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Zhang Xincheng Dotes On Tan Songyun, Called Her Unquie Nickname

Zhang Xincheng tan songyun 1

Zhang Xincheng and Tan Songyun have a very good relationship. They used to participate in the variety show “Little Forest” together.

At first, it was Zhang Xincheng who was the first to arrive, and the second to arrive was Tan Songyun. Zhang Xincheng directly began to make dessert for his sister.


This is also related to his persona in the drama “Go Ahead”. Zhang Xincheng in the drama became a dessert chef because his sister loves sweets.

There are many people who think that Zhang Xincheng’s doting on Tan Songyun is only shown in the drama. It’s the director’s request, and the role he plays required.

zhang xincheng tan songyun song weilong

But it is not so, as long as it is seen Zhang Xincheng and Tan Songyun filming the highlights. We will be able to understand everything.

Zhang Xincheng and Tan Songyun have more contact occasions, so they get along with each other are more natural in private. In comparison, Song Weilong is a little uninvolved. For example, in the latest highlight, the topic of “laughing” is being discussed.

The whole time Song Weilong was playing with his phone and did not want to join in. Tan Songyun and Zhang Xincheng, like children, arguing with each other all the time.

Zhang Xincheng Tan Songyun 3

It is also because of this shot, let everyone see how much Zhang Xincheng actually favor Tan Songyun. In fact, this doubt can be understood by how Zhang Xincheng called her.

Zhang Xincheng called Tan Songyun’s nickname, Tan Yingying. He is the only one who called her Tan Yingying. In private, they have been so close, there is an exclusive name, it is also very surprising.

Zhang Xincheng Tan Songyun 2

Tan Songyun’s fans even don’t know how she got this name. It is said to be because when Tan Songyun’s mother was pregnant, many people said it will be twins. So Tan Songyun’s mother named them Jingjing and Yingying.

But they didn’t expect that the only one born was Tan Songyun, so she was able to have the two names. You can call her Tan Yingying, and of course, you can call her Tan Jingjing.

Go Ahead

But even those who have a close relationship with Tan Songyun’s friends, are only called: Tan Jingjing. Only very few people will call her Yingying.

We didn’t expect that it would be called by Zhang Xincheng. Netizens have been saying in the comments section that such a title is really a treatment they envy.

The name for Zhang Xincheng by Tan Songyun is Little Older Brother, which is also because of the relationship between them in the drama role.

Go Ahead

When they met at the airport, Tan Songyun rescheduled her flight so that she could have a meal with her brother. But who would have thought that Tan Songyun, who looks very young and fresh, is nearly 30 years old in real life?

She is actually Zhang Xincheng’s older sister because Zhang Xincheng is only 24 years old. In any case, nowadays Tan Song Yun is a treasure of countless actors, everyone is full of expectations for her.

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