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Fake It Till You Make It – Cai Wenjing, Elvis Han

Fake It Till You Make It is an urban romantic drama directed by Li Mo, led by Cai Wenjing and Elvis Han, with a special appearance by Geng Le, co-starring Bao Shang'en, Dai Yunfan, and Li Yuan.

The drama is based on Liu Cuihu's novel of the same name, and tells the contemporary love story of Tang Ying and Xu ZiQuan, who go from testing each other to removing their masks and building trust to regain themselves.


Fake It Till You Make It

English Title: Fake It Till You Make It
Chinese Title: 装腔启示录
Genre: Urban, Romance, Drama
Tag: Rich Male Lead, Flirty Male Lead, Mature Male Lead, Nice Male Lead, Strong Female Lead, Office Setting
Episodes: 14
Duration: 70 min.
Director: Li Mo
Writer: Lang Qunli, Li Tao
Producer: Tang Fan
Product Company: MGTV
Released Date: 2023-08-18
Broadcast Website: MGTV, Viki, MangoTV Monsoon



Junior lawyer Tang Ying works at the Shanghai Hongquan Law Firm, where she unexpectedly meets her business partner, Xu Ziqian. Although they secretly develop feelings for each other, they never muster the courage to confront their true emotions. Xu Ziqian, faced with the pursuit of wealthy tycoon Ma Qiyuan towards Tang Ying, finally comes to realize that he has already fallen for her.

Meanwhile, Tang Ying is dealing with the dual pressure of being ostracized by her colleagues and her parents unexpectedly coming to Shanghai. Seeking help, Tang Ying turns to Xu Ziqian, and they pretend to be a couple in front of her parents to allay their worries. Xu Ziqian shows great care and concern for Tang Ying's parents, which deeply moves her. Just then, a scandal involving Xu Ziqian's family is exposed, causing him to hesitate about fleeing the situation.

As Tang Ying and Xu Ziqian are about to part ways, they can no longer hide their true feelings and embrace each other tightly. With Tang Ying's assistance, Xu Ziqian manages to dispel the shadows of his past and bravely confront his emotions, no longer avoiding them. On the other hand, with Xu Ziqian's trust and companionship, Tang Ying accepts her true self.


I'm not sure when it started, but the meaning of the moment of WeChat changed. It's no longer about sharing; it's become a contemporary social business card. Carefully chosen words accompanied by meticulously edited pictures. What you see is deliberately crafted by me. Is this considered pretending? But everyone needs an exquisite facade. Although it appears different from one's real life, who would really mind? As soon as Tang Ying boarded the plane, she took out several books, snapped a few pictures, added a suitable caption, and occasionally sprayed perfume. It truly looked very refined.

Xu Ziquan dragged his luggage over. The moment he saw Tang Ying, he felt an indescribable sensation. Watching her apply perfume, he intentionally pulled out his own cologne and dabbed some on. This caught Tang Ying's attention. She promptly picked up a book and started reading. Xu Ziquan felt that Tang Ying seemed a bit distant, so he even asked a flight attendant for a blanket and handed it to her. Tang Ying thought Xu Ziquan was intentionally trying to strike up a conversation. She even said that he was good at chatting and could engage young girls in conversation. Xu Ziquan was somewhat embarrassed when he heard this; it was the first time someone had said he was flirting.

The plane was about to land soon. Tang Ying was originally coming to Shanghai with Wang Lu to discuss cooperation. Unexpectedly, they lost signal during their phone conversation. Fortunately, Xu Ziquan promptly took out a power bank. Just as Tang Ying was about to offer it back after charging, Xu Ziquan disappeared. Both were in Shanghai for their respective collaborations, but it seemed things weren't going smoothly for either of them. In the evening, Tang Ying suddenly received a call. Wang Lu's family had an emergency, so he couldn't come. This left her a bit anxious, but she braved it and went anyway, even specially selecting a professional outfit.

Staying up all night working, she arrived at the other company early the next morning. Upon entering, she met Liu Meiling, a true Shanghainese, whose eyes held countless doubts. During the tea break, as the opposing lawyer Wang Lu didn't show up, Meiling felt they weren't being taken seriously and grew angry. Fortunately, Tang Ying's explanation smoothed things over. Unexpectedly, a video call shattered their dreams of collaboration.

Xu Ziquan's work wasn't going well either. Watching the flood of messages in his work group, he didn't know how to respond. The next day, he had to attend his best friend's wedding. While it was a happy occasion, he looked quite tired. Burdened by work-related stress, he coincidentally met a bridesmaid at the wedding and even exchanged WeChat contacts. It seemed like they hit it off. Even their friends teased him. Tang Ying received occasional calls from her boss. She had to muster the courage to buy gifts and flowers and wait outside the restaurant where Meiling was dining. Unfortunately, she was rejected. With Tang Ying and Xu Ziquan sitting near each other on the plane, they both felt tremendous pressure. They couldn't even find comfort in sleep.

