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Luo Yunxi’s Mr. Moxi Season 3 aired on December 24, 2020

Mr Moxi Season

“Mr. Moxi Season 3” is an interactive cultural variety show for Gen Z produced by Zhonshi Tongcheng, with Luo Yunxi as the main MC. The producer is Junhou Tianyang.The program broadcast on Tencent Video at 12:00 every Thursday from December 24, 2020.


The show aired its first season in 2018. The first season is about the hip play. The second season is about the new urban youth culture. And the current season is about the multi-circle culture. Mr. Moxie has been trying to put forth new ideas. It is not just the pursuit of “fun”, it is also always serious “play”.

The third season of “Mr. Moxi” is an interactive variety show that showcases the culture of Gen Z, Luo Yunxi, the main MC, travels to Hangzhou, a smart city, and penetrates different cultural circles to start a brain-teasing journey driven by interest alliances through reasoning and interactive challenges. The third season of “Mr. Moxi” will show the attitude of the Gan Z “explore the unknown and work hard for love”, creating a new experience of 5G special ultra-Z interactive variety show.`

Compared with the previous two seasons, the new season of “Mr. Moxi” is a sight to behold, whether it’s the format of the show or the wrapping of visual effects, or the new virtual characters that appear.

`Luo Yunxi: “I want to make some skills or some forms of our national culture to become a trend”.

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