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Till The End of The Moon – Luo Yunxi, Bai Lu

Till The End of The Moon is an immortal romantic drama, directed by Ju Jueliang, led by Luo Yunxi and Bai Lu, starring Chen Duling, Deng Wei, Sun Zhenni, Geng Yeting, Li Pei'en, Yu Bo, Huang Haibing, Zheng Guolin, Zhang Zhixi, Xiao Shunyao, and Wang Xichao, with a special appearance by Wang Yifei, Chen Bohao.

The drama is adapted from the novel "Hei Yue Guang Na Wen BE Ju Ben / 黑月光拿稳BE剧本" by Teng Luo Wei Zhi, which tells the story of Li Susu, the daughter of the head of the Hengyang Sect, and Zhan Taijin, a generation of demon gods who fall in love with each other.


Till the End of the Moon

English Title: Till the End of the Moon
Chinese Title: 长月烬明
Genre: Historical, Romance, Immortal, Fantasy
Tag: Transmigration, Love/Hate Relationship, Time Travel, Star Crossed Lovers, Enemies to Lovers, Xianxia
Episodes: 40
Duration: 55 min.
Director: Ju Jueliang
Writer: He Fang, Luo Xuan
Producer: Wang Yirong
Product Company: Otters Studio
Released Date: 2023-04-06
Broadcast Website: Youku, Viki, youku.tv



In order to save the world from the demon god Tantai Jin, Li Susu, the daughter of the head of the Hengyang Sect, takes a desperate step back in time to 500 years ago and disguises herself as Ye Xiwu, the youngest daughter of the Ye family, to stop Tantai Jin, the son of the kingdom of Jing, who was not yet completely corrupted by evil thoughts, from becoming a demon god.

Unexpectedly, Tantai Jin is the husband of Ye Xiwu. They gradually develop a love affair, and eventually, Li Susu sacrifices herself to change the fate of Tantai Jin and the world.

After losing the love of his life, Tantai Jin searched for 500 years for Li Susu’s soul on the banks of the Youming River and was saved by an Immortal Sect when he is going to die. Since then, he has become a disciple of the Immortal Sect. He has changed his ways and met up with Li Susu.

When they are reunited, Tantai Jin’s demonic body still attracts criticism and covetousness, and the worlds are once again in danger.

Faced with a cruel fate, Tantai Jin sets up a situation with his body. The two lovers are under a lot of misunderstandings, but finally their hearts are in sync. They turned the tide and prevented the crisis of extinction together.


The demon god is the embodiment of worldly karma, bringing disaster and death, and this new demon god is Tantai Jin. The demon god came with his subordinates to Xiaoyao Sect's Mount Bu Zhao to search for the past mirror, wanting to see the legendary artifact that can end the demon god.

Hengyang Sect is located in Changze Mountain. Li Susu, the foster daughter of the sect leader and a disciple of the immortal sect, learned from her senior brother that her father had gone to save people in the Mo He area. However, now there are only two immortal sects left, Xiaoyao Sect and Hengyang Sect, and she does not know how long they can resist the demons. They need to find a way to kill the Demon God to solve this dilemma. However, it took the combined effort of the gods to kill the ancient demon god thousands of years ago, and now a new demon god has suddenly appeared. The people of the immortal sect alone are powerless to kill it.

At this time, the Demon God had already taken over the Xiaoyao Sect, but he couldn't use his magic to open the past mirror, so he forced Zhao You of the Xiaoyao Sect, to open it. Qu Xuanzi of the Hengyang Sect came with people to rescue Zhao You, and after he rescued Zhao You, they joined forces to fight Jing Mie, the subordinate of the Demon God, and they fought evenly. Afterward, the Demon God trapped everyone from the Xiaoyao Sect using the Xi Sui Yin, and he intended to shoot Qu Xuanzi and Zhao You, but he was shot in the cheek by Li Susu, who arrived just in time. Taking the opportunity, Zhao You snatched back the past mirror and gave it to Li Susu, and they all left while the Demon God was momentarily stunned.

For the past five hundred years, Li Susu is the first person to injure the Demon God. The Demon God used the Zhantian Sword to deal with Li Susu, but she was defeated and captured. In a moment of crisis, the mark on Li Susu's eyebrow flickered, and her blood restarted the past mirror. In the past mirror, Li Susu was told that the reason the Demon God stole the past mirror was that whoever possesses it will have the power to reverse destiny, and Li Susu is the destined one. The Demon God was not born a demon, and the past is his only weakness. In the past mirror, Li Susu learned that five hundred years ago, the Demon God's predecessor Tantai Jin was in the Sheng Palace, but at that time, he, as a demon fetus, was already accumulating power to revive the Demon God. If Tantai Jin had not become a demon, today's disaster would not have happened. Li Susu needs to return to the Hengyang Sect as soon as possible to activate the Poguang Zhen and reverse the universe to save the world. Gongye, her senior brother, arrives and sacrifices his life to buy time for Li Susu to escape. Li Susu successfully returns to the Hengyang Sect.Qu Xuanzi and Zhao You learned about the origin of the Demon God from Li Susu. Qu Xuanzi believed that Li Susu must destroy the Demon God's evil bone before being able to kill him completely if she traveled back 500 years ago. Zhao You opened the Poguang Zhen to send Li Susu back in time while Qu Xuanzi and Zhao You chose to stay and defend the sect against the Demon God. Before leaving, Li Susu saw all her familiar sect brothers and sisters being destroyed and vowed to kill the Demon God Tantai Jin.Five hundred years ago, Li Susu was the second young lady of the general's family, Ye Xiwu. When she returned to five hundred years ago, Li Susu woke up in the wilderness pretending to have amnesia and asked her personal maid Chun Tao about her identity. Li Susu learned that she had escaped from bandits while on her way to worship, but fell and lost consciousness. She fled with Chun Tao but was soon caught by the bandits. In a critical moment, someone came to rescue Li Susu and Chun Tao. Li Susu thought it was her senior brother Gongye Jiwu at first, but later learned that it was the sixth prince of Sheng Kingdom, Xiao Lin.Xiao Lin misunderstood that Li Susu was pestering him, so he told her that he only loved Ye Bingshang in his life. He had only rescued Ye Xiwu out of righteousness. After Xiao Lin left, Li Susu learned that he was the only son of the emperor, known as Prince Camellia. Ye Xiwu had previously been fond of Xiao Lin, and a few days ago, she pushed her sister Ye Bingshang into the lake out of jealousy, which angered Xiao Lin. After Xiao Lin left, the bandits returned to find Ye Xiwu. It turned out that today's events were all a plot set up by Ye Xiwu to let the sixth prince, Xiao Lin, play the hero and rescue her. Li Susu realized that everything that happened today was just a play.