Tang Ying finally dragged her exhausted body downstairs. She once thought that becoming a lawyer and working in a prestigious office building could change her fate, leading her to a different life. But she didn't anticipate how tough it would be. The moment she entered her home, she realized someone was there. It turned out to be her sister, Lin Xinzi, watching TV in the living room. Upon asking, Tang Ying learned that her sister had a fight with her boyfriend and was in a cold war. So, she was all alone at Tang Ying's place.

Lawer Wang invited everyone to go out and sing for his birthday. Everyone was exhausted, except for Wang Lu who was really enjoying the singing. Suddenly, Zheng Lu sent a message in the work group asking for translation materials for a merger and acquisition case. Surprisingly, only Tang Ying had finished the translation. When Wang Lu heard this, his eyes lit up, and he was excited as if he'd found money. Without hesitation, he urgently called Tang Ying back to the office to work overtime. The security guard saw the tipsy Tang Ying and couldn't understand how she could continue working after drinking so much. Accidentally dropping her work badge, Xu Ziquan picked it up. He looked at the swaying Tang Ying and couldn't help but smile.

Tang Ying worked overnight to finally hand over the printed version of the merger and acquisition materials to Zheng Lu. She hoped that Zheng Lu would recommend her for an opportunity to work on a merger case. However, this made Zheng Lu feel uncomfortable about crossing hierarchical boundaries, as Tang Ying was under Wang Lu's supervision. Such a cross-level recommendation was not appropriate. This left Tang Ying feeling quite upset. Despite not wanting to eat, her colleagues dragged her downstairs. Seeing that everyone either had a partner or was showing affection, she fell into contemplation.

Upon returning home, she found the place dark and Lin Xinzi lying on the couch watching TV, crying alone. Tang Ying felt worried upon seeing this. It turned out she had broken up with her boyfriend due to her demanding nature and inability to understand others. After the breakup, she was in low spirits, spending her days eating, watching TV, and sleeping. Tang Ying couldn't bear seeing her sister in such a state every day. Though she had her own work-related frustrations, she still cared deeply for her sister.

Indeed, her encouragement and advice proved effective. Lin Xinzi not only recovered her spirits but also started exercising and running. She even began selectively searching for a new boyfriend, analyzing various options and showing charts to Tang Ying. When Tang Ying saw Xu Ziquan's profile, she froze momentarily. Especially when her sister mentioned that the perfume she was using was a gift from Xu Ziquan, Tang Ying felt upset. She excused herself, claiming she needed to revise her proposal, and retreated to her room to delete Xu Ziquan's WeChat contact.

Tang Ying worked hard, but every bid she made for a case ended up unsuccessful. Wang Lu, claiming to have her best interests at heart, was actually exploiting her efforts. Though Tang Ying felt frustrated, she had no choice; after all, the higher-ups held authority. Every day, she returned home with a tired body, slowly walking downstairs alone. Unexpectedly, she bumped into Xu Ziquan. Hearing he was picking up a friend, Tang Ying immediately revealed that Lin Xinzi was her sister. Xu Ziquan could only awkwardly smile and remark on the coincidence.

Wanting to invite Tang Ying to dinner, Xu Ziquan faced continuous refusal. He resorted to showing Tang Ying her work badge, and the two talked openly, not yielding to each other. Tang Ying ended up having to dine with Xu Ziquan. He knew that she had deleted his WeChat contact, but he successfully added her back. Tang Ying seemed to harbor a feeling for Xu Ziquan that she couldn't quite express. As Lin Xinzi was running short on date clothes, she asked Tang Ying to accompany her shopping. Tang Ying saw a beautiful outfit, but it was expensive. Lin Xinzi suggested buying a similar-looking but cheaper option. Surprisingly, the next day, when she entered the office, she saw Wang Lu wearing the exact same outfit. It was quite a coincidence. Upon seeing Tang Ying, Wang Lu emphasized that she must not be late for the evening party, speaking with a rehearsed tone.

Xu Ziquan suddenly remembered his ex-girlfriend, Lu Sen. No matter whether he was in a meeting or doing something else, every time he was constantly checking in. Everyone fears loneliness and wants to find love from another lonely soul. But the world is so vast, and encountering such a connection requires immense luck. Xu Ziquan returned home with a tired body and didn't find Lu Sen's presence. A simple phone call ended their relationship. He felt that Lu Sen might cheat because she couldn't provide him the security he wanted. Since the other person would probably cheat in the end, he thought he might as well cheat first.

Ma Qiyuan was jogging when he accidentally stepped on dog poop. Embarrassingly, he didn't have any tissues. Lin Xinzi happened to pass by and kindly handed him tissues. To show his gratitude, Ma Qiyuan invited Lin Xinzi to have a meal together. Tang Ying was always full of energy. When she heard that the two teams were going to have a joint meeting, she knew something was up. As expected, the case that Han Law struggled with initially was given to Wang Law, but when it came to handling interns, they both started competing for them.

