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Why Tan Songyun Hasn’t Been A-list Actress Yet With Many Hit Dramas

Tan Songyun

Actors who are very popular in showbiz always have either a hit drama or a huge fan base. With multiple hit dramas, Tan Songyun is considered not to be very popular.


After years of debut, she has already brought several popular TV dramas to the viewers. She played “Geng Geng” a simple and kind girl in “With You”, gaining the love and recognition of the viewers with her wonderful performance. The drama received a lot of airplay and a good reputation, she became a little famous.


Then she played the witty and lovely heroine “Yuan Jinxia” in ” Under The Power”, and worked tacitly with Ren Jialun in the drama. They interpreted their roles in the drama well with their superb acting skills. So their fame and popularity continued to rise, and they were praised by many viewers.

Under The Power

In 2020, Tan Songyun’s career reached a small peak when she starred in “Go Ahead”. Although she has been graduated for many years, she is no stranger to playing high school students. Although the show has received mixed reviews, the show’s popularity is undeniable.

Go Ahead

With three popular dramas, Tan Songyun has become a highly recognized young actress. but her results in terms of popularity still don’t seem to be as good as it should be. The male leads in these three dramas seem to be more popular than her.

Tan Songyun

Some netizens think Tan Songyun’s lack of fans may be related to her image. Although Tan Sungyun was born in 1990 and is now in her 30s, she is still cute with a babyface.

If she plays a relatively approachable role, this kind of temperament will be an advantage for Tan Songyun. However, if she plays a femme fatale role, this temperament will let the viewers be bewildered. So some netizens feel that Tan’s image is limited.

Tan Songyun

The second is that some netizens question Tan Song Yun’s acting skills. There is still much to improve. Her good works are campus or idol dramas. Such subjects often limit the actor’s performance. She needs to challenge more tense roles so that the viewers can see her potential.

Tan Song Yun has won a lot of national popularity with her acting skills and strength. We all hope that she will soon be able to shed her high school student symbol and play some mature and charming roles.

Jin Xin Si Yu

Tan Songyun and Wallace Chung’s new drama “Jin Xin Si Yu” is coming soon. Will you follow it?

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  1. What are you saying?? Her acting top notch better than lot of well known actresses , that is why she gets mature dramas , the dramas she has done I dont think any other actress can pull , plus she has a natural face

  2. She is too short and plain looking . In order to be an A list actresses in China, you need to have looks, brains, talent and above average in all aspects . There are so many actresses with these all A listed qualities. It is going to be hard for her to be A listed as she is not suited for roles which have depth in character. Besides there are more and more young actresses coming into the market.

    1. Oye quién te crees que eres he, sabes lo difícil que es actuar? sabes lo duro que es centrarse en el personaje además quien eres tú para hablar mal de tan song yun he y que si vienen mas actrices jóvenes nunca serán mejores que Tan Song Yun y otra cosa acaso esas actrices jóvenes no envejecen o que y otra cosa: últimamente tan song yun se esta volviendo cada vez más famosa puede que algún se vuelva la actriz mas excelente del mundo y la última cosa si yo fuera tu eliminaria ese comentario negativo ahora mismo y nunca escribiría comentarios negativos a tan song yun

    1. No one asked about your opinion and she is not chocking your neck to watch her dramas.

  3. I think Seven is a great actress as I had seen both of her historical dramas (1) under the power and (2) The sword and the brocade. I am more of a historical fans thus hoping to see more of her acting in the historicals…. chia yue!

    1. I absolutely love watching all of her dramas. She is a very talented and versatile actress. She can make me laugh or cry. She is by far my favorite and deserves so much more recognition. ?