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Victoria Song Qian, Luo Yunxi: Dangerous Relationship in “Broker”


Starring Victoria Song Qian, Luo Yunxi, “Broker” was premiered on July 22, the drama is very interesting with so many points: the “strong male and female” character setting, the “evenly matched” love, the confrontation between science and faith, the confrontation between the positive and the negative, and so on.


The drama is adapted from Miao Juan’s best-selling novel “Qian Ke/ 掮客” with Luo Yunxi and Victoria Song as the male and female leads.

From meeting and knowing each other to fall in love with each other, their emotions collided fiercely between different beliefs.

One is always in search of light, the other has long been accustomed to the darkness, the encounter between them like “flame” and “iceberg” also uncovered a bigger secret hidden behind.

This is Luo Yunxi and Victoria Song’s second cooperation after “A Life Time Love”.

Victoria Song

Victoria Song plays the role of Qiu Jianing, a core researcher in the “Yuan Project” laboratory, who is far-sighted and devoted to her career. She is inspired by the older generation of scientists to defend the scientific achievements of her country.

“Scientific research is my career, as long as I don’t give up, no one can stop me.” This line of Qiu Jianing in the play highlights that this character is very much in love with her scientific research career.

Victoria Song was a little excited about her role as the female scientist Qiu Jianing this time. She said: “Broker” is this kind of story about the laboratory and female scientists subject, which is relatively rare. There are love scenes, but also the scene of dedication to the country, it is a very positive energy drama.”

Victoria Song revealed that Qiu Jianing is a serious, rational person. She has high education and dares to love, dares to hate, distinguishes well between personal love and country love. But she is not very good at the social in the human world.

In Song Qian’s opinion, this role has a bit like a certain aspect of herself: “when working, I am also a person who does not care about anything but works seriously. Whether I have a problem, or the staff has a problem, I have to solve it seriously.”

Luo Yunxi

Luo Yunxi plays Zhou Xiaoshan, a dark character in the play. Zhou Xiaoshan is a cold and mysterious researcher. But in fact, he has another unknown identity: an international spy with a complicated background.

When the “Yuan Project” experiment reached the critical clinical stage, Zhou Xiaoshan appeared to take away Qiu Jianing’s research results.

Zhou Xiaoshan’s wisdom and introspection attracted Qiu Jianing’s attention, while Qiu Jianing’s beauty and strength also disturbed Zhou Xiaoshan’s, cool heart.

Luo Yunxi revealed that Zhou Xiaoshan believed in the law of survival of “the weak and the strong” at first and did anything to achieve his goal.

In the process of approaching Qiu Jianing, he was moved by Qiu’s research spirit and kindness and righteousness. He found and followed his internal hidden kindness finally.

This time, Luo Yunxi has also fulfilled a dream of his own. Previously, Luo Yunxi was eager to try characters, including spies, killers, and so on.

These are challenges for Luo Yunxi, such as hiding happiness, being unable to show sadness, becoming evil relies on acting, not eye makeup.

Zhou Xiaoshan is a cold and introverted spy. Because of the special nature of the work, he needs to be unnoticed, the more secretive the better. So he has fewer lines.

Victory Song and Luo Yunxi’s interactions are the biggest points of “Broker”.

Victoria Song Luo Yunxi

The emotions in the drama are unlike other sweet dramas: love is also very rational, the dialogue between the two leads is related to their profession.

Of course, because of the identity problem, their relationship is more or less sad, “their inner pain is different, but both of them are very painful.”

Song Qian said that she was very torn in the drama. The first time she opened her heart, but she met a man with a thousand thoughts. “What kind of man did I meet, why did he treat me this way? But no matter what, I am a strong woman. How you want to treat me, I will treat you in the same way too.”

Luo Yunxi said the drama was also a great struggle for him. “For me, I can’t help it. I can only do this to you. If I don’t treat you this way, maybe your life will be in danger.”

In the end, Luo Yunxi made a choice in front of the interests and the country. He and Victoria Song were on a united front to achieve their own ideals, while firmly defending the scientific achievements of the motherland.

How is the relationship between Luo Yunxi and Victoria Song?

A Life Time Love

It is worth mentioning that Luo Yunxi and Victoria Song starred as brother and sister in “A Life Time Love” two years ago. This time they played as a couple.

On the first day of the meeting, their emotions were immediately mobilized. On the second day, they started shooting intimate scenes.

However, Luo Yunxi confessed that the tacit understanding between them was not a perfect, still lacked a little, “we have to say the same sentence together, but we did not finish it after saying 10 times!”

Luo Yunxi

Although the tacit understanding is so poor, because of the good relationship, they got along well on the set. “When the director shouted a break, we are immediately out of the scenes, and then making a variety of jokes.”

Victoria Song even revealed that because Luo Yunxi played her fourth brother in “A Life Time Love”, she has called Luo Yunxi “fourth brother” privately now.

“I had no many interaction scenes with “fourth brother” before, I thought he does not love to talk, was especially quiet. This time we spend more time together, I get to know that he is a game master in life! And he also has a good temper, it makes me tease him.”

Luo Yunxi also looked at her gently, said, “teasing is happier! It means a better relationship.”

When they were interviewed, they interacted funny.

Luo Yunxi: “I thought Qian Qian is not the girl who can play the game, the result is that she also plays the game, I am very surprised!”

Victoria Song Qian: “you think I will only be silly and happy every day?”

It is not like the dangerous relationship in “Broker”, Luo Yunxi and Victoria Song have a good relationship in life.

What’s Luo Yunxi and Victoria Song’s opinion on the love life?

Victoria Song

In the play, the love between Luo Yunxi and Victoria Song Xi is twisted and tumultuous. Both of them expressed that they do not like such ups and downs in love life.

Victoria Song said that the best love in her heart is little ups and downs in the bland, “too bland is not good, too many ups and downs, the heart can not stand.”

Luo Yunxi also shared the same view with Victoria Song Xi, “peaceful love will be slightly boring, so some passion in the process of long love is need.”

Will you watch the dangerous relationship between Luo Yunxi, Victoria Song in “Broker”?

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