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South Wind Knows – Cheng Yi, Zhang Yuxi

South Wind Knows is an urban romantic drama directed by Li Ang, starring Cheng Yi, Zhang Yuxi, Fu Xinbo, Li Xinze, Liang Jingxian, and Yan Xiao.

The drama is adapted from the novel of the same title by Qi Wei. It tells the story of Fu Yunshen, a drug designer in search of natural medicine, and Zhu Jiu, a surgeon on a medical research trip to an underdeveloped region, who meet and fall in love and heal each other


South Wind Knows

English Title: South Wind Knows
Chinese Title: 南风知我意
Other Titles: South Wind Knows My Mood
Genre: Urban, Romance, Medical, Drama
Tag: Investigation, Amnesia, Strong Female Lead, Misunderstanding, Trauma, Healing
Episodes: 39
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Li Ang
Writer: Qi Wei, Shao Zi, Zhou Meng, Wang Yingfei
Producer: Jiang Xinguang, Zhong Conghai
Released Date: 2023-09-12
Broadcast Website: Youku,, Viki



Fu Yunshen, a drug designer, and Zhu Jiu, a surgeon, carry out humanitarian medical aid in a less developed areas. They experience the time from misunderstanding to being in love. But before confessing their feelings, Fu Yunshen falls into a low point in life by an accident. He cut off the contact with Zhu Jiu.

A year later, Zhu Jiu works as Fu Yunshen’s family doctor. They reunited. Although Fu Yunshen gives her a lot of trouble, Zhu Jiu heals him slowly with a tough and optimistic mind and unfailing love, accompanying him out of the darkness.

The drama also tells the story of Gu Ruan Ruan’s pursuing Fu Xizhou. They get married first and then fall in love.


In Heidelberg, Germany, Zhu Jiu arrived at a grand palace-like mansion as a family doctor. The butler showed her around. Zhu Jiu was curious why the rooms had to be lit but not the curtains opened. The butler explained that it was the master's preference and must not be disturbed. He also told Zhu Jiu to keep her voice down in the house. The butler, in passing, asked if she was afraid of dogs, especially strange-tempered ones. Zhu Jiu replied that she wasn't afraid, and the butler then led her upstairs.

Upon reaching the upstairs, Zhu Jiu was surprised to find Fu Yunshen sitting in a wheelchair, his face pale. Fu Yunshen immediately recognized Zhu Jiu and coldly told her to leave. Zhu Jiu squatted in front of him, asking what had happened and why he was in a wheelchair. Fu Yunshen didn't respond and instead yelled for her to get out, looking almost insane. Zhu Jiu was frightened by Fu Yunshen's condition and left the room with her belongings. The butler also noticed Zhu Jiu, but she left without saying a word.

After Zhu Jiu left, Fu Yunshen let out a sigh of relief and tears welled up in his eyes. The story began two years ago in Shanghai, China, where Fu Yunshen was a wealthy young man, although he rode a bicycle to work every day. The shareholders' meeting of Lingtian Pharmaceuticals was about to begin, and everyone was waiting for Fu Yunshen to start the meeting. When he arrived, he introduced the project plan, which received everyone's approval. Fu Yunshen was soon leaving for a business trip.

Meanwhile, in Heidelberg, Germany, Zhu Jiu suddenly woke up from a nightmare. She had unpleasant memories from her childhood. While she was at work, she received a call from her uncle, asking for her help with medical treatment. Zhu Jiu hesitated but couldn't refuse. She had psychological trauma but said she needed some time to consider.

Fu Yunshen had a brother named Fu Xizhou. Fu Yunshen told his brother about his plans to visit the United States (M Country), but Fu Xizhou was worried about his safety. Fu Xizhou eventually agreed, but he insisted on local people being available to assist him. Fu Yunshen had already informed his mother and only needed to convince his grandfather. His mother was worried about him being alone in a foreign country.

Fu Xizhou and Fu Yunshen had the same father but different mothers, so there was some resentment from Fu Yunshen's mother towards him. Fu Yunshen comforted his mother at the time. Zhu Jiu was still debating whether to go to the United States (M Country) to help her uncle. During a layover, she faced overweight luggage fees. She noticed a nearby Chinese person and thought of seeking help. It turned out to be Fu Yunshen's assistant, who initially agreed to help but was refused by Fu Yunshen. To avoid the overweight luggage fees, Zhu Jiu wore all her thick clothes and ignored Fu Yunshen's gaze, feeling disdainful as he didn't help.

