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Under the Power – Ren Jialun, Tan Songyun

Under the Power is a historical romantic suspense drama directed by Yin Tao, led by Ren Jialun and Tan Songyun, co-starring Han Dong, Ye Qing, Yao Yichen, Lu Hong, Xi Xue, Li Tingzhe, and Han Chengyu.

The drama is based on the novel of the same name by Lan Se Shi, which tells the story of Lu Yi, an Imperial Guard who is ordered to investigate the case of the missing money to repair the river in Yangzhou in the late Ming Dynasty when traitorous officials are in power. He is assisted by Yuan Jinxia, a female constable of Yamen.


Under the Power

English Title: Under the Power
Chinese Title: 锦衣之下
Genre: Historical, Suspense, Romance
Tag: Investigation, Strong Male Lead, Smart Female Lead, Cold man/Warm woman, Love Triangle, Revenge
Episodes: 55
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Yin Tao
Writer: Hu Na, Lin Yating
Producer: Zhong Junyan, Wu Ruoyan
Product Company: Impact Media, H&R CENTURY PICTURES, MANGO EXCELLENT MEDIA, Interactive Entertainment Media Co. Ltd
Released Date: 2019-12-28
Broadcast Website: Prime Video, Viki, AsianCrush, 熱點劇場Hotspot!, MGTV



Yuan Jinxia, a gifted female constable of Liushan Yamen, was in a feud with each other with the ruthless Imperial Guard, Lu Yi because of a case.

Jinxia thought she would never meet him again in her life, but things went athwart.

The court money to repair the river disappeared, Jinxia was ordered to go to Yangzhou to assist Lu Yi to investigate the case and retrieve the lost official funds for the court.

Because of the shocking secret case, they worked together to solve it.

They went from mutual dislike to admiration and then fell in love.

However, Jinxia was actually the orphan of the Xia Ran case, carrying the feuds of family between her and Lu Yi.

In the end, the two lovers went through hardships, to save the people, fight against the Japanese invaders, eliminate the traitors, put aside family feuds.

They joined forces against the enemy, broke through the shackles of the world, and bravely came together.


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