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The CP of Wallace Chung, Tan Songyun is expected- “The Sword and The Brocade” released The Valentine’s Day blockbuster

Brilliant Heart Like Jade

It has been some time since the completion of the costume drama “The Sword and The Brocade” starring Wallace Chung, Tan Songyun.


This drama is about the love story between a concubine’s daughter, Luo Shi Yi Niang, played by Tan Songyun, and a general, Xu Lingyi, played by Wallace Chung.

This drama is adapted from a popular novel, while the cast is not to be underestimated, so this drama is already getting a lot of attention from netizens even though it has not yet been broadcast.

Brilliant Heart Like Jade - Wallace Chung Tan Songyun

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, the official Weibo of the drama “The Sword and The Brocade” released a special Valentine’s Day video, in which the red threads of fate are intertwined, Wallace Chung, Tan Songyun go from the misunderstood marriage at first sight to the long-lasting love.

In the short video, the expression in Tan Songyun’s eyes is very brilliant, either with a clear and soulful look, her clear water-like eyes unadulterated by any impurities, which attracts people with just one glance; or with an affectionate look, her gentle and watery eyes quietly flowing with a touching sentiment, which makes people fall in love with her.

Brilliant Heart Like Jade - Wallace Chung Tan Songyun

Tan Songyun and Wallace Chung’s wedding outfit was also revealed. In the red wedding outfit, Wallace Chung looks handsome and flawless, which is stunning; while Tan Songyun also does not disappoint, in her red wedding outfit, she is both gentle and quiet as well as flirtatious, so beautiful that people can’t take their eyes off her.

Brilliant Heart Like Jade

Although there is a 16-year age gap between them, this does not stop them from being a perfect CP in this drama. They interacted with each other with just a glance, which makes the air full of pink bubbles.

This time, the video has increased the expectations of netizens and fans for the drama, with netizens saying, “I can’t wait to wave the flag for “The Sword and The Brocade” just by watching this segment.” “This drama is overloaded with sugar and is recommended to be watched with caution.”

Brilliant Heart Like Jade - Wallace Chung Tan Songyun

Are you looking forward to this drama, “The Sword and The Brocade” starring Tan Songyun and Wallace Chung?

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