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Impossible – Wang Baoqiang, Xiao Shenyang, Da Peng

Impossible is a 3D science fiction comedy film directed by Sun Zhou, starring Wang Baoqiang, Xiao Shen Yang, Da Peng, Xin Zhilei, and Yin Zheng.

The film tells the story when extraterrestrial beings accidentally entering the human world, a father who lost his daughter at an early age experiences various funny and bizarre situations as a result of the sudden visit of these otherworldly guests.



English Title: Impossible
Chinese Title: 不可思异
Genre: Sci-fi, Comedy, Drama
Duration: 99 min.
Director: Sun Zhou
Writer: Sun Zhou, Ding Xiaoyang
Producer: Liang Ting
Released Date: 2015-12-04
Broadcast Website: 爱奇艺



Tang Liguo, who is in a slump in his life and career, lives in depression and regret.

One day, an "extraterrestrial creature" from the planet Kepler comes to Earth to collect human samples and intrudes into Tang Liguo's life, causing a series of bizarre and funny events to occur.

Wang Ruoshui, who is both Tang Liguo's brother and boss, falls into a trap and owes a huge amount of high-interest loans due to a merger conspiracy by a competitor, and the company is on the brink of collapse.

Wang Ruoshui contemplated suicide several times, and Tang Liguo and his long-time client Tian Jing turned their accident compensation into a romantic relationship.

Just when everything seemed to be turning around, the extraordinary abilities of the alien creature were discovered by the greedy villain, Yi Ge who attempted to take them for himself, exposing human greed once again. Earth is plunged into an "unthinkable" crisis.


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