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The Relationship Between Bai Jingting And Sandra Ma Sichun Is True Or Not?

Bai Jingting Sandra Ma

Bai Jingting and Sandra Ma (Ma Sichun)’s new drama “You Are My Hero” was aired recently. And there was a rumor that he and Sandra Ma are in a relationship from last year!


Netizens know that Bai Jingting’s nicknamed “Fate to be alone”. So the dating rumor was a shock to many netizens, one is the national idol, one is the movie queen.

A few years ago, they ever recorded together in “Happy Camp” and “Who Is The Keyman”.

In 2018, when Sandra Ma and Deng Lun were shooting “Mr.Fighting”, Bai Jingting was also encountered visiting the crew. And at that time he was generous to treat everyone coffee in the crew.

However, no one thought of the relationship between Bai Jingting and Sandra Ma at that time.

Then They worked together last year on “You Are My Hero”, in which they played the handsome SWAT officer and the wonderful female doctor respectively, with a lot of emotional scenes.

It was said that the crew invited Bai Jingting as the male lead firstly, and then they contacted Sandra Ma.

When Sandra Ma heard the male lead is Bai Jingting, she agreed at once.

They occasionally met for dinner after entering the crew, and it looked like this rumor had some beginnings.

On April 7, 2020, when Sandra Ma (Ma Sichun) uploaded a social avatar that showed blue as the bottom and two little white doves.

Bai Jingting’s fandom name is Little White Dove and the fandom color color is blue, so isn’t that too much of a coincidence?

Ma Sichun

On the 12th of April,2020, Bai Jingting shared a photo of herself with the text “Hi”, and shortly after that, Sandra Ma also posted a photo with the text: “Let me introduce to you, the “blue” friend of Yellow Kid today.” In Chinese, “blue” friend is a homonym for boyfriend.

The pattern of asking and answering looks very much like a romance announcement of their relationship.

And on another social media platform, Sandra Ma said she had a little secret.

It’s really hard not to make netizens think more.

Bai Jingting

Bai Jingting has no much gossip these years. And he also did not announce any girlfriend. Netizens are quite curious about the relationship with Sandra Ma, who is 5 years older than him.

Till now they have not responded to the relationship, and their drama is broadcasting, so they cannot completely rule out the possibility of hype.

It is surprising to see the response of the fans of Bai Jingting, who are very excited, rejoicing at the rumors of their idol. As it’s not easy for him to have a relationship rumor with his reputation of “Fate to be alone”.

How do you think about the relationshihp between Bai Jingting and Sandra Ma (Ma Sichun)?

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  1. I like to watch you are my hero because it is very beautiful and my two favorite people in the movie you are my heroes are Mi Ka and Zhuang. These people were beautiful in the movie and my favorite part is when zhuang is writing Mi ka the other policemen are watching. Zhuang I remember when Mi Ka called zhuang when Mi Ka was removing the eggshell and all the policemen were looking outside the door.

  2. i think thats why their chem is real good because they are dating irl

  3. I wish they are together
    And I wish too …you are my hero S2 will be there

    1. They are a perfect match. I think they should announce their relationship,making it clear for netizens. So that there is no toxic gossip about them. Waiting for YAMH S2❤️?

    1. Because when he speaks to girls, his expression is straightforward, not very good at coaxing girls. So netizens gave him the title “Fate to be alone”.

  4. Bai Jing Ting and Sandra Ma can truly be a wonderful couple and their role they played such a dynamic duel together that is very possible that they could be the perfect couple.

  5. Kung in relation ship Sila edi good parehas nmn cla single ee shipping ko CLA dlwa kilig na kili ako dun sa you my hero malapit Kuna mtapos Yun.,..