Xu Ziquan happened to run into Ada in the elevator. Their seemingly simple conversation was full of hidden sarcasm and warnings. Xu Ziquan knew that the previous project had failed due to someone's interference. Ada also understood the implications and left displeased. Lin Xinzi was thrilled when Ma Qiyuan asked her out. She spent the morning picking out clothes, uncertain about what to wear. She expected a big boss like him would pick her up in a fancy car, but she ended up either using a shared bike or taking the bus in high heels, which left her feeling annoyed.

Tang Ying quickly researched the case for Haixiang Technology. She reported the current risks to Zheng Law. This made Zheng Law feel that the case was manageable and had promising returns. Once Lin Xinzi got home, she began complaining about the awkwardness of her date. She squeezed onto three different buses in high heels just to have a roadside bowl of mutton soup, which she found quite comical.

Tang Ying succeeded in handling the Haixiang Technology case. On her first day at the company, she not only bumped into her sister, Lin Xinzi, but also ran into Xu Ziquan. They were all delighted to see each other. When Wang Law saw that Tang Ying knew Xu Ziquan, he immediately began mocking her and left, implying that he had a wide circle of connections. During the meeting, Xu Ziquan took special care of Tang Ying, even asking the higher-ups to move her to a better seat. It seemed that they had an intricate relationship.

Lin Xinzi's uncle was completely eliminated, but he didn't know that Ma Qiyuan was the real big boss. To evaluate Xu Jiabo's feelings, Lin Xinzi was being quite demanding. Even in heavy rain, she made Xu Jiabo wait a whole day while shopping for clothes. She even bought ice cream for herself in the rain. Despite waiting in line, she managed to buy a suitable gift for him, which deeply moved Xu Jiabo.

Due to working on the same case, Tang Ying and Xu Ziquan spent more and more time together. Their conversations became more frequent, but their views on relationships differed. Xu Ziquan felt that Tang Ying was somehow different from other women. As the Haixiang Technology case progressed, memories resurfaced. Xu Ziquan saw Tang Ying shivering from the cold air conditioning and kindly stopped the meeting. In that moment of making tea, Tang Ying felt that Xu Ziquan was actually quite nice. This surprised Xu Ziquan a bit, as he knew that Tang Ying hadn't held him in high regard.

Xu Ziquan intentionally invited Tang Ying to dinner. Despite heavy rain, they went to a restaurant and had a lively conversation. Especially when discussing matters of romance, they expressed the sentiments of many people. Between their words, there seemed to be an underlying depth of emotion. Perhaps both of them were exceptionally intelligent, or maybe they were pretending to be naive. Because of his past with his ex-girlfriend, Xu Ziquan had been wary of relationships, while Tang Ying was undoubtedly clear-headed. After a few rounds of drinks, they got quite drunk. To commemorate their special friendship, Xu Ziquan bought a bunch of rings with Tang Ying, a symbol of their bond.

Tang Ying safely escorted Xu Ziquan to his home, looking at him before her, uncertain whether he was drunk or sober. Xu Ziquan's presence and his repeated gestures of goodwill left Tang Ying somewhat bewildered. Unexpectedly, they reminded her of her first boyfriend. Early in the morning, Xu Ziquan typed out messages repeatedly, but for some reason, the messages just wouldn't go through. As Tang Ying got ready for the day, she looked at the ring he had given her and didn't know what to do.

Together with Tang Ying, Wang Law held a meeting. Liu Meiling's previous article had a significant impact on the company. Although they had sent a legal letter initially, it didn't have much effect. The author of the article became increasingly aggressive, causing a severe drop in the company's stock price. Faced with this tricky situation, Wang Law used his persuasive tactics to convince the major shareholder. Both Tang Ying and Wang Law breathed a sigh of relief.

However, Wang Law got overly excited and unintentionally spoke some heartfelt words. He forgot to hang up the phone, and a storm soon followed. Just as Tang Ying left the meeting room, she received a call from Liu Meiling. She had heard everything Wang Law said during the meeting. Liu Meiling invited Tang Ying for dinner, but surprisingly, she mentioned their mutual classmate, Professor Zhang, using him as leverage to introduce them, hoping that something might develop between them. All of this didn't escape Tang Ying's notice.

Tang Ying held the ring Xu Ziquan bought, intending to find the right moment to return it to him. However, Lin Xinzi took notice and felt that gifts from others to her sister were usually valuable, unlike her own boyfriend's inexpensive gifts. So, she put her bracelet up for sale online. To her surprise, Xu Jiabo recognized the bracelet he had given Lin Xinzi and bought it back at three times the original price.

Tang Ying disapproved of her sister's actions, but Lin Xinzi didn't realize that Xu Jiabo had found out. She felt sad and regretful, sensing a hint of affection. When Tang Ying returned to the company, she no longer saw Wang Law's familiar figure. He had been absent for several days, and everyone seemed to have an idea of what had happened. However, Tang Ying remained focused on her work responsibilities and even received guidance from Zheng Law. Even though Wang Law was absent, her ongoing cases were still crucial, and she was encouraged to do her best.

