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Zhou Ye’s Relationship Rumors: Involving Edward Lai, Tan Jianci, and Wang Xingyue

On June 15, 2024, a netizen revealed relationship rumors about Zhou Ye, mentioning her connections with Wang Xingyue, Edward Lai, and Tan Jianci.


According to the revelations, Zhou Ye has already had three relationships. She was allegedly photographed dating Edward Lai Kuanlin by paparazzi for four days, and neither of them denied it, making it highly likely to be true. Around August 2021, Zhou Ye and Edward Lai participated in the variety show “Peach Blossom Wood” together, where they interacted frequently, leading netizens to speculate about their relationship. Additionally, another netizen claimed that Zhou Ye had been spotted several times at Lai Kuanlin’s long-term rental apartment in Shanghai, further fueling the dating rumors.

After breaking up with Edward Lai Kuanlin in early 2022, she reportedly started a relationship with Tan Jianci towards the end of the year while filming “Love Me, Love My Voice.” In January 2023, someone allegedly saw them together, but the news was suppressed and never exposed. Their relationship did not last long due to long periods apart, and they broke up around the summer of 2023.

Subsequently, she collaborated with Wang Xingyue on the drama “Scent of Time,” where their relationship grew closer. They were photographed attending a concert together, although a third person was brought in to clarify the situation, which the informant emphasized was just a cover-up. Regarding Zhou Ye and Wang Xingyue, some netizens noticed a high overlap in their commercial activities, up to 80%, and some even spotted them traveling together, posting about it on social media.

More crucially, with the recent popularity of Wang Xingyue’s drama “The Double,” Zhou Ye used the show’s background music, and paparazzi indirectly responded that Wang Xingyue had no interactions with Xiang Hanzhi. His girlfriend was said to be a rising 95-born actress, which matches Zhou Ye’s profile.

However, these rumors about Zhou Ye’s romantic relationships remain speculative, with no substantial evidence. Zhou Ye’s side has yet to respond to these claims.

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