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Zhou Ye and Wang Xingyue Incredible Acting in “Scent of Time”, Dating Rumors Circulating Earlier, What is Their Relationship?

Zhou Ye Wang Xingyue

Recently, starring Zhou Ye and Wang Xingyue, the popular TV drama “Scent of Time” has become the focus of discussion among many viewers.


Young actors Zhou Ye and Wang Xingyue’s fresh and natural performances in the drama have received high praise.

Hua Qian and Zhong Xiwu, the two main characters, have very different personalities. Zhong Xiwu is patient and gentle, while the emotional relationship between the male and female leads is complicated.

In this drama with the theme of rebirth and redemption, Zhou Ye plays the female lead, Hua Qian, who was a domineering woman in her past life. She had a corrupt official father’s favor but pretended to be innocent, yet she was actually ruthless, ultimately ending in a tragic and miserable fate.

After her rebirth, she carefully plans to overturn her inevitable fate and becomes a courageous and resolute wife.

Zhou Ye

On the other hand, Wang Xingyue plays the male lead, Zhong Xiwu, who is a reserved and caring man. His hidden concern for Hua Qian is not obvious from her perspective, but the audience with a god’s-eye view knows how much he loves her. The two start off as strangers, even distant, but they gradually come to understand and support each other, experiencing a touching love story.

Wang Xingyue

Zhou Ye and Wang Xingyue, though young, have received praise for their professional acting in the series. Zhou Ye’s natural and unpretentious performance makes the audience feel the authenticity and credibility of the character Hua Qian.

Wang Xingyue, on the other hand, showcases the inner changes and emotional fluctuations of Zhong Xiwu through his subtle acting. The chemistry and skillful performances of these two actors make the series even more captivating.

In addition to the performances of the two main actors, “Scent of Time” also incorporates details and plot elements that reveal the characters’ personalities and emotional changes.

For example, the title of the series contains the character “Scent (xiāng), meaning “fragrance,” and this element runs throughout the entire story. Hua Qian always smells an unidentifiable fragrance when she wakes up, and whenever she asks others, they can’t perceive it.

This foreshadowing suggests that Hua Qian didn’t actually experience rebirth. Instead, she never died, and Zhong Xiwu preserved her life using the healing power of fragrance, allowing her to rewrite her absurd life in her dreams.

Scent of Time

These plot elements provide a deeper understanding of the characters and their growth throughout the series. Furthermore, the series includes sweet romantic scenes, such as watching the sunrise and going shopping together, which not only showcase the evolution of their relationship but also infuse the entire series with a light and pleasant atmosphere.

In summary, “Scent of Time” captivates the audience through its fresh and natural performances and intricate emotional portrayals, allowing viewers to experience the beauty and preciousness of youth. Zhou Ye and Wang Xingyue, as rising stars, have once again demonstrated their potential through this series.

Scent of Time

What’s Zhou Ye and Wang Xingyue’s relationship in real life?

It’s worth mentioning that in late 2022, a gossip blogger revealed a rumored relationship between Zhou Ye and Wang Xingyue, claiming that the male figure was “WXY,” and the female figure ever took the role of a bad girl and played the female lead in their new collaborative drama.

Subsequently, many speculated that the male figure was Wang Xingyue and the female figure was Zhou Ye, especially because Zhou Ye had played a bad girl in the movie “Better Days” and was the female lead in “Scent of Time.”

However, there was no concrete evidence to support this dating rumor, and both Zhou Ye and Wang Xingyue’s support teams denied it, clarifying that they have a professional working relationship, and that people should not believe baseless rumors.

In the end, let’s discuss “Scent of Time” and the performances of Zhou Ye and Wang Xingyue. Did their performances in the series meet your expectations?

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