After landing, Fu Yunshen's assistant, Chen Le, attempted to call the person coming to pick them up but couldn't reach them. They had to take a taxi. Chen Le noticed that Fu Yunshen was feeling hot, so he helped with a fan. When a taxi arrived, Zhu Jiu was about to get in when Chen Le offered to share the ride. Initially, Zhu Jiu had a good impression of Chen Le and was willing to agree. However, upon seeing Fu Yunshen behind her, she refused. Fu Yunshen then offered to pay for the entire taxi fare. Zhu Jiu was tempted but had a condition: they both had to take a photo together holding their passports. Fu Yunshen was initially reluctant but was persuaded by Chen Le. They took a photo holding their passports, and Zhu Jiu allowed them to share the ride.

On the way, they realized they were staying at the same hotel. Zhu Jiu and Fu Yunshen both decided to ignore each other. Fu Xizhou went swimming, and Gu Ruanruan, who had always liked him, followed him, much to Fu Xizhou's dismay. Fu Yunshen, after packing, video-called his brother. Fu Yunshen and Fu Xizhou had a mutual annoyance – a girl who had been pursuing both of them. The next morning, as they were about to leave, Zhu Jiu saw Fu Yunshen standing by the roadside. He deliberately showed off, and Zhu Jiu found his behavior childish.

Zhu Jiu arrived at the charity clinic and shared her candies with the children. Her uncle was delighted to see her, and after some brief conversation, he explained the situation. She was to travel to the border, but due to the danger, she needed someone to accompany her, which turned out to be Fu Yunshen, who was there for a business trip. Zhu Jiu initially wanted to go alone, but her uncle disagreed. Chen Le thought it was a good idea to travel with Zhu Jiu, as it would be like having a doctor on hand. Her uncle tried to persuade Zhu Jiu, saying that Fu Yunshen was a good person, and they provided many of the medicines needed.

In the end, Zhu Jiu agreed, and the three of them prepared to depart. However, just as they were leaving, their car broke down, forcing them to rest halfway. Fu Yunshen appeared nonchalant and even held an umbrella while Chen Le struggled to fix the car. Fu Yunshen couldn't bear watching, so he decided to help personally.

Fu Yunshen helped with the car but couldn't find any issues after a long time. He asked Chen Le to stay put while he and Zhu Jiu went to seek help. They left with their belongings since they had a more important task at hand. They stood by the road, hoping to catch a ride. Due to a language barrier, communication with passing vehicles was challenging. However, Zhu Jiu managed to communicate with someone who agreed to give them a ride to a nearby village. Fu Yunshen hesitated to get into a car filled with chickens and ducks, but they had no other option to reach the village.

Finally, they arrived at their destination, and Zhu Jiu thanked the driver. They both proceeded to the village. The mountain roads here were rugged, and Zhu Jiu observed villagers playing drums and couldn't help but pause for a moment. Children informed Zhu Jiu about the location of the medical station, and they headed there together. Seeing the simple conditions at the medical station, Zhu Jiu remembered when she came here with her parents to discuss a medical condition. She initially wanted her parents to stay and play with her, and her mother skillfully kept her occupied. Zhu Jiu had been reluctant to come here initially due to the memories associated with her parents.

Zhu Jiu also saw pictures of her parents from the past. At that moment, she noticed Dr. Adi carrying an injured child. They didn't have time for pleasantries; they had to perform surgery on the child immediately. Fu Yunshen arrived at a local guesthouse, where the room was clean but had a few missed spots. The staff was friendly and offered assistance whenever needed. Despite the food being brought to him, Fu Yunshen had no appetite. He decided to explore the area with his phone.

Fu Yunshen's purpose in coming here was to find someone named Ansen, who would serve as his guide. However, Ansen was reluctant because his wife was pregnant and needed his care, especially with the rainy season approaching, making it unsafe to venture into the mountains. Initially, Fu Yunshen tried to bribe Ansen with money, but Ansen declined.

