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Bai Jingting, Angel Zhao Jinmai Bring The First Hit Drama Of The New Year


The first hit web drama of the year is certainly “Reset“, starring Bai Jingting and Angel Zhao Jinmai. The drama is updated from Qidao Jun’s novel of the same name.


Till Jan 20th, 2022, the total number of views on Tencent Video has exceeded 540 million, and the progress of the plot has also triggered heated discussions. It has been trending on the Weibo Hot Research several times.

“Reset” has brought fire to the concept of “time loop” or “Infinite style”, but its success is not only because of these.

“Reset” is co-directed by Sun Molong, Liu Hongyuan, and Lao Suan, starring Angel Zhao Jinmai, Bai Jingting, Liu Yijun, and Liu Tao.

The story is set in an exploding 45 bus, college student Li Shiqing and game architect Xiao Heyun were “back from the dead” after experiencing the bus explosion, constantly experiencing “time loops” and trying to save themselves and even save the innocent passengers on the bus within a limited time.


From the perspective of Chinese web drama themes, the “time loop” setting of “Reset” is relatively rare and close to the concept of the movie “Triangle” or “Source Code”.

The novel narrative mode has injected a lot of freshness into the web drama market. This is perhaps the first reason why “Reset” has become a hit of the New Year.

Besides, the high score of “Reset” is also attributed to the compactness of the plot. However, the most praiseworthy aspect of “Reset” should be the portrayal of the characters.

Li Shiqing was tough at heart and kind-hearted, despite having the opportunity to get off alone. She chose to face the explosion head-on to save more passengers. Xiao Heyun was relatively cowardly but still chose to save others.

The two young actors, Bai Jingting and Angel Zhao Jinmai, have performed the inner world of their characters with precision and delicacy.

Bai Jingting 2

No matter the emotional release or the details of his features are interpreted in place by Bai Jingting.

With the development of the plot, the character changed a little bit. This progressive and layered performance, although Bai Jingting’s performance is not very sophisticated, he has successfully maken the audience have a sense of immersion.

Angel Zhao

This role seems to be tailor-made for Angel Zhao Jinmai in general, her image and role fit too much. She played alive the full of courage and persistence of college students.

Especially in the face of the horrible reality that she would be killed by bombs again and again in a constant cycle, Angel Zhao Jinmai showed the desperation and helplessness of the character from the heart with accuracy and sincerity, making the viewers feel miserable and heartbroken, and be seized with anxiety for the fate of the character.

Angel Zhao Bai Jingting

In addition, this drama has a surprising advantage: the relationship between the male and female lead is very well shaped, low-key, not overwhelming, step by step, sweetness oozing from the details.

Although the love line is not the focus of this work, we have to admit that the subtle expression of the heart is better than the crazy sugary romance drama to capture the hearts of the viewers.

With Liu Yijun, Liu Tao, Huang Jue, Liu Dan, and other strengths of the actors to join, the drama is more attractive.


Compared to the novel of the same name, the drama is obviously richer in human dimensions.

In the original, the motives of the two murderers are almost exclusively elaborated, and the other passengers are reduced to a backdrop. In the play, the life story of one bus passenger is told through the branch lines in each cycle.

This is almost the most surprising part of the drama. You can see the fullness of humanity from this ordinary bus.

So all together, this drama has great potential to be popular, it is the kind of drama, which can be watched and discussed by young viewers with their parents.

Have you watched “Reset”? Pls feel free to leave your comment.

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