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Does Angel Zhao Jinmai Have A Boyfriend? Relationship With Edward Lai Guanlin Is A Mystery

Angel Zhao Jinmai

Who Is Angel Zhao Jinmai‘s Boyfriend? She has always been a good girl in everyone’s heart, not only is she beautiful, clever, good at her studies, but also talented. She loves acting, dancing, piano, voice, and art.


In 2014, she played the role of Ling Meiqi in the series of “Balala the Fairies”, and in 2016, she appeared in “My! Physical Education Teacher” and “A Love for Separation”. After “refining”, Zhao Jinmai became famous.

With the increase in popularity, Angel Zhao’s love life has received a lot of attention.

Hu Xianxu

There were once rumors that the boyfriend of Angel Zhao Jinmai was actor Hu Xianxu. Hu Xianxu is 2 years older than her. Their dating rumors, even kiss photos were often spreading on the net. But both sides have not admitted to the romance.

In fact, they met at a very young age and are childhood friends who grow up together.

Lai Guanlin

Then, in 2020, Angel Zhao Jinmai and Edward Lai Guanlin were rumored to be in a relationship. They have worked together in the drama “A Little Thing Called First Love”.

There have been rumors on the internet that Angel Zhao Jinmai’s first screen kiss was given to Lai Guanlin. They had a kiss scene in “A Little Thing Called First Love”., and it was a particularly romantic scene.

However, there are also rumors that Zhao Jinmai was still a minor when the drama was shooting. The director let Zhao Jinmai and Edward Lai Guanlin take the position to shoot the kissing scene, so at that time, Lai Guanlin only kissed her face.

Fans also provided a lot of evidence and similar trips of them.

Angel Zhao Lai Guanlin Trip

Some netizens found that Edward Lai Guanlin and Angel Zhao had a trip together in Shenyang. Shenyang is Zhao Jinmai’s hometown. Lai Guanlin grew up in Taiwan. Fans questioned why he suddenly appeared in Shenyang. During the three days in Shenyang, Edward Lai did not post any photos, so it should not be a work trip.

Zhao Jinmai

In addition, they suddenly started using the same emoji on social media platforms after their collaboration.

Generally, we use two up symbols “^^” to express our good mood, but both of them use only one up symbol “^”, which is a rare way.

Zhao Jinmai Lai Guanlin

They send photos with the same filter on their social platforms.

Edward Lai Angel Zhao

Some netizens noticed that Lai Guanlin and Zhao Jinmai wore special shoes of a brand on Valentine’s Day, posed similarly, and uploaded their photos, and their texts were very similar.

Edward Lai Angel Zhao Ferryman

They also introduced the novel “Ferryman” to their fandom in different shows.

What’s more interesting was that Lai Guanlin had a new cat named “蓝莓/Lan Mei”. The English name is “Laimai”.

However, whether the relationship between Angel Zhao and Edward Lai is real or not, it ended with Lai Guanlin unfollowing Angel Zhao.

Karry Wang Junkai

Angel Zhao and Karry Wang Junkai also had dating rumors. They worked together on “A Love for Separation”, but neither of them was the main actor.

Why the rumors were spreading, maybe only because they are similar in age and worked together. People wish them to be together in life. But Zhao Jinmai and Wang Junkai were not in a relationship.

Guo Junchen

Fiction Guo Junchen and Zhao Jinmai were rumored to be in a relationship because of their cooperation in the drama “Growing Pain”.

In this drama, Guo Junchen and Zhao Jinmai performed a very young love. They were considered as Screen CP.

Because the drama’s end is open-ended, many viewers feel it is a pity. So most of the fans of the drama hope that Guo Junchen and Zhao Jinmai can have a good ending in real life.

In fact, Zhao Jinmai and Guo Junchen are good friends and partners, they just cooperate a work.

Angel Zhao

Till now, Angel Zhao Jinmai has not announced a boyfriend, after all, she is still young.

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