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What’s Allen Deng Lun and Li Qin’s Relationship? The Wedding Has Been In Preparation?

Allen Deng Lun Sweet Li Qin

The rumor of Allen Deng Lun and Sweet Li Qin being in a relationship is always circulating on the net. Even some people exposed that they are preparing for the wedding. They are both popular actors in China. One is charming, one is sweet. They really look so perfect for each other.


Earlier, netizens found Li Qin and Deng Lun were serviced by the same assistant, suspecting that Li Qin and Deng Lun were in a relationship.

Same Assistant

At that time, Li Qin studio removed the single statement also caused a lot of controversies, unaware of the netizens have thought that Li Qin was no longer single. They also speculated who is her boyfriend.

Then Li Qin denied it in the live stream, saying it was just a good wish.

Besides, the Weibo portraits of Li Qin and Deng Lun’s studio have been changed to the same style, with a pure black background and a prayer gesture. But some netizens thought that it may be to promote their new works, but they have not been seen new works.

In addition to the above shared assistant and couple avatars, Their posts on social media platforms also echoed each other.

First, Li Qin posted, “Please give my lover a cup of Mojito”. Coincidentally, Deng Lun was wearing sunglasses and posted a selfie, “Please give me a cup of Mojito”. Is this a response to Li Qin?

Li Qin and Allen Deng were also photographed wearing the same type of ring on their left ring fingers, so many people speculated that they have gotten married secretly.

Sweet Li Qin

In fact, Li Qin has been rumored to have a few relationships from her debut until now, but they all ended without a result.

Li Qin was exposed to be dating Yang Yang when shooting “The Dream of Red Mansions”, they became first love of each other. At that time, they were not well known, and later they broke up.

Besides, Li Qin and Jin Shijia cooperating in a drama sparked a dating rumor. Exposer revealed that they stayed at the same hotel and went on holiday to Japan together, but neither of them has confirmed the relationship.


In the very early broadcast of “Where are we going, Dad?”, Li Qin and Deng Lun formed on-screen CP, the combination of a talented man and a beautiful woman.

Their interaction in the program was also very sweet. Unlike other celebrity gossips, the cooperation between Deng Lun and Li Qin made the audience clap their hands and were looking forward to their really being together.

In the previous program, Li Qin talked about her ideal type of boyfriend. One of the requested was “Libra is a must-have”. And netizens were surprised to find that Deng Lun is also Libra.

Deng Lun

No long ago, Deng Lun said in an exclusive interview that he had the urge to have a child. Deng Lun also said: “Qinqin gave me an incomparable sense of security”. These words revealed the true nature of Li Qin.

Li Qin is indeed a real honest and capable girl. She also inspired Deng Lun to want to have a family.

Actually, it is quite possible for Sweet Li Qin and Allen Deng Lun to be in a relationship. After all, they have cooperated in many TV series and variety shows.

So far, they have not come out to clarify their relationship and the wedding rumors. The relationship between them is only a speculation.

For the relationship between Sweet Li Qin and Allen Deng Lun, do you think it is true? How do you think about them?

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  1. Though she is older, she doesn’t evoke strength of character n liveliness that a soft n shy person needs… both have passive personalities…