Tang Ying couldn't help but feel that during crucial times, couldn't they consider their emotions? Wang Law had been with the major shareholder since graduation, and now he was leaving just because of some studio issues. She didn't understand where they all stood in this situation. Thinking too much about it wouldn't change anything, so she prepared for the meeting. Unexpectedly, her computer malfunctioned. She thought of her good friend, Xu Ziquan, and he helped her fix it.

Tang Ying teased him, thinking he would fix it himself, but he actually took her to a repair shop. The issue was with the battery, and as they had a meeting to attend, having a functioning computer was essential. Without hesitation, Tang Ying bought a new one. What surprised them was how amusing the shop staff were. With the computer purchased, they left for the meeting on a positive note.

Tang Ying suddenly received an invitation from Wang Law. They met downstairs for coffee. Excitedly, Wang Law shared a short video she had made. Over the past few years, health issues had plagued her, leading to difficulties in her work due to her deteriorating physical condition. So, she decided to pursue her passion for food blogging. Wang Law's words left Tang Ying deep in thought.

Tang Ying returned home with many purchases and couldn't understand why they left when it was still daylight and returned when it was dark outside. Where was her twilight? Lin Xinzi looked at her sister, sensing her melancholy. Tang Ying sat alone on the balcony, drinking wine and contemplating her dreams. She couldn't fathom the intensity of their efforts and what they were striving for.

Unable to resist, she messaged Xu Ziquan. They fed cats together downstairs, and she politely returned the ring to him. However, Xu Ziquan kindly placed it back on her finger. They seemed both close and distant, afraid to fall for each other but also fearing they already had. Tang Ying's intentional teasing made Xu Ziquan lost in thought, and he stood downstairs, seemingly dazed, for a long time.

Xu Ziquan and Tang Ying were dining out when they saw a couple passing by. They couldn't resist expressing their respective opinions. They believed that being more straightforward in a relationship is better. They questioned why one must always yield the initiative to others. They realized that even two people deeply in love might not truly understand each other's desires. Xu Ziquan and Tang Ying had a good understanding of each other. They even had the same preferences when it came to eating pancakes and shared the same taste in music. They enjoyed interacting with small animals as well. They truly resembled a couple. While at a bar, they watched a gaming competition and Xu Ziquan couldn't resist the urge to participate.

As they looked at the oversized beer mugs, they couldn't help but burst into laughter. After having a bit to drink, Xu Ziquan subtly hinted to Tang Ying that their meetings were a series of coincidences that might be destined. Tang Ying, although quite clear about Xu Ziquan's intentions, remained overly cautious. Since Wang Lv left, Tang Ying had been quite alone. Upon arriving at the office, she was immediately summoned by Zheng Lv. Tang Ying felt that the HaiXiang Group might have its own issues, yet Zheng Lv was solely focused on achieving results. This left Tang Ying feeling helpless. Han Lv observed Tang Ying working and attempted to assign her other tasks, but Tang Ying directly declined, causing Han Lv's dissatisfaction.

In the office, Richard continuously polished his past trophies, putting pressure on Xu Ziquan, a form of encouragement. Xu Ziquan understood that this case determined his future with the company and treated it seriously. Just after Tang Ying finished work, she received a call from Professor Zhang. Though he was serious, Tang Ying wasn't interested, especially because he kept mentioning Liu Meiling like a talk show. Tang Ying had already sensed the special connection between them, which angered her. Coincidentally, Xu Ziquan finished his work and spotted Tang Ying with Professor Zhang. He immediately messaged her that they weren't a suitable match.

Seeing her phone, Tang Ying didn't hesitate and made the call. Originally planning to have a drink, they found the bar closed for renovations. So, Xu Ziquan bought a bag full of snacks and beer, then escorted Tang Ying to a street corner. Coincidentally, they saw Lin Xinzi and Xu Jiabo kissing downstairs, making both couples feel awkward. It seemed they wouldn't be able to head home for a while. Tang Ying didn't expect Lin Xinzi and Xu Jiabo to get together so quickly. Back home, Tang Ying interrogated her heart, worrying about her sister.

Lin Xinzi shared her story about Xu Jiabo with Tang Ying. Perhaps Xu Jiabo truly loved her, as he even ended up in the hospital due to drinking. This deeply moved Lin Xinzi. Tang Ying couldn't help but share this with Xu Ziquan. In fairy tales, the male protagonist might love the female lead more than his own life, which sounded touching. However, it's hard to love others well if you don't love yourself. Xu Ziquan submitted the proposal to Wanguo but encountered reluctance from Xin. Although he persuaded Xin with his eloquence, Xu Ziquan still had to wait with his colleague for quite a while. Ultimately, they successfully convinced Xin, leading to the submission of the merger proposal. This relieved Xu Ziquan.

