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Does Yukee Chen Yuqi Have A Boyfriend?

Yukee Chen Yuqi

Yukee Chen Yuqi is a cute girl with an innocent-looking. Who is her Boyfriend?


Since she signed to Tiffany Tang Yan’s studio, she has appeared in “The Princess Wei Young”, “Ashes of Love”, “Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre”, “Mystery of Antiques”, “The Love Lasts Two Minds”, etc.

With these works, Yukee Chen Yuqi has gained many fans and her popularity has risen again.

Luo Yunxi

At the same time, she also had many dating rumors. Because many times cooperation with Luo Yunxi, there were many dating rumors of them spreading on the net.

However, Luo Yunxi was not Yukee Chen Yuqi’s boyfriend, they are simply in a cooperative relationship.

Because they were always rumored to be in a relationship, they did not work together after the second cooperation. Then the scandal also gradually dissipated.

Joseph Zeng

In 2020, some media broke the news that Yuekee Chen Yuqi and Joseph Zeng Sunxi were currently in love. They also found the car model that Joseph Zeng Sunxi tweeted in March appeared in Yukee Chen Yuqi’s home.

Yuekee Chen and Joseph Zeng had earlier worked together on the new version of “Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre”.

And in the 618 party, they also sang the song “刀剑如梦” together with their ten fingers clasped on stage. The interaction with each other was really envious of the people.

But Yukee ChenYuqi suddenly posted, “Enough is enough, not too much,” and then deleted it in seconds.

This had caused a lot of suspicions, some people said that this was in response to her dating rumor with Joseph Zeng Shunxi.

Zou Tingwei

Did Yukee Chen Yuqi and zou Tingwei have ever in a relationship? Why were they rumored to be dating each other?

Zou Tingwei and Yukee Chen Yuqi got along very well when cooperated on “And the Winner Is Love”, but not only did they have a good relationship, the whole cast actors were in a particularly good relationship.

Maybe because they had some interaction during the shooting, they were misunderstood by everyone.

In real life, Chen Yuqi and Zou Tingwei are just partners and friends.

Yukee Chen

In fact, Yukee Chen Yuqi is still single. Because of her good appearance, she always looks perfect for these male leads. So netizens were hoping the cp to be true in real life.

She is a very thoughtful girl and very hard working for her career. When the media reported the relationship between Yukee Chen Yuqi and Zeng Shunxie, she immediately posted to clarify, indicating that she did not want to be affected by these scandals.

Chen Yuqi

What’s Yukee Chen Yuqi’s ideal type of boyfriend?

Chen Yuqi exposed herself to like cute boys. He can be chubby, but also looks very just, sunny, and positive, does not rely on her for anything, has his own opinion.

Chen Yuqi also said she does not like the kind of boys who are not straightforward but hid everything in their hearts. Crush is bad, if you like, you have to say directly.

Netizens were happy and said they met these conditions. Do you fit Yukee Chen’s standards for boyfriend too?

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  1. Thanks God that “Miss Zhao Min” (from Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre) is still single! I got so crazy for her after watching that “Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre” series that i even thought that i was going to fly to china from Bangladesh just to see her for a minute! hahahaha. My goodness! she is so cute, lovely and feminine. And of course, she is also a gem of an actress! So be worried, very worried, Zhao min, because you would never know when this guy from bangladesh would show up at your door and ask him to marry you!! hahahahah…