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Elvis Han (Han Dongjun) Profile

Elvis Han

Elvis Han (Han Dongjun, 韩东君), born on July 21, 1992, in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, is a Chinese actor and race car, driver.

In 2013, he started acting in his first TV series The Romance of the Condor Heroes.

His main works include Wu Xin: The Monster Killer, Siege in Fog, Secret of Three Kingdoms, etc.

Basic Info

Elvis Han

Stage Name: Elvis Han
Chinese Name: Han Dongjun / 韩东君
Nickname: Ni Jun, Jun Jun, Ge Ge
Place of Birth: Harbin, Heilongjiang
Nationality: China
Birthday: July 21, 1992 (Age: 31)
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 182cm (5'11")
Blood Type: O
Fandom Name: Jun Bao / 君宝
Fandom Color: Green
Fanchant: jun1 lín tiān xià, wéi ài dōng jun (君临天下,唯爱东君)
Instagram: -
Weibo: 韩东君ElvisHan


  1. Elvis Han's agent is Tangren Media.
  2. Education: Elvis Han graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy.
  3. Han Dongjun studied in Vancouver, Canada during his high school years.
  4. His parents are both athletes, Han Dongjun grew up with a love of racing, riding a small 80cc professional motorcycle at the age of seven, and following his father to the Mohe Ice and Snow Car Challenge at the age of 13.
  5. Favorite sports: basketball, skiing, workout, and racing.
  6. Likes to sing.



TV Show

  • Divas Hit the Road: Season 4(2022)
  • Friends in Summer Surf Shop(2020)
  • Summer Surf Shop(2020)
  • Super Nova Games: Season 2(2019)
  • Super Penguin League(2018)
  • Crossover Singer: Season 3(2018)
  • We Are Seventeen(2016)
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