After much effort, the HaiXiang case was finally settled among the busy days and nights. Tang Ying also received praise from Zheng Lv. On a bus, Tang Ying encountered harassment from a pervert, but unexpectedly, Wang Yusu (played by Li Yuan) stood up for her. Tang Ying was deeply moved. Unexpectedly, both of them were lawyers. Their meeting was quite pleasant. Just as Tang Ying arrived downstairs, she received a call from Ziyao. The owner of HaiXiang Technology had been arrested. Soon, Xu Ziquan also saw the news. They both felt like their world was collapsing due to this case.

Because of this case, both Xu Ziquan and Tang Ying suffered significant harm and setbacks. Particularly within the company, Tang Ying faced strict criticism from Zheng Lv, and Xu Ziquan lost certain things he deserved. At home, both of them drank alone in silence. Richard saw Xu Ziquan's state and felt sorry for him. He encouraged Xu Ziquan to attend the industry conference in his place, but Xu Ziquan was different from before. This failure would offset all his previous efforts. Unexpectedly, during the conference, Xu Ziquan gained the recognition he deserved. Seeing this, Tang Ying ran over happily, but when she saw a group of women surrounding Xu Ziquan at the entrance, she left in disappointment. Although the bouquet she gave was small, Xu Ziquan liked it.

As Wang Yusu entered, she saw Tang Ying diligently working. Soon after, Tang Ying was called in. It turned out that Wang Yusu was brought in to replace Lawyer Wang's position in the law firm. Upon meeting again, Tang Ying appeared somewhat awkward. She was also surprised, not understanding why Wang Yusu didn't mention it that day. They both felt as though they had missed out on meeting each other earlier. Quickly, Wang Lv immersed herself in work. Through Tang Ying's introductions, she understood the situation of her team. She had Tang Ying compile all the case information and felt concerned when Tang Ying mentioned Liu Meiling. However, Wang Yusu was pleased to hear about Liu Meiling, as they were classmates. She had a way to handle Liu Meiling.

Tang Ying really liked Wang Yusu and couldn't help but share her feelings about her new boss with Xu Ziquan. Since Xu Ziquan's recent project failure, their entire team was not in an ideal situation. The allocated market areas were mostly unfavorable. Yet, Xu Ziquan didn't have the intention or plan to give up. Richard was also angry about the failure of this project. Having worked with Xu Ziquan for five years, he deeply understood Xu Ziquan's current state of mind. Xu Ziquan volunteered to explore the unpromising market.

Wang Yusu asked Tang Ying to arrange a dinner with Liu Meiling. When Liu Meiling arrived, she was surprised to see Wang Yusu. Initially displeased, Tang Ying cleverly used a bowl of soup to break the awkward atmosphere. Unexpectedly, Liu Meiling's behavior became difficult after she had some soup. This pushed Wang Yusu to her limit, causing her to directly deny Liu Meiling's claims. Wang Yusu pointed out that she and Liu Meiling were classmates, knowing all her habits and quirks. The two of them engaged in a heated debate at the dining table, leaving Tang Ying unsure of what to say. After listening to their conversation, she could only applaud and commend their extensive knowledge, as she couldn't understand what they were talking about.

Because this habit of instant sharing might become hard to break if the person suddenly leaves one day, Xu Ziquan, who was busy and stressed, saw the conversation between Tang Ying and him and wanted to send a message to her but gave up, focusing on his work instead. While walking on a pedestrian bridge, Tang Ying saw Professor Zhang and Liu Meiling entering a hotel. Unable to resist sharing the situation with her colleague, she accidentally sent it to Xu Ziquan. This led to them exchanging phone calls.

As their conversation grew more lively, Tang Ying took the opportunity to confess her feelings to Xu Ziquan, revealing each moment of attraction she had experienced. This left Xu Ziquan puzzled. However, when Tang Ying mentioned Xu Ziquan, he firmly declined and abruptly hung up, leaving Tang Ying feeling helpless. In the days that followed, both of them got immersed in their frantic work routines. With Wang Yusu's guidance, Tang Ying became more adept, causing some concern for Han Lv. Thanks to Xu Jiabo's invitation, Lin Xinzi successfully moved out. Now on her own, Tang Ying didn't enjoy going back home. She was fully occupied with work under Wang Yusu's guidance.

Encouraged and teased by his colleagues, Xu Ziquan took the initiative to find Tang Ying. It was clear that Tang Ying was still upset, but it wasn't a big deal. Tang Ying didn't want to overthink things regarding Xu Ziquan. After all, she was exhausted from work. Xu Ziquan and Tang Ying went out for hotpot. As usual, they discussed other people's love stories. Tang Ying couldn't help but think of her first love – a time when she was full of romantic fantasies. Now, she was an independent and clear-headed woman, just as Xu Ziquan had described. She was waiting for a worthy opponent. Unexpectedly, their conversation was interrupted by a call from Xu Ziquan, and Tang Ying confidently paid the bill and left.

