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Yang Yang Was Involved In The Rumor Of Dating His Fan.

Yang Yang

Yang Yang was dating his fans for two years? On the afternoon of August 6, a well-known entertainment blogger posted a cartoon exposure on Weibo: “How can a top popular male star fall in love with a female fan and suddenly disappear after two years of dating? Female fans revealed that he was requested to take pills after every date”.


As soon as the exposure was posted, it caused netizens’ concern, and many netizens speculate that the top popular star is Yang Yang.

Yang Yang Agent Jia Shikai Post

Then Yang Yang’s agent Jia Shikai issued a Weibo to deny it: these are unwarranted disinformation rumors, no referring name. They are throwing mud on artists. The lawyer has been commissioned to collect evidence.

dating Exposure

In the exposure, the fan is called Xiao Wei. She Became the popular star’s fan in 2017. After two years shooting of the star, they got to know each other well. Then they started dating in 2019. Xiao Wei ever went to visit the star in Dubai. They also took intimate photos during traveling to Xishuang Banna in Sep 2019. When the star held a birthday party, he played her favorite song on the piano. However, the popular star disappeared and stopped contact her without any reason in July 2021.

The information of the top popular male star is much similar to Yang Yang, such as dating wealthy actresses in 2019, shooting in Dubai in 2019, playing the piano to fans at the birthday party, and so on.

Qiao Xin
  1. Starring Yang Yang and Dilraba, “You Are My Glory” is being broadcast, Yang Yang is indeed worthy to regard as a top popular star.
  2. In 2019, Yang Yang had rumors of dating actress Qiao Xin. They were also photographed intimate back photos. Netizens found out many clues of their relationship, which caused a lot of concern at the time. Qiao Xin’s family is also very rich, netizens had also flirted her shooting is just a hobby of her.
  3. In 2019, Yang Yang also shot “Vanguard” in Dubai. Netizens had encountered him. Yang Yang’s Weibo super-topic had also promoted Yang Yang in Dubai.
  4. Besides, Yang Yang had played the piano at the birthday party.

As there are so many similarities and the exposure is too obvious, it is no wonder that people will question him.

But his fans said that Yang Yang did not even hold the birthday party in 2019, the rumor is fake. They let Yang Yang sue her as soon as possible.

Then the exposer replied: stimulation is easy to produce a larger exposure! It looks like she has a lot of evidence, but it was deleted shortly after.

Yang Yang

Facing clarification of Yang Yang’s agent Jia Shikai, the exposer not only did not remove the explosive cartoon but also be very confident when interacted with netizens.

Yang Yang’s fans all thought that she is chasing clout and left a message saying: “wait for you to be sent to the police”, she replied: “you may go but I will not”.

Some netizens: “Do not have nightmares”,

The exposer: “I will not, the stars in showbiz are more prone to have nightmares”,

Netizens: “So many people scold you, will you have nightmares? ”

The exposer: “Only People who doing bad things will do nightmares, how will I have nightmares”.

What’s your opinion on this rumor of Yang Yang?

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