Before returning to the Ye family, Li Susu instructed Chun Tao to help her conceal her amnesia. She inquired about the whereabouts of Tantai Jin and was surprised to learn that he was the husband of Ye Xiwu, and that Tantai Jin feared Ye Xiwu the most while in the Ye family.

Li Susu found Tantai Jin kneeling weakly in the snow and attempted to ascertain his identity. However, she was frightened away by the look in Tantai Jin's eyes, which seemed to destroy everything. From Chun Tao, Li Susu learned that she had punished Tantai Jin by making him kneel. The reason was that Tantai Jin had saved Ye Bingshang, who had fallen into the water a few days earlier, but did not save Ye Xiwu, who had slipped into the lake. Tantai Jin was originally a hostage sent by Jing Kingdom to Sheng Kingdom, and his eccentric temperament was not liked by many people.

Although Li Susu couldn't kill Tantai Jin now, she still wanted him to continue kneeling on the ice surface and suffer, after all, she had not forgotten the blood feud of her father and fellow apprentices. But in a blink of an eye, in the deep night, the wind and snow intensified. Li Susu saw Tantai Jin still kneeling on the ice surface, and her kind heart was also very conflicted.

For many years, Ye Bingshang personally came to the porridge shed to distribute porridge every 1st and 15th of the month, which made the people greatly admire her. Today, she brought her maid to the porridge shed again to distribute porridge. After Xiao Lin finished his official duties, he also came to help. After the two finished distributing porridge, Ye Bingshang saw that it was getting late and had to say goodbye and return home. At the moment of parting, Xiao Lin learned from the maid that Tantai Jin was punished to kneel on the ice surface by Ye Xiwu, and he felt that Ye Xiwu was insulting the hostage of another country.

Tantai Jin has been kneeling in punishment for the fourth day, and even the servants in the mansion mock and make fun of him. Worried that Tantai Jin will freeze to death outside, Li Susu sneaks out of her room to check on him, but is unexpectedly discovered by Tantai Jin. Li Susu sees Tantai Jin shivering from the cold and decides to leave her cloak behind as an excuse, but Tantai Jin does not accept her kindness at all. In order to save the lives of the Three Realms, Li Susu brings the unconscious Tantai Jin back to her room.

In order to warm up Tantai Jin's body, Li Susu didn't hesitate to use her body to help him keep warm. She even asked Chun Tao to help boil hot water for Tantai Jin to take a bath. Whenever Tantai Jin was on the brink of death, the demon in his heart would appear and tempt him to risk his soul for it someday. However, Tantai Jin was not attached to his life. He was willing to sacrifice both his body and soul, but the demon insisted that Tantai Jin must experience all the pain and suffering of the world, accumulate endless hatred, and only when the pain reaches its peak and his life comes to an end, will it be the time for sacrifice.

Li Susu wanted to find the evil bone in Tantai Jin's body. She took the opportunity to search his whole body while he was unconscious, but Tantai Jin woke up midway and caught her. Tantai Jin was supposed to return to the lake to receive punishment, but Li Susu stopped him and said that the punishment was already over. Li Susu thought she would have to share a bed with her enemy Tantai Jin, but she learned from Chun Tao that Ye Xiwu would whip Tantai Jin every night before bed. Li Susu found the whip, but her kind heart couldn't bring herself to harm Tantai Jin.

Li Susu woke up in the middle of the night and found that Tantai Jin had a high fever. She had to call Chun Tao to cook fever-reducing medicine and personally fed it to Tantai Jin. Li Susu woke up the next day at noon and went to the dining room to see Ye Xiwu’s family. Li Susu thought she was going to be scolded, but her grandmother came up and asked her warmly. Her father and aunt also showed her love, making her feel the warmth of human affection. Her grandmother was worried that Ye Xiwu’s reputation for pushing Ye Bingshang into the water was not good, so Li Susu said she would apologize to Ye Bingshang, but her grandmother thought it was unnecessary. At this time, Ye Bingshang finished feeding porridge and returned home. Looking at Ye Bingshang’s beauty and kindness, Li Susu finally understood why Xiao Lin and Tantai Jin both liked her.

Tantai Jin went to the kitchen to eat, but the kitchen servant made it difficult for him by asking him to clean the dishes first. Li Susu learned from Chun Tao that Tantai Jin usually ate with the servants. When she went to the kitchen, she found that the servants were making it difficult for Tantai Jin. She scolded them and stopped Tantai Jin from eating the leftovers, not allowing him to respond to the servants' insults. She brought him back to his room and prepared food for him, but he refused it. It turned out that half a year ago, on the night of Qixi, Ye Bingshang and Xiao Lin met in the palace to stroll around. Ye Xiwu brought drugged food to promote a relationship between Ye Bingshang and the fifth prince, Xiao Liang, but Tantai Jin accidentally ate the drugged dessert that Xiao Liang had intended for Ye Bingshang. Ye Xiwu also accidentally ate Ye Bingshang's portion, leading to an unexpected marriage between Ye Bingshang and Xiao Lin, witnessed by many people in the palace. General Ye had to request the emperor to approve their marriage.  Since their marriage, Ye Xiwu has been tormenting Dantai Jin, and her personality has become increasingly twisted and malicious.

In order to prove that there was no drug added to the food, Li Susu had to personally eat the food to prove it. She also ordered that Tantai Jin come here to eat three meals a day from now on and not eat those dirty things anymore.

The emperor of the Sheng Kingdom told Xiao Lin that Tantai Wuji, from the Jing Kingdom, had died quickly, and believed that Tantai Jin was useless. But Xiao Lin believed that if Tantai Jin was killed, it would make way for Tantai Minglang to take the throne as he wished.

The emperor of the Sheng Kingdom wanted to test Tantai Jin's character and see if he could return to the Jing Kingdom and disrupt the political situation there. If he didn't have this ability, it would be better to take the opportunity to kill him.

Li Susu instructed Chun Tao to keep an eye on Tantai Jin. If he does anything suspicious, she must report it to her. Chun Tao told Li Susu that the servants in the mansion often saw Tantai Jin talking to various animals, but Li Susu didn’t believe it at all.