Liu Meiling, as usual, went to see Doctor Tian, claiming that her husband had health issues and that she was always there on his behalf. Doctor Tian was becoming frustrated with this and demanded that she call her husband right then and there. Liu Meiling pretended to be calm and made a call, but when no one answered, Doctor Tian dialed the number herself, only to have the call answered. When Liu Meiling returned home, she waited for her husband while fighting off sleepiness. To her surprise, she found her husband heavily intoxicated. She helped him to bed and undressed him. However, while searching his pockets, she found another phone. Perhaps due to curiosity, she couldn't resist looking through it. As expected, no woman could emerge unscathed from her husband's phone. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she saw rows of beautiful women in his WeChat.

When Tang Ying woke up, it was already 10 AM, and she panicked as her appointment with a client was at that time. Unable to find a taxi after leaving her home, she resorted to cycling desperately, only to get hit by a car – which turned out to be driven by Ma Qiyuan from Wanguo. As a result, she accepted his offer for a ride. Surprisingly, the person in front of her was her major client. Wang Yusu could sense that Ma Qiyuan seemed interested in Tang Ying. After work, Ma Qiyuan invited Tang Ying to connect on WeChat. Despite her apprehension about handling this relationship, Tang Ying's fear of affecting their cooperation was put to rest by Wang Yusu's confidence in her. Liu Meiling chose to resign due to personal reasons.

Tang Ying wanted to check her social media posts, but to her surprise, they were closed. Unexpectedly, she received an invitation for dinner, leaving her a bit bewildered. She thanked Tang Ying because she had exposed Zhang Yiwen's ulterior motives. Perhaps when Liu Meiling saw the many celebrities on his phone, she didn't intend to completely end the relationship. However, after returning home early from a business trip and seeing them together, she ended it decisively. This might have been a kind of relief that allowed her to remove her mask and reveal her true self, or it could have been Zhang Yiwen's appearance that helped her find her lost self. Regardless, she thanked Tang Ying for everything.

Xu Ziquan also went to the market and was met with chaos. Whether it was regret or disappointment, seeing the scene before him made him long to return. Ma Qiyuan intentionally invited Tang Ying to dinner, prompting her to conduct a background check to understand his preferences better. Regardless of whether it was about the case or dinner, she wanted to learn more. This instantly made Ma Qiyuan feel favorably towards Tang Ying.

Lin Xinzi gathered with colleagues from the company for dinner, and her boss even commented on her poor taste in men. This upset her greatly, and she vented to Tang Ying when she got home. She felt that Xu Jiabo's attention was excessive and not normal, leaving Tang Ying to wonder if she was overthinking things. When the two sisters were together, they would either reminisce about embarrassing stories from the past or vent about their troubles. They even planned to get a massage together, discussing the past, future, and life.

Wang Yusu could see that Ma Qiyuan was interested in Tang Ying and confidently allowed her to handle the case. This gave Tang Ying, who had always lacked affirmation, some concern about her ability to perform well. A good leader was indeed crucial. Ma Qiyuan, noticing that Tang Ying worked hard, invited her for dinner under the pretext of work, only to surprise her with a golf session. This made Tang Ying somewhat uncomfortable. Ma Qiyuan also invited Tang Ying to an art exhibition. As she worried about what to wear, she noticed that most people dressed similarly. Just as they were about to enter, she ran into Xu Ziquan and dragged him along to buy clothes.

She didn't hesitate to buy the clothes, even if they were expensive, for the sake of work and cooperation. She also put in extra effort, even into areas she wasn't skilled in or interested in, all to ensure the smooth progress of the project with Wanguo. Xu Ziquan noticed this and interrupted their conversation. He even acted out a scene, much to Tang Ying's annoyance. Seeing his small victory, Xu Ziquan left quickly.

Xu Ziquan still enjoyed riding his bike. After returning home, he carefully wiped his motorcycle and reminisced about the moments he had with Tang Ying. Memories of riding motorcycles with her, having meals together, and giving her favorite perfume filled his mind. But now he saw Tang Ying smiling sweetly at other men, which sparked jealousy within him. He quickly arranged to have dinner with her. As Tang Ying came downstairs, she saw Xu Ziquan looking downcast. Curious, she asked if he was tired from work or upset about something romantic. Xu Ziquan answered directly, mentioning that Tang Ying had unintentionally hurt him. He kissed her and even took off his ring, telling her he wouldn't need it anymore.

Xu Ziquan's kiss substituted for dinner, leaving Tang Ying lost in the memory of that kiss. However, she was surprised that Xu Ziquan didn't contact her for several days after. Both of them continued with their busy work schedules. Due to Tang Ying's excellent work on the Wanguo case, Ma Qiyuan admired her capabilities. He took this chance to invite everyone to dinner, but Tang Ying's behavior made Ma Qiyuan possessive. A song during the dinner revealed her feelings, which she didn't want to happen. She excused herself and asked Wang Yusu to help. She knew what would come next but hoped to avoid it.

Wang Yusu had to resort to pretending to get drunk and drank heavily. Tang Ying took the opportunity to slip away, avoiding an uncomfortable situation. As she reached the lobby, she was surprised to find Xu Ziquan. He had left her abruptly earlier, but now he returned, seemingly to savor that kiss again. He even took her ring, leaving her feeling annoyed.

