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Flight to You – Wang Kai, Tan Songyun

Flight to You is a contemporary urban drama directed by Wang Zhi and starring Wang Kai and Tan Songyun, Liu Chang and Yan Zidong, with Liu Jun and Cheng Tai Shen in special appearances.

The drama is set in the background of Luzhou Airlines and shows the real life of the whole aviation industry by telling the story of the main characters’ continuous efforts to pursue their dreams.


Flight to You

English Title: Flight to You
Chinese Title: 向风而行
Genre: Contemporary, Urban
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Wang Zhi
Writer: Yu Qiao
Product Company: iQIYI, HUACE FILM&TV, Deshe Pictures, Xingyun Culture, Xiamen Air
Broadcasting Website: iQIYI
Released Date:


Wang Kai Wang Kai as Gu Nanting
Tan Songyun Tan Songyun as Cheng Xiao
Liu Chang Liu Chang as Ni Zhan
Yan Zidong Yan Zidong as Song Song


Gu Nanting is the deputy head of the passenger flight department of Luzhou Airlines and is known for his strict self-discipline.

Due to an accidental reforming of the company, he became superior and mentors of Cheng Xiao who has a valiant and unrestrained personality.

When faced with a variety of unexpected aviation incidents, they worked together to fight against and turn danger into success.

Although in the way of solving the crisis, Gu Nanting, who has always pursued stability and order, was often disrupted by Cheng Xiao, who did not follow the usual rules.

But they were still able to successfully solve the difficulties, and gradually overcome their own shortcomings, all the way towards their dreams!

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