Li Susu mistakenly thought that Tantai Jin was not talking to anyone and finally twisted his character into a demon god. She followed Tantai Jin to study his behavior. Li Susu asked Tantai Jin if he had any resentment or desire to kill Ye Xiwu when he was being harassed and tortured by others. But Tantai Jin said that what he thought was not important because he couldn’t change others. Whether there is hatred or resentment in his heart is meaningless. Li Susu believed that Tantai Jin 500 years ago did not do anything wrong, but was always treated badly by others. Perhaps his becoming a demon god was also a series of tragedies. Perhaps if there was someone who cared about him and cared for him, he might not have fallen into the demon way.

Chun Tao went to the clothing store to buy winter clothes for Tantai Jin, but because they didn’t fit, she had to modify them herself and secretly give them to Tantai Jin. When Tantai Jin put on his new clothes, he was unexpectedly seen by Ye Zeyu. Ye Zeyu deliberately damaged his clothes and was caught by Li Susu. Li Susu scolded her brother and asked him for compensation. Li Susu wanted Tantai Jin to throw away the damaged clothes, but he refused.

Chun Tao reportedmthat Tantai Jin was summoned to the palace. Li Susu thought that Tantai Jin still had contact with the people in the palace, so she followed him into the palace. After entering the palace, Li Susu found Tantai Jin’s residence and wanted to know about his life before. After meeting with the emperor, Tantai Jin frankly said that he did not want to know about Jing Kingdom’s news. For him, Jing Kingdom and King Jing were all strangers, and he didn’t care. Seeing that King Sheng wanted to play a game of tit for tat, he simply stated that he had no interest in imperial power and only wanted to live a simple life. Li Susu went to Tantai Jin’s residence and saw Mammy Ying Xin who raised Tantai Jin hinting that someone wanted to harm him.

Chief steward Wu found Tantai Jin and asked him to help frame evidence of Xiao Lin and Ye Xiao’s collusion. However, Tantai Jin knew in his heart that only Xiao Lin treated him sincerely in the Capital of Sheng. He refused to harm Xiao Lin and rejected the matter. Chief steward Wu threatened Tantai Jin with Yue Yingxin’s life, but Tantai Jin was not moved. Chief steward Wu was very angry when he was rejected and planned to have someone kill Tantai Jin, but he did not expect to be killed directly by the bird that spoke the human language.

Xiao Lin learned that many people in the city were missing inexplicably in their sleep. He suspected that there were monsters entering the city. He reported this to the emperor, and the emperor ordered Buzhao Mountain to assist Xiao Lin in investigating this matter. Buzhao Mountain is Xiao Lin’s junior master. Li Susu learned from a group of people in the palace that Tantai Jin was not living well in the palace, so he was so pessimistic and hopeless. Xie Gu relies on absorbing resentment and pain to gather strength, so Tantai Jin will suffer so much pain.

Li Susu learned from her father that there were monsters in the city today. Chief steward Wu in the palace was killed by a hummingbird because he talked to Tantai Jin for a few words, which was very strange. Tantai Jin controlled the hummingbird to kill Chief steward Wu, but also believed that he could not let others go in his current situation. He wanted to find a way to leave Sheng Kingdom. Li Susu searched Tantai Jin’s body but did not find any evidence that he killed Chief steward Wu. She also warned him not to play tricks and said she would search him every day in the future.

Demons are rampant in the city at night. It was unexpectedly discovered that Ye Bingshang, although human, had a demon’s breath on her body, so she was taken away. This monster collects all kinds of human grievances and resentment so that the flower of nightmare can bloom all over the mountains and fields, so it can turn into a demon.

The next day, Li Susu learned that Ye Bingshang was missing last night. Xiao Lin brought Pang Yizhi to check the mansion. Ye Zeyu told Li Susu that this person was Xiao Lin’s master uncle and also the direct disciple of the head of Xiaoyao Sect. He was best at exorcising demons. But Pang Yizhi checked it out and didn’t see anything unusual in the mansion. Tantai Jin learned from a crow that the monster took people from the city to Banzhenshan in the southern suburbs and used these people to grow flowers. Ye Bingshang and Yue Yingxin were both there.

On the other hand, the demon also learned about Tantai Jin’s existence from Yue Yingxin’s experience and believed that it could definitely turn into a demon with Tantai Jin’s help. It planned to use Tantai Jin to cultivate the flower of nightmares. Li Susu found that Pang Yizhi was not good at formation, so she set up the formation herself. The demon followed Tantai Jin’s scent to find Ye Mansion, but Pang Yizhi’s formation did not trap it. Li Susu saw through its intention to distract her and saw that its real intention was on Tantai Jin. Li Susu came to rescue him but was taken away by the demon in the end.

Previously, Tantai Jin left clues about Ye Bingshang in the house. Xiao Lin found the clues after Tantai Jin was taken away and rushed to Banzhenshan with Pang Yizhi. Li Susu woke up in Banzhenshan and found that the dream monster wanted to use the flower of nightmare to become a demon. Tantai Jin found that Li Susu actually knew Yue Yingxin and guessed that Li Susu was investigating him. Li Susu wanted to save Ye Bingshang, but the fog made her and Tantai Jin faint at the same time.

Unconscious Tantai Jin and Li Susu came to Yiyue Clan and saw their mother marry Tantai Wuji for the sake of the clan.

Tantai Jin witnessed his mother Yue Ruanruan marry Tantai Wuji for the sake of the clan. At first, the couple was loving and harmonious. Yue Ruanruan became pregnant and both husband and wife looked forward to the birth of their child. However, the child was difficult to deliver. Yue Ruanruan requested that the child be saved before she died. Tantai Wuji hated Tantai Jin for taking away his beloved one. It was only after Yue Ruanruan’s maid pleaded with him that Tantai Wuji spared Tantai Jin’s life but let Yingxin and Lan’an take Tantai Jin to live or die in the palace.

Tantai Wuji hated Tantai Jin’s existence and abandoned the name he had prepared for his child in advance, giving him only a cursed name, Jin. The dream monster found that someone had awakened and took Tantai Jin away. Dream Demon found that Tantai Jin could not sleep because he had no love ability and could not feel the seven emotions and six desires. But the dream monster found a weakness in Tantai Jin from his dream just now. This weakness could also make him fall asleep and let the flower of nightmare bloom.

Li Susu, who was trapped in a dream, saw Lan’an and Yingxin find Tantai Jin. In order to take care of Tantai Jin’s growth, the two of them lived a miserable life in the deep palace. As Tantai Jin grew up gradually, he was also bullied. In order to let them live on, Lan’an prepared to secretly leave the palace and go to the Yiyue Clan for help. She asked Yingxin to take good care of Tantai Jin. But then Tantai Jin was sent to Sheng Kingdom as a hostage, and Yingxin also thought that Lan’an had betrayed her and left the deep palace alone.