Since being with Xu Jiabo, Lin Xinzi's clothing choices had become restricted. Although he treated her well, his behavior made her uncomfortable. She would often vent to Tang Ying about this and speculate about Tang Ying's relationship with Xu Ziquan. Tang Ying confided in Lin Xinzi about her feelings and received advice. Lin Xinzi felt that Xu Ziquan was skilled at flirting but not good at love, so Tang Ying should respond in kind. This advice made Tang Ying rethink her approach. Upon returning home, Lin Xinzi saw Xu Jiabo and was upset to see how little she was dressed. Trying to placate him was like calming a child, which made her question the authenticity of their relationship. She pondered how Xu Jiabo, who left her for a dream, truly felt.

Following Lin Xinzi's advice, Tang Ying set an alarm and started chatting with Xu Ziquan late at night. Despite the comedic nature of it, it wasn't lost on her. The next morning, she was invited to Xu Ziquan's place for a movie and hotpot. Initially hesitant, she ultimately went. Their relationship remained ambiguous, and as Xu Ziquan accidentally burned his hand, Tang Ying told him to touch his ear. Unexpectedly, he touched her ear instead, leading to an awkward atmosphere. A phone call interrupted them. Tang Ying chose to leave, as she knew Ma Qiyuan's invitation likely had romantic intentions. Xu Ziquan's table filled with hotpot made her more uncomfortable. He received a message from Yu Chuanchuan, who invited him to eat hotpot together. During their conversation, she asked probing questions about the ear-touching incident.

As planned, Tang Ying arrived at the agreed location. She seemed a bit awkward and nervous. After dinner, she felt she had gained insight into the world of wealthy people, particularly Ma Qiyuan's world. Despite her strong facade for the sake of their cooperation, she couldn't deny feeling uncomfortable. Back home, she couldn't stop thinking about Xu Ziquan and went to find him. She knocked on his door for a while without a response. Both of them ended up at each other's doorsteps, exchanging conflicted words. They struggled to understand whether they liked each other or not. On the way back, Xu Ziquan received a message from the community group, seeing that Tang Ying had been waiting at his doorstep. He felt happy and more convinced that Tang Ying had feelings for him too.

Han Han received a sudden call from an unknown person because her husband, Li Jun, owed a lot of debt. The caller was a debt collector. To earn more money, Han Han secretly took on a divorce case. Unexpectedly, during her conversation with the client, she was continuously interrupted by phone calls and accidentally answered one. This made the client somewhat concerned, but Han Han pretended to be calm, acting as if nothing had happened, attributing it to some personal matters.

Xu Jiabo, upon learning that Tang Ying was now entangled with Ma Qiyuan, began to sow discord between the two sisters. Although Lin Xinzi was very angry, she felt unhappy when she heard outsiders mention Tang Ying. Tang Ying looked at her phone and realized why Lin Xinzi was upset. Unable to resist, she vented her frustration to Wang Lu, complaining about Ma Qiyuan's indifference and Lin Xinzi's misunderstanding. They chatted happily, and Lin Xinzi's subjective photographer in the studio secretly took photos of her and sent them to her. With the flowers Tang Ying gave her, Lin Xinzi thought they were from him. Seeing Tang Ying's apology, Lin Xinzi became much happier and instantly forgave her anger.

Wang Lu's mother suddenly got hit by a car, causing Wang Lu to panic. This made Tang Ying realize that everyone, no matter how tough they appear on the outside, has their vulnerabilities, just like Wang Lu. Xu Ziquan was under the scrutiny of many colleagues in his work. His quote to Mr. Xu was leaked to General Ada by a colleague. Fortunately, he learned from his past mistakes and had a backup plan, preventing another mishap. During Wang Lu's leave, Han Lu began to include Tang Ying in her team for the international merger case, which made Tang Ying uncomfortable.

Director Hu began to openly harass Lin Xinzi, and she could see his intentions clearly, rejecting him outright.

Lin Xinzi found Director Hu's greasy behavior annoying, so she took the opportunity to flaunt her happiness. Unexpectedly, Director Hu was not to be trifled with and immediately started provoking Xu Jiabo. Perhaps it's true that men understand men better, as Xu Jiabo fell into his trap and came home thinking about making Lin Xinzi resign. This surprised Lin Xinzi because she didn't want to lose her job because of such a boss, all because of a leader who claimed to act out of love.

On her first day in Han Lu's department, Tang Ying worked overnight until 4 in the morning, suddenly discovering issues with the acquisition company. Regardless of the consequences, she called General Ma, and they arranged to meet. This time, Tang Ying was different from before. She presented the friendship ring and swore loyalty. General Ma was deeply moved by Tang Ying's actions, but seeing the Tang Ying before him, he started to have feelings for her. He thought this Tang Ying was more real and down-to-earth, unlike the previous one. Finally, with Tang Ying's help, General Ma stopped the losses to the company in time.

