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Luo Yunxi Was Injured In A Filming Accident, Fans Were Heartbroken, The Related Actor Issued An Apology And Denied Wearing A Ring

Luo Yunxi

Recently, Luo Yunxi coupled with Janice Wu Qian the second time, filming the drama “Light Chaser Rescue” to recreate the tacit understanding of the year “My Sunshine”.


Oct 14th was supposed to be the last day of shooting for “The Light Chaser”. However, At 9:00 p.m., the news suddenly broke that Luo Yunxi was accidentally injured during the shooting.

Then at about 10:00, Luo Yunxi studio and the official Weibo of “The Light Chaser” both came out and said that Luo Yunxi was indeed accidentally injured during a slapping scene.

He had been sent to Hengdian Hospital to arrange for emergency treatment by a professional doctor.

Light Chaser Rescue Crew

It is understood that after “The Light Chaser” is finished tonight, Luo Yunxi will seamlessly enter the new drama set “Till The End of The Moon” tomorrow.

Therefore, “Till The End of The Moon” producer, Xin Weimin has also gone to the hospital to understand the situation and condole with Luo Yunxi.

Luo Yunxi Fan Club

Later on, a netizen revealed that Luo Yunxi was injured very seriously, and the Hengdian hospital could not handle it, so he was transferred to the medical cosmetic center of the Shanghai hospital.

The fan club of Luo Yunxi then also confirmed that Luo Yunxi had indeed left Hengdian to go to Shanghai for a full examination.

The reason why Luo Yunxi was injured was that the content of the last shooting was the role played by Luo Yunxi, who will be slapped by the other actor.

The result was that the actor was too hard, Luo Yunxi was hit to concussion. What’s even scarier was that the actor slapped with a wedding ring, so the ring also scratched Luo Yunxi’s face, causing Luo Yunxi’s face to bleed, which is suspected to require stitches.

Luo Yunxi Post

Perhaps fearing that fans are worried, Luo Yunxi posted a message in the early morning of the 15th to report his safety, saying that as an actor in the shooting process, there will inevitably be some accidents, which is the special nature of this occupation, but also this occupation gives himself the opportunity to get more valuable experience.

He also said that during the shooting of this drama, he deeply feels the public service rescue is not easy, he feels the tacit understanding between the team members, feel the belief that everyone is doing their best to save lives in front of the disaster.

The related actor Ji Huanbo, who mistakenly injured Luo Yunxi, also issued an apology. We can see that he should also be full of guilt, and his words are very sincere.

Ji Huanbo Apology

However, some netizens questioned whether he was wearing an ornament like a ring on his finger that could have caused Luo’s injury in the comments section.

Ji explained that he did not wear any ornament like a ring on the set. There were only women’s wedding rings, not men’s. Now that he has come forward to clarify, we should not speculate too much.

At present, Luo Yunxi studio did not reveal the seriousness of his injury, we hope he is not as badly injured as rumored!

Wish him a speedy recovery.

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