Li Susu followed the young Tantai Jin to Sheng Kingdom and saw him being bullied and beaten by the children of Sheng Kingdom. It was only when Xiao Lin, the sixth prince, appeared that he was saved. Seeing that Xiao Lin was about to be loved by his parents, the young Tantai Jin was full of envy. He imitated every word and deed of Xiao Lin just to be liked by others. Later, when he saw that Xiao Lin liked Ye Bingshang and cared about her, Tantai Jin also secretly imitated her, which led to being misunderstood as liking Ye Bingshang. After suffering various beatings and tortures, Tantai Jin finally discovered that no one liked him, not even Yingxin, the maid who took care of him as he grew up. He was finally disheartened and thought that it was not easy for him to live. How could he expect others to like him?

Li Susu saw that Yue Yingxin received a letter from Tantai Minglang. In the letter, Tantai Minglang asked Yingxin to kill Tantai Jin. In order to leave the palace of King Sheng and return to her hometown, Yingxin finally chose to betray Tantai Jin. Li Susu saw that Yingxin’s dream was over and she woke up from her dream. Xiao Lin came with Pang Yizhi to Banzhen Mountain. Pang Yizhi tried to lure out the dream monster and wanted to take the opportunity to rescue everyone.

Li Susu woke up and found that Tantai Jin was trapped in a dream. In Tantai Jin’s dream, he found that his parents loved him very much. Not only did they send him to Xiaoyaozong for practice, but they also arranged for him to marry the daughter of General Ye of Sheng Kingdom. He thought the bride was Ye Bingshang, but Tantai Jin found that the bride who was finally sent was Ye Xiwu, which shattered his beautiful dream. Later, Tantai Jin saw his mother starve to death because of his difficult birth and his father hated him and wanted to kill him. Lan An, Yingxin, and Xiao Lin all abandoned him. Even Xiao Lin tempted him with words to end all this tragedy and suffering. Under great pain, Tantai Jin wanted to commit suicide to end everything. Li Susu came to stop him. It was also because of Li Susu’s obstruction that the two woke up from their dreams.

Xiao Lin and Pang Yizhi joined forces to deal with the dream monster. The dream monster was weakened by its demon power and was unable to resist the two of them. It could only take the opportunity to escape back to the mountain. After returning to the mountain, the dream monster found that Tantai Jin had destroyed the vines and was angry that it wanted to swallow Tantai Jin. However, the voice in Tantai Jin’s heart told him that his own blood could restrain the monsters in the world and his body could bear demon power. Under the guidance of these words, Tantai Jin began to absorb the power of the dream monster.

Xiao Lin and Pang Yizhi rushed to Banzhen Mountain to rescue everyone. After Li Susu was rescued and woke up in her mansion, she thought of Tantai Jin’s sad life in her dream and wanted to help him so that he would not become a demon god. Tantai Jin woke up from his dream and found that he could actually use demon power. He also completely understood what it felt like to have power.

Martial Uncle and Xiao Ling brought Li Susu and Tantai Jin back. When Tantai Jin woke up, he still remembered a sentence from the chaotic energy in the illusion: “As long as these chaotic powers do not kill him, their power can be used for Tantai Jin.” Tantai Jin half-believed and half-doubted as he stretched out his palm. He discovered that he was different from before. There was even a crow standing on the window sill. He waved his hand casually and the crow’s eyes turned red. It flew away in an instant. Tantai Jin saw many people walking around in the market. Obviously, he had already acquired the crow’s perspective.

Tantai Jin was secretly happy. He had previously endured humiliation and survived because he was not proficient in magic and had no backing. Now that he was extremely powerful, he no longer needed to endure the bullying and abuse of those people. Just as Li Susu walked in to visit him, Tantai Jin wanted to find someone to try his hand at magic. He wasn’t interested in her at first, so he prepared to cast a spell on Li Susu. Li Susu saw Tantai Jin holding scissors and thought he was going to commit suicide again, so she immediately took the scissors away from him. Tantai Jin took the opportunity to cast a spell. Suddenly Li Susu screamed in pain. Tantai Jin saw the bandage on her hand and remembered that when he was almost collapsing and about to commit suicide in the illusion, Li Susu had snatched the dagger away from him. At that time, he only saw a lot of blood flowing from the dagger. This time, seeing the blood on Li Susu’s bandage, he knew that Li Susu had saved him. Tantai Jin stopped casting the spell and Li Susu miraculously survived.

After Ye Bingshang escaped death, she immediately revealed her feelings to the Sixth Prince. The Sixth Prince also responded that he was pleased with her. He requested the emperor to grant them marriage in the next few days. When the Sixth Prince left Ye Bingshang’s room, he met Li Susu and Tantai Jin. He politely asked Li Susu to speak with him privately. Although Tantai Jin had already avoided them, he summoned a crow to eavesdrop. Li Susu heard the Sixth Prince say that he was going to propose to Ye Bingshang and hoped that Li Susu would not have any more thoughts about him. He also asked Li Susu to take good care of Tantai Jin and ensure his safety because if there were any mistakes, Jingguo would use it as an excuse to invade Shengguo. Li Susu agreed repeatedly and was determined not to let Tantai Jin die. In fact, she hated Tantai Jin more than anyone else and never loved him even for a moment.

Hearing these words, Tantai Jin felt a chill down his spine. He had just felt that there was someone in the world who cared about his life. Now he realized that Li Susu hated him so much. He had seen too many people like her who were hypocritical and deceitful. His good impression of Li Susu was gone, and he even tried to find ways to get rid of her.

Ye Bingshang was initially full of longing, but her maid reminded her that since childhood, whoever Li Susu liked would not belong to her. Moreover, the Sixth Prince was the man Li Susu admired. The maid’s reminder was like a bucket of cold water poured over Ye Bingshang’s head. Soon after, the emperor issued an edict to the Ye family. The Sixth Prince was granted the title of Lord Xuan Cheng and Ye Bingshang became Lord Xuan Cheng’s concubine.

Bingshang is the illegitimate daughter of the Ye family and is therefore always looked down upon in the Ye family. Naturally, she bears a grudge against the concubine and hates Li Susu even more. Although she is a concubine, Bingshang swears that she will marry into the palace in a grand manner. As long as she marries in, she will have a chance.