Tang Ying didn't sleep at all that night and returned to the law firm with an exhausted body. She was awakened from her sleep by her colleagues. To thank her, General Ma sent her an email praising her, which made Han Lu very unhappy. As if nothing had happened, she suddenly received a message. It turned out to be a video in front of Xu Ziquan's house. She immediately deleted the person's contact. Xu Ziquan had to call her and took her to a hotel. Both of them had worked overnight, and they were quite tired. Xu Ziquan intended for Tang Ying to take a shower and rest, but as soon as they came out, Tang Ying fell asleep.

When they woke up, they went out to eat but ran into Michelle. Seeing the handsome Xu Ziquan, she couldn't help herself and started taking pictures and sending WeChat messages. Tang Ying was getting irritated, and the two couldn't help but compete under the table. Unexpectedly, Michelle's behavior got even more out of hand. After dinner, she acted melodramatic and made Xu Ziquan send her away. This infuriated Tang Ying, and she returned home feeling dejected. She received news that her house was not available for rent, which made her even more upset. She angrily threw away her ring but immediately regretted it. Unable to find the ring, she accidentally knocked over the coffee table. She couldn't move it and felt very wronged. Suddenly, the clothes rack fell, and Tang Ying didn't realize it was so heavy, especially when she saw her beloved dress torn. She couldn't bear the grievance and burst into tears. She then received a call from Xu Ziquan and took a long time to answer calmly. After a deep conversation, they finally put on the ring, and they were finally together.

Lin Xinzi was looking for her swimsuit but couldn't find it for some inexplicable reason. Although Xu Jiabo claimed he hadn't seen it, Lin Xinzi had a feeling that he was hiding something from her. After confirming their relationship, Xu Ziquan couldn't help but miss Tang Ying. He waited for Tang Ying in the lobby and even accompanied her to look for a new house. They searched through several options, but he pretended to be unsatisfied with all of them, secretly hoping that Tang Ying would move in with him. Tang Ying felt it was too early to move in with someone on the first day of a relationship, so she hesitated. Wang Lu had been busy taking care of her mother and worried about being away from the law firm for so long. She also feared that Han Lu might give her a hard time.

After a company dinner, Lin Xinzi came back late and, just after taking a shower, saw Xu Jiabo sitting on the sofa. He even sent her surveillance footage of the front door, which was incredibly controlling and possessive. Wang Lu also felt very uncomfortable, so she went to a bar to drown her sorrows. There, she ran into Yan Luning (played by Chen Weidong), and they seemed to hit it off. They even drank the same type of alcohol. When Wang Lu saw that they had both had enough to drink, she left first. In the middle of the night, Lin Xinzi suddenly woke up and caught Xu Jiabo secretly looking at her phone. She seemed to understand something and frantically searched the closet. To her shock, she found her swimsuit and vest, and she couldn't take it anymore. She locked herself in the room and angrily called Xu Jiabo a pervert.

Lawer Wang participated in a speech, but to her surprise, the guest speaker was Yan Luning. She felt so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole to hide in. After the speech, she even added Yan Luning on WeChat, and they seemed to become more familiar. After a heated argument with Xu Jiabo, he wrote an apology letter overnight and even knelt down to beg for forgiveness. However, Lin Xinzi was shocked to discover that he had stolen her ID and household registration, which was terrifying. Helpless, she could only call Tang Ying for help. Tang Ying had originally planned to pack and move but was called over by Xu Ziquan to cook together. They spent a romantic evening together, but Tang Ying suddenly received a call from the landlord, saying they didn't want to rent the apartment to her. Tang Ying had no choice but to decide to stay at Xu Ziquan's place for the time being.

Tang Ying took Lin Xinzi to a hotel, and after a while, they heard someone knocking at the door. There was a big box outside filled with Lin Xinzi's clothes. It became evident that Xu Jiabo had been tracking her. Tang Ying was worried about Lin Xinzi's safety, so she took her back to Xu Ziquan's place. Xu Ziquan had prepared a table full of food, waiting for them. He was concerned about Lin Xinzi's well-being, and Tang Ying assured him that the company had arranged for her safety in Beijing. Despite the interruptions caused by Tang Ying's calls at critical moments, Xu Jiabo continued to follow them to the company's apartment and even installed cameras. In the end, Director Hu found the camera, and when they were all eating together, he suddenly received a call and had to leave. In gratitude, Lin Xinzi invited her friends to join them.

The appearance of Cheng Ke made Tang Ying and Lin Xinzi suddenly nervous. After dinner, they chatted and laughed, and Cheng Ke even added Tang Ying back on WeChat. This made Tang Ying a bit unsure of what to do. When Tang Ying returned home, she couldn't find Xu Ziquan and received no response to her messages or calls. She couldn't sleep all night. Xu Ziquan had been busy looking after her goddaughter and only returned late in the night. Lin Xinzi was walking on the street when Xu Jiabo suddenly embraced her from behind, which frightened her. Perhaps the two of them were really not meant to be. Xu Jiabo's controlling nature was too strong, with hidden documents and surveillance cameras. This kind of love was suffocating, and ultimately, they decided to break up.



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