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Sebrina Chen Yao, Elvis Han Dongjun Relationship Was Exposed?

Sebrina Chen Elvis Han

Sebrina Chen Yao, Elvis Han Dongjun were suspected of being in a sweet relationship. Elvis Han was photographed pretending to be a staff visiting Sebrina Chen in the crew.


At first, Chen Yao did not know it was Han Dongjun. Chen Yao was obviously very excited after Elvis Han took off his mask. During the rest, they returned to the second floor together and nestled in the sofa playing with their mobile phones. The scene was very harmonious.

Elvis Han

After the work was over, Han Dongjun, Chen Yao said goodbye to the crew. They drove home together in a sports car.

The next day, Chen Yao appeared to work on set. After she wrapped up, she drove a luxury car to a party with friends. Late at night, a chauffeur drove her to Han Dongjun, and immediately afterwards, they returned home together.

On the third day, Chen Yao went out to work in a casual jacket, accompanied by her assistant. For about ten minutes, Han Dongjun was walking out of the small area, wearing the same clothes as last night.

Sebrina Chen (Chen Yao) and Elvis Han (Han Dongjun) have been dating for three days in a row, so it seems like they are indeed in love.

Wu Xin The Monster Killer 2

Chen Yao and Han Dongjun worked together on the series “Wu Xin: The Monster Killer”, a series of 3 dramas.

In “Wu Xin: The Monster Killer”, Han Dongjun plays the role of “Wu Xin”, a demon hunter.While Chen Yao plays the role of “Yue Qiluo”. Han Dongjun and Chen Yao have a great performance in the drama. They are suspected to have fallen in love over the drama.

Han Dongjun

Elvis Han (Han Dongjun) graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy. He entered the acting world in 2013, starred in his first TV series “The Romance of the Condor Heroes”.

In 2015, Han Dongjun star in the first season of “Wu Xin: The Monster Killer”, which gained widespread attention. He then starred in the TV series “Twenties Once Again”, “Siege in Fog” and “Chinese Paladin 5”, gaining a lot of attention.

Chen Yao

Sebrina Chen (Chen Yao) graduated from the Beijing Film Academy and her first TV series was “Go! Goal! Fighting!”. After that, she appeared in many dramas such as “Wu Xin: The Monster Killer”, “My Unicorn Girl” and “So Young” and so on.

Chen Yao has a unique temperament and always has an aura in her appearance, and her acting skills have gained a lot of attention and recognition from the audience.

After Chen Yao and Han Dongjun’s relationship was suspected to be exposed, many netizens expressed their blessings: “I don’t know if it’s real, but it’s a good match oh”, “I envy the cp fans for getting it real.”.

Han Dongjun Chen Yao

Sebrina Chen (Chen Yao), Elvis Han (Han Dongjun) shot “Wu Xin: The Monster Killer”, they have a good relationship. Maybe they are just good friends. Even if they develop into lovers, it’s actually to be expected.

Of course, Chen Yao and Han Dongjun have yet to respond to this news. Whether in love or not, we should wait for an official response!

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