Tantai Jin wrote down the names of all the people who had bullied him on paper. Those who had bullied him would definitely come to celebrate the wedding of Lord Xuan Cheng. At that time, he would get rid of these people one by one. Sure enough, all the princes who had bullied him when he was young came. When they saw Tantai Jin, they couldn’t help but start to ridicule and use the dirtiest words and most ruthless words. Tantai Jin endured it all. Li Susu was afraid that Tantai Jin would explode and was beside him to counterattack those malicious royal relatives with sarcasm.

Even if he was released today, Tantai Jin still wrote Li Susu’s name on the death list. Soon, the wedding reached its climax. Tantai Jin summoned many crows and began to chase after the people on the list. The craziest one was even pecked blind by the crows. Tantai Jin remained calm and crossed out the names on the list one by one. Suddenly he heard a scream and immediately stopped his pen. The scream made him guess that it was Li Susu. Li Susu would have drawn a symbol and escaped, but she was worried about Tantai Jin’s safety and came back again. Tantai Jin couldn’t bear it anymore and didn’t cross out her name.

Li Susu saw crows flying towards Tantai Jin and immediately used her body to block his safety. For the first time, someone protected him like this. Tantai Jin felt a little strange in his heart. He quietly sent away the crows and helped Li Susu stand up.

After returning to the mansion and waiting for Tantai Jin’s body to recover, Li Susu came to his room to chat. Tantai Jin asked her to teach him the spell that drove away the crows last time. Li Susu refused to teach him an attacking spell and said that this kind of spell was very dangerous. If there was any mistake, it would explode. She suggested teaching him another skill instead.

Li Susu picked up a pen and drew a symbol and threw it out of the window. Suddenly, there was a flow of light outside the window, purple gas came from the east, and even the flowers blooming on the trees were beautiful and ethereal. This scene was so beautiful that Tantai Jin couldn’t help but be fascinated by it. Li Susu told him that this was a hallucination spell. She learned it from a fairy teacher when she was young. Whenever she felt bad, she would write and draw, which was very soothing and made her no longer eager to go out.

Li Susu wanted to instill more beautiful things into Tantai Jin’s mind and suppress his dark side. She thought that Tantai Jin would not be able to learn it according to his current level of cultivation. Unexpectedly, Tantai Jin worked hard day and night and started writing and drawing early in the morning. When it got dark, Li Susu cast a spell to tie him up so that he could not act recklessly. She then leaned on him and fell asleep.

The emperor learned that many people were burned by crows on the day of the wedding. The people in the internal affairs department reported that the spell that caused the crows and birds to hurt people came from the Yiyue tribe. Tantai Jin’s mother was from the Yiyue tribe, and Tantai Jin was also present at that time. Therefore, he could not escape responsibility. The emperor asked Ye Qingyu to come over. Ye Qingyu was the second son of the Ye family and had a good sense of propriety in his behavior. Now he looked strange. The emperor was ready to get rid of Tantai Jin as soon as possible so as not to have more trouble.

Ye Qingyu had been stationed at the border for a long time and had a wide range of knowledge. On the first day he returned home, he saw all the family members gathered together but his second sister was missing. His father and grandmother looked uneasy. Ye Qingyu immediately got up to see Li Susu. He thought that Li Susu’s behavior was inappropriate. Even if he was usually mischievous, he could not be too indulgent on important occasions. However, when he arrived at Li Susu’s room, he saw Li Susu lying on Tantai Jin’s body and sleeping soundly. Tantai Jin was silent and tied up in layers. Ye Qingyu was so embarrassed that he immediately left the room.

Ye Qingyu’s position in the Ye family was second only to his father. He was responsible for family worship and other things. Even his elder brother had to give him some face. Li Susu was punished by being beaten and kneeling in the ancestral hall. Ye Qingyu went to see Tantai Jin alone. When he saw him chanting spells, Ye Qingyu felt that this person was not a good person. Although he knew his background, he could not see through him. He then offered to show Tantai Jin his bone-reading skills and asked if he wanted to try it.

Tantai Jin was a little nervous and was worried that his murderous aura would be discovered. Suddenly, Li Susu rushed in and made jokes to get through this awkward moment. In order to continue to get to know Tantai Jin, Ye Qingyu suggested that Tantai Jin eat with everyone at the same table in the future. Li Susu agreed repeatedly. She hoped that Tantai Jin would allow everyone to eat together so that it would be more lively.

Since Tantai Jin swallowed the murderous aura, he seemed to be very weak after not practicing for a while. However, repeatedly practicing spells would be discovered by others. It was better to swallow demon pills to supplement energy. Tantai Jin was worried that he could not go out. Suddenly, Li Susu pestered him to go to the temple fair. It was in line with Tantai Jin’s intentions. The two of them went to the temple fair together. Tantai Jin looked around and tried to find his target. He doubted that he had smelled a trace of immortal energy but could not find it. Li Susu thought that Tantai Jin was making a fuss over nothing. Perhaps she had never been to a temple fair before.

At the lively temple fair, Tantai Jin overheard that the high priest had come. She was his favorite maid when he was a child. She had said that she would go back to Jingguo to seek help, but she had not returned for a long time. Now the high priest had brought an attendant with him. It seemed that they were prepared. The high priest asked his subordinates to find an inn first. They wanted to stay there and look for an opportunity to see Tantai Jin.

Ye Qingyu went to the gambling den to bring his gambling-addicted older brother home. This time, his brother had good luck, and according to the rules, he could make a girl take off one piece of clothing if he won. Ye Qingyu angrily rebuked his brother's misconduct and immediately threw the nearby clothes towards the girl. The girl flirted and played with many men, and Ye Qingyu's brother was scolded and sent home. Surprisingly, the girl stopped Ye Qingyu and insisted that he repay his brother's debt. Ye Qingyu took her to the temple fair to buy goods to repay the debt. Coincidentally, Li Susu saw them and couldn't believe that his brother, who usually had no interest in women, would buy lipstick for a girl. Li Susu hid and couldn't help but sigh: "It's difficult for heroes to resist the charms of a beauty."

Ye Qingyu and the girl left. Li Susu hurried over and suddenly smelled a strange smell, but didn’t know what was wrong. Tantai Jin saw it clearly. The girl next to Ye Qingyu was a demon. The demon pill in her body happened to be used to supplement energy.

