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The Big Rescue (Year of the Dog) – Cheng Yi, Wen Song

The Big Rescue(Year of the Dog) is a comedy film directed by Liang Ting, starring Cheng Yi, A La Lei, Wen Song, Tang Ben, Lin Xue, Qiu Qiu, Wu Yunfei, Zhao Yutong, Lan Bo, Zhou Jiacheng, and Jiang Xiaoqi.

The film tells the story of a team of highly trained canine agents who work alongside humans to complete a magical rescue adventure.


The Big Rescue (Year of the Dog)

English Title: The Big Rescue (Year of the Dog)
Chinese Title: 营救汪星人
Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Action
Duration: 105 min.
Director: Liang Ting
Writer: Liang Ting
Released Date: 2018-09-30
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Cheng Bin is a retired police dog trainer and the owner of a star-rated pet club. He has trained a heroic Labrador named Daxiong for many years and has also adopted over ten stray dogs.

One night, all the neighbor's dogs disappeared, and so I embarked on a rescue mission with Daxiong.

During the rescue, they unexpectedly got involved in a criminal case and fought against the criminal gang with Daxiong and the stray dogs. They emerged victorious and contributed to the stability and prosperity of the country.

In the end, over 100 dogs were rescued and regained their freedom.


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