning for the sake of the people and the world and died tragically.

When Cui Shiyi knew the news of Zhousheng Chen’s death, she did not want to live alone and didn’t want to marry her enemy Liu Zixing, so she jumped from the city wall.

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  1. The end of this sonopsis is incorrect… he was framed by the Crown. He was executed and dismembered. She, jumped off the wall of the city to escape marrying the prince who killed him.

  2. Wait… I would’ve watched this but now I know the male lead dies thanks to the synopsis lol