Late at night, Li Susu and Tantai Jin returned home together. They saw an old woman selling fireworks shivering with cold. Li Susu took out all the money she had with her and bought all the old woman’s fireworks. Seeing that the old woman could finally go home early, Li Susu was very happy. She lit all the fireworks in her hand, and suddenly the sky was full of gorgeous and dazzling flowers. Tantai Jin saw Li Susu’s intoxicated smile under the fireworks and suddenly felt that everything in front of him was beautiful.

As the New Year approached, the Ye family was very lively. The grandmother prepared red envelopes for everyone, especially preparing the biggest one for Li Susu, who was very happy. Although his family members had died, after he was reincarnated, he had a loving grandmother and father, and Li Susu was very content. Seeing the lively scene before him, Tantai Jin also felt a sense of belonging.

The emperor secretly sent people to assassinate Tantai Jin, but they failed, and they couldn't even find the body of the assassin. The emperor was secretly surprised and realized that he had underestimated Tantai Jin before. In order to have a better chance of winning, the emperor began to plan more meticulously.

Lan'an brought the Moon Shadow Guards to meet Tantai Jin. Over the years, she had suffered a lot to save him, but now she had finally become the high priest and commanded the entire Moon Shadow Guards. This time, she came to escort him back to the Yi Yue Tribe. Lan'an said that the emperor of Sheng Kingdom has already suspected him. Several groups of people who came to assassinate him before have been eliminated. It is better to leave as soon as possible at this time. Tantai Jin wants to go to Jing Kingdom to see it. Although his biological father did not love him well when he was alive, Tantai Jin still wants to pay his respects. Lan An obeyed and will prepare a large ship to help him on the appointed day.

Thinking that he would leave the Ye family in a few days, Tantai Jin was still a little reluctant. He thought that Li Susu was much warmer to him than before when she asked about his well-being. At this time, Li Susu found Tantai Jin alone in the yard and couldn’t help but remind him not to leave her sight in the future and to leave together if he did. She then set off the fireworks she bought from the old woman at night. These fireworks were not as beautiful as those in Li Susu’s talisman. Li Susu and Tantai Jin then played snowball fights together. Tantai Jin, who usually didn’t smile much and was always bullied, had never played snowball fights before and laughed heartily for the first time in his life.

Pian Ran drank heavily in the room to relieve her worries. She kept thinking about Jiang Yao while drunk, but unfortunately she hadn’t found Jiang Yao’s shadow for years. At this time, there was a knock on the door outside, and Ye Qingyu came. Pian Ran mistook Ye Qingyu for Jiang Yao and couldn’t help but pounce on her. Ye Qingyu did not refuse.

During dinner, Ye Qingyu was not present. The father wondered why he had not seen him for two meals. The servant immediately reported that he might have gone to see a woman and someone saw him go to Lanhuaxiang. After hearing this, the old man of the Ye family did not pursue it anymore. His son usually didn’t smile much and had reached the age of marriage but still went to the battlefield with all his heart. It would be a good thing if he could open up branches and leaves earlier.

Finally, Pian Ran woke up in the morning and was startled to see Ye Qingyu at first. After scolding her, Ye Qingyu said that she owed her a life. Three months ago, in the battle of Jiaguan, Ye Qingyu was seriously injured and had no chance of winning. When he was dying, Pian Ran saved him. Ye Qingyu saw Pian Ran’s true identity as a demon at first sight, but he couldn’t repay her for saving his life. Pian Ran asked him to repay her by letting her absorb his essence.

Li Susu took Tantai Jin to Lanhuaxiang and happened to see her second brother being sucked by a demon. She immediately stopped it. Pian Ran showed her true form as a nine-tailed fox with only two tails cut off. Taking advantage of Li Susu’s unresponsiveness, Pian Ran immediately fled. Li Susu and Tantai Jin chased after her. Pian Ran ran into a flower building and Tantai Jin blocked her way in one of the rooms. Pian Ran began to use her charm technique again. Fortunately, Tantai Jin was prepared and only suffered a neck injury. Tantai Jin began to absorb her essence, but unfortunately Li Susu also caught up and saw Tantai Jin performing witchcraft. She immediately interrupted him and Tantai Jin gave her a blow in anger. Li Susu fainted and Pian Ran fled hastily.

Li Susu was put under the fox charm spell by Pian Ran, and she wasn't clear-headed for a while. When the time came for them to leave as planned, Tantai Jin took the unconscious Li Susu to the riverbank to meet up. At first, Lan'an disagreed with bringing Li Susu along, but when he heard Tantai Jin mention that Li Susu's father holds a powerful army, he agreed to hide her on the boat.

The entire Ye family was shocked when they heard that Tantai Jin took Li Susu away. They couldn't believe that Tantai Jin, who usually appeared harmless, would take Li Susu. Ye Qingyu immediately ordered to block all city gates and prohibit anyone suspicious from leaving.

After Li Susu woke up, she found herself tied up and the environment around her was very unfamiliar. She immediately tried to untie herself. Tantai Jin came over and advised her not to waste her energy. He mentioned that she had a wise father and told her the truth about why they got married. That day, Li Susu put spring silkworms in the pastry to let Prince Wuning defile Bingshang so that she could marry the sixth prince. Unexpectedly, she became the victim of the poisoned pastry. This was all thanks to Tantai Jin. He had long wanted to escape from the palace and when he heard the message from the crow, he immediately designed this plan so that they could escape. Li Susu scolded him for being an ungrateful person. Tantai Jin laughed and said that Li Susu was not much better either. She had a wicked heart and came up with a plan to drug him. Little did she know that night they only slept together and nothing happened between them. Even though the poison in the spring silkworms was very strong, he did not want to have anything to do with Li Susu.

Tantai Jin reminded Li Susu that no one who knew the truth had ever survived. Li Susu suddenly realized that Yue Yingxin's madness was probably related to Tantai Jin. Tantai Jin smiled and replied that Yue Yingxin had conspired against him and deserved to be punished. That day, Yue Yingxin put a drug in the dish, but ended up eating it herself and was later violated by Li Daguan. When she woke up, she went crazy.

The emperor was particularly angry when he heard that Tantai Jin had left his control, and immediately imprisoned Ye Qingyu's father, forcing Ye Qingyu to capture Tantai Jin and bring him to justice as soon as possible.

During the voyage, Tantai Jin did not forget to deliver food to Li Susu. When the person came to deliver the food and opened the prison door, Li Susu used a trick to escape from the cell under the deck. Lan'an had told her the spell to untie the rope, but she did not know anything else about Lan'an. Currently, the situation was still uncertain.

