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Cheng Yi (成毅) Profile

Cheng Yi

Cheng Yi(成毅) born on May 17, 1990, in Huaihua, Hunan, is a Chinese actor.

On October 21, 2011, he made his debut in the ancient mystery drama Beauty World.

On Aug.6, 2020, Love and Redemption which he starred Yu Sifeng was aired.

Basic Info

Cheng Yi

Stage Name: Cheng Yi
Chinese Name: Cheng Yi(成毅)
Birth Name: Fu Shiqi(傅诗淇)
Nationality: China
Birthday: May 17, 1990 (Age: 33)
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 181cm (5'11")
Weight: 67kg (147.4 lbs)
Blood Type: -
Fandom Name: Qi Yi Guo(kiwi fruit)
Instagram: -
Weibo: 成毅



  1. His agency is H&R Century Pictures.
  2. Education: He graduated from the Central Academy of Drama.
  3. Family Members: Parents, Younger Sister, Cheng Yi.
  4. Cheng Yi rarely uses SNS except for working.
  5. He's a quiet character.
  6. He has focused, soulful eyes that can express emotions well.
  7. Cheng Yi has mainly played the roles of Lin Jingyu in "Noble Aspirations"(青云志), Zhang Qiling in "The Lost Tomb II: Explore with the Note"(怒海潜沙&秦岭神树), and Yu Sifeng in "Love and Redemption"(琉璃).
  8. He works out hard for acting and has six-pack abs.
  9. He learned how to do the splits to play Zhang Qi Ling.
  10. Likes to drink tea.
  11. Likes to stay at home.
  12. His hobbies are fishing and singing.
  13. He is filial and respectful to his family.
  14. Yang Zi and Cheng Yi are good friends.
  15. Ideal Type Girlfriend: Filial, Huanan Girl.



TV Show

  • Grade One(一年级·毕业季)(2016-10-22)
  • Keep Running: Yellow River EP01, Ep02(奔跑吧·黄河篇)(2020-12)
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  1. Happy New Year Cheng Yi!
    Wish you more beautiful projects in 2024. You make this world a better place. Stay Healthy, Happy and Safe and Shine bright 🙂 🌷🦋

  2. I love your smile Qi Yi?, love the combined between you and zhang yi?..hope to see both of you again ..i like your all drama????

  3. Love you Qi yi ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you are a great actor… your eyes are so marvellous and charming ❤️❤️❤️

  4. I love you Qi yi much ❤️❤️he is a great actor…his eyes are so marvellous and charming ❤️.
    I have a doubt ,Cheng yi also act in film named Lost summer… could you tell me where can I what it!? You didn’t include it in this list….!