Lan'an kills demons every day and delivers their demon pills to Tantai Jin on time. Every time Tantai Jin absorbs a demon pill, the hostility in his body decreases significantly. To show his gratitude to Lan'an, Tantai Jin gave her a precious hairpin, which is usually given by people to their mothers. Lan'an was very excited to receive this gift.

The guards began to search each room for Li Susu. She hurriedly fled into a pile of women who were brought by Lan'an as a tribute to Tantai Jin. Li Susu quickly stole a piece of clothing and covered her face with a scarf. When she heard that Tantai Jin wanted to listen to music, she didn't know how to sing. However, she saw a guqin beside her and immediately picked it up. She could play a few notes and hoped to get away with it.

Many women hoped to receive Tantai Jin's favor. When the singing and dancing began, Li Susu played the harp twice and was surprised to find that the instrument was different from the one in the palace, and the melody was completely reversed. Tantai Jin noticed and looked up, only to find that Li Susu was playing the harp! It seemed interesting, so Tantai Jin pretended not to notice and singled out Li Susu to dance alone.

Li Susu had a sudden idea. While slowly moving closer to Tantai Jin, she immediately used a scarf to strangle his neck when he wasn't paying attention. However, Tantai Jin was not easily controlled and cut the scarf with a blink of an eye. He pressed on Li Susu step by step, and Li Susu had no choice but to jump into the sea from the deck. Tantai Jin was trembling all over and couldn't understand why Li Susu jumped into the sea. 

Lan’an immediately sent someone to investigate Li Susu’s whereabouts. When they were close to Jing Kingdom, Lan’an’s subordinates claimed that they had caught Li Susu. Tantai Jin was very excited to pull off the veil on the other party’s face, but it was not Li Susu at all. It was a stranger who threw a poisoned needle directly at Li Susu’s eyes without any precautions. Li Susu was injured in the eyes and this assassin stood up excitedly and asked Tantai Jin how he felt. The demon pill was actually a poison, and Tantai Jin was already seriously injured at this time.

Lan’an also defected because Tantai Minglang had taken her daughter Fu Ya as hostage. Tantai Jin once again believed that Lan’an did not expect to be betrayed. He was completely cold-hearted. Minglang grabbed his collar and rebuked him for being superfluous. Emperor Jing’s love for Tantai Jin’s mother Ruo Fei had cooled Minglang’s mother and son. When Minglang was young, he was burned once, and Emperor Jing was comforting Ruo Fei during his nap. For so many years, Minglang has been holding this hatred against Tantai Jin and now he can finally hold his head up high.

Tantai Jin claimed that he still had one last wish. Minglang let him go. Tantai Jin came to Lan’an and asked her why she betrayed him. Did she never regard him as her own? Lan’an said that she already had a daughter who was so pure and lovely. Tantai Jin had hurt Yingxin. In Lan’an’s opinion, Yingxin had taken care of Tantai Jin for twenty years, even if it was a stone, it would have been warmed up. Lan’an’s words hurt Tantai Jin. A spider injected venom into Lan’an’s neck and she soon died in a pool of blood.

Minglang poisoned Tantai Jin’s body. As long as he forced his power, there was a risk of death from poison. Even if he knew that he was doomed, he chose to die faster. Tantai Jin picked up the dagger and cut his wrist, then jumped into the sea without hesitation.

Li Susu jumped into the sea and apologized to her father and clan members repeatedly in her heart. She was afraid that she would not be able to face her clan members again with her face covered because she had not completed the task. Suddenly, a beam of light slowly wrapped Li Susu up, isolating the surrounding cold seawater and giving Li Susu strength. When Li Susu woke up, she found that the lost artifact in the clan had saved her. She didn’t know how it ended up at the bottom of the Mo River. Perhaps the artifact recognized its owner and saved her directly.

Minglang finally got rid of his worries. He was drinking and celebrating with pride. He called Qi Shuang, who had poisoned Tantai Jin that day. Qi Shuang knelt down to Minglang and expressed his obedience. Minglang did not believe him and immediately fed him to a monster. He thought that dogs that rebelled against their owners could not be used. The mansion has been singing and dancing all along. Minglang asked his subordinates to bring some girls from the Yi Yue clan to liven up the atmosphere.

Since Lan’an’s death, Nian Baiyu has been sneaking into Minglang’s mansion trying to protect him. When she saw that Minglang was going to harm her clan members, she immediately used magic to summon rats and bats to kill the obedient guards and quickly moved those girls away.

Li Susu regained her freedom and thought that since Tantai Jin had already turned dark, she couldn’t go home yet. At least she had to find Tantai Jin and stop all the tragedies from happening. With this in mind, Li Susu wrote a letter to her family to let them know that she was safe and not to worry. She didn’t know where Jing Kingdom was, so Li Susu walked along the river and asked people for directions to Jing Kingdom.

After walking for a day, Li Susu suddenly found Tantai Jin by the seaside. Tantai Jin was soaked in seawater and freezing cold. Li Susu was shocked as he had just been in high spirits and now looked like a homeless dog. Li Susu quickly revived Tantai Jin and asked what had happened. She learned that Lan'an had been murdered, and she scolded Tantai Jin for being too ruthless. First it was Yingxin, and now it was Lan'an, who had even raised Tantai Jin with his own blood. Tantai Jin explained the reason for what happened, and Li Susu was heartbroken. Tantai Jin's closest people had all betrayed him, and he was afraid he would never have anyone to rely on again.

Tantai Jin's one eye was blinded by Minglang's poison. These days, Li Susu has been taking care of him, searching for food and carefully cooking porridge and meals. Tantai Jin asked Li Susu why she was different from everyone else who wished him dead. Li Susu replied irritably that she would tell him later. Minglang's men caught up with them, and Tantai Jin fought hard to protect Li Susu and let her escape. He coughed up blood twice, and the blood was black, proving that the poison had spread throughout his body. Tantai Jin recalled that Minglang had said that if he coughed up blood a third time, he would certainly die.

Ye Qingyu's rescue was timely and repelled Minglang's pursuers. After hearing that Tantai Jin was not in danger for the time being, he and his men returned. When Li Susu heard that Tantai Jin was poisoned, she hurriedly looked for some herbs in the surrounding area, crushed them and fed them to Tantai Jin. Li Susu accidentally revealed the Qing Shi Jade she had picked up from the seabed. Tantai Jin was very curious about this special-looking thing. Li Susu emphasized that it was just picked up and was made by a demon king in ancient times who had refined countless demon elements, and that whoever consumed it was doomed to die early. Tantai Jin was not concerned about death as he believed there was not much difference between dying early or late.

Li Susu urged him that no matter what he thought, as long as he was alive, he would not let him die.

Minglang's pursuers had arrived, and in order to protect Tantai Jin, Li Susu was severely poisoned and fell into a coma. Tantai Jin demanded the antidote from the enemy, but they were merciless and continued to pursue them. With no other options, Tantai Jin ingested the Qing Shi Jade, finally driving off the enemy. He used his own vitality to revive Li Susu.

Li Susu woke up and found that Tantai Jin had swallowed the Qing Shi Jade. She was so scared that she sat up and used all her strength to suck it out of him. At this moment, a bright light took Li Susu into a illusion. In the illusion, the owner of the Qing Shi Jade reminded her whether she really wanted to save the Demon King. He was a cold-blooded killer with countless murders and not worth it. Li Susu understood the words of the owner of Qing Shi Jade, but Tantai Jin held the fate of the entire Three Realms and could not be abandoned. Li Susu proposed to sacrifice herself instead of Tantai Jin, but she had one condition: to let the owner of Qing Shi Jade tell her how to destroy the evil bone on Tantai Jin's body.

The master replied that perhaps the answer could be found in the desert. However, the Qing Shi Jade had already turned into one of Tantai Jin's eyes. To retrieve the Qing Shi Jade, Li Susu had to exchange her own eye for it. With tears in her eyes, Li Susu agreed and used magic to extract her own eyeball and allow the Qing Shi Jade to enter her body.

Li Susu was prepared to take Tantai Jin to a safe place when she suddenly heard someone shouting. She hid aside, and Nian Baiyu noticed the unconscious Tantai Jin and carefully helped him up. Seeing that they were there to rescue Tantai Jin, Li Susu quietly let them pass and allowed Tantai Jin to follow them back. She had more important things to do.

Ye Qingyu returned to the palace upon the emperor's order. When the emperor learned that he had not captured anyone, he not only did not blame him but also released Ye's father. Then he ordered Ye Qingyu to return to Jiaguan immediately. The emperor no longer trusted the Ye family, and Ye Qingyu told his father about this. They went home together and received a letter from Li Susu on the way, which reassured the family that Li Susu's life was not in danger.

Li Susu wanted to find a way to destroy the evil bone of Tantai Jin in the desert. She met Pian Ran on the way, who was practicing to recover her strength after being seriously injured in a fight with Tantai Jin. Li Susu realized that she might be able to heal Pian Ran with the Qing Shi Jade she possessed, and offered to help. After healing Pian Ran, she found out that she had escaped from the desert.

It was a pleasant surprise, and Li Susu immediately asked Pian Ran for the location of the desert. Pian Ran kindly advised her that the desert was not a good place to go, and told her that she originally had nine tails, but two of them were cut off in order to escape the desert. However, Li Susu was determined to go to the desert to find a way to destroy the evil bones and prevent the Demon King from reincarnating. Li Susu did not tell Pian Ran her true purpose, but only said that she was going to save people.

Tantai Jin was saved by Nian Baiyu. At night, the resentment once again lingered around Tantai Jin and encouraged him to seek revenge, to get rid of all those who betrayed and hurt him. Tantai Jin's gentle heart was completely stabbed by the resentment. That night, he used magic to summon many rats and poisonous insects to the Jing Kingdom palace, and a raging fire broke out in Minglang's sleeping quarters. The newly crowned Minglang also perished in the fire.

Tantai Jin quickly became the new king. At first, the ministers of Jing Kingdom were dissatisfied with this sudden arrival of a rebel. Tantai Jin had seen all kinds of situations before, so he ordered his subordinates to bring a pot of meat porridge and announced that any minister who was willing to drink porridge with him to revive Jing Kingdom would be treated kindly. He didn't force those who insisted on not complying and instead sent them all to guard the tomb of the former emperor to show their loyalty.

The emperor of Sheng Kingdom heard that Tantai Jin had ascended to the throne in Jing Kingdom and immediately ordered an attack on Jing Kingdom. Tantai Jin received the news and discussed with his ministers. They all demanded a policy of appeasement, which conflicted with Tantai Jin's opinion. A careful military strategy was quietly formed. Nian Baiyu reported to Tantai Jin that they had searched near Jing Kingdom but could not find Li Susu. As the war was imminent, Tantai Jin had to fight first.

Guided by Pian Ran, Li Susu walked into the wilderness as if jumping into a bottomless pit. A mysterious voice echoed in her ears, asking her to come to him. Finally, she descended into a desolate land where she saw a group of demons baring their sharp teeth at a child. She immediately drove away those demons and gently picked up the child.

The voice of the godly lord resounded, revealing that to destroy the evil bone, three keys are needed: a dream, a tear, and a strand of hair. The tear is the first tear left by the Demon God for love, and it is related to the strand of hair. Soon after, if the knot in the Demon God's heart can be untied, the tear can shatter the evil bone. However, there are only three hundred days left, and if the three keys are not collected by then, the Three Realms will be plunged into darkness and despair. After the godly lord spoke, he passed away. He had been hanging on until now because of a mission. After informing Li Susu of this cause and effect, the godly lord had no more concerns. After the godly lord passed away, Li Susu also discovered the past mirror.

Li Susu took the protected girl out of the desert. In the light, Li Susu saw the jade pendant on the girl's chest and realized that it was exactly the same as the one Lan'an had. Li Susu guessed that the little girl must be Lan'an's child. They were in the territory of the Jing Kingdom, and Li Susu learned that Tantai Jin had become the king of the Jing Kingdom and was at war with Sheng Kingdom. Tantai Jin summoned countless rats and small beasts with spells, causing significant damage to the Sheng Kingdom, but the emperor did not withdraw the troops and even refused to provide support for the supplies.

Upon hearing Nian Baiyu's report that he had encountered a seven-tailed fox who was an old acquaintance, Tantai Jin went to meet her himself. Pian Ran was no match for him and was forced to take a white pill. Tantai Jin reminded her that she would have to be loyal to him from now on, or else she would suffer the consequences of being devoured by ten thousand insects.

Pian Ran went to see Ye Qingyu with a mission to persuade him to surrender. She laid out the pros and cons and emphasized that surrender was the only way out. The emperor of the Sheng Kingdom had long been suspicious of the Ye family, and now even the food supplies were cut off. It was not worth sacrificing for such a monarch. However, Ye Qingyu was convinced that his family was merely a tool for the emperor, and he refused to surrender. Tantai Jin anticipated this and went to meet him personally.


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