Dr. Adi was delighted to see Zhu Jiu, and her visit was mainly for research purposes. While reviewing children's medical cases at night, a thunderstorm hit, causing a power outage at the hospital. Fortunately, Fu Yunshen appeared with a flashlight, and Zhu Jiu remained by a child's side. Fu Yunshen noticed that Zhu Jiu was afraid of the dark. The electrical system at the medical station was old, so power outages were common. Fu Yunshen considered helping Zhu Jiu fix the problem, but she suddenly noticed a bleeding wound on his wrist and offered to wash his clothes. Fu Yunshen felt embarrassed and left.

The next morning, Fu Yunshen saw Zhu Jiu and another nurse hanging up sheets together, a heartwarming scene. Zhu Jiu knew that Fu Yunshen wanted to venture into the mountains, but Ansen hadn't agreed yet. Fu Yunshen had to find another way to convince him. While walking on the street, Fu Yunshen saw Ansen and his wife shopping. He greeted them, but Ansen left abruptly with his wife. To Fu Yunshen's surprise, Zhu Jiu knew Ansen's wife. She had treated her nephew before, and, at Zhu Jiu's request, Ansen agreed to accompany Fu Yunshen into the mountains. Zhu Jiu was excited and bragged about her role in convincing him. Fu Yunshen thought she had bought a bird's nest but realized it was a lampshade. Zhu Jiu teased Fu Yunshen for not knowing anything.

Their happiness was short-lived when, while buying groceries for their meal, Fu Yunshen's wallet was stolen. He had to swallow his pride and ask Zhu Jiu for money to pay for their food. After giving her money, Fu Yunshen asked her to lend him a bit more. Just as Zhu Jiu was about to hand over the money, her wallet was snatched by a thief. Fu Yunshen chased the thief, and despite the thief jumping into the water, he was eventually caught. It turned out that the thief had both Zhu Jiu's and Fu Yunshen's wallets. Fu Xizhou also visited his grandfather in the hospital, and their grandfather was very concerned about Fu Yunshen.

Zhu Jiu suddenly screamed due to a power outage, and she was only wearing a bathrobe. Fu Yunshen calmly approached and lit a candle. Fu Yunshen even used the candle to threaten Zhu Jiu to delete any pictures and videos she had taken of him. Zhu Jiu had no choice but to comply and delete them. Fu Yunshen then handed a flashlight to Zhu Jiu, knowing that she was afraid of the dark. He sang at the door to comfort her, and Zhu Jiu felt warmed by his presence. Fu Yunshen couldn't help but smile as he sang.

The next day, Fu Yunshen and Zhu Jiu, along with Ansen, prepared to venture into the mountains, hoping to make some progress in their work. It was Zhu Jiu's first time in the wilderness, but both Fu Yunshen and Zhu Jiu quickly immersed themselves in their work, hoping for a successful outcome. By evening, the three of them took a small wooden raft back. When they returned, many villagers were gathered on the shore, waiting for the moment when the lights would come on. For the villagers here, happiness was truly a simple matter. Zhu Jiu congratulated Fu Yunshen on receiving a prestigious title, thanks to his assistance in bringing light to the village.

However, their joy was short-lived when a military group suddenly arrived. All the villagers quickly scattered. These people were like bandits and took away all the medical supplies. Zhu Jiu recalled a similar situation when she was with her parents in the past. Her father had hidden her in a barrel. Ansen explained that these were non-government armed groups since the village was ungoverned, they had been entrusted with control. They had an agreement with Ansen's colleagues to share half of whatever supplies they acquired. Fu Yunshen was not happy about this, as the supplies were essential for the villagers, but Ansen explained that, for them, as long as the villagers survived, it was enough.

Back at the Fu family mansion in China, Fu Xizhou was having dinner with his grandfather. Fu Yunshen's mother brought up the topic of her younger brother, Jiang Jun, and expressed her desire for her father to give him a chance to reform rather than sending him to work in the western region. In the end, their grandfather agreed.

Zhu Jiu fell asleep in the car, while Fu Yunshen continued working. Zhu Jiu was exhausted and ended up resting her head on Fu Yunshen's shoulder. Fu Yunshen tried to move her, but she ended up lying on top of him, and he couldn't escape. Suddenly, a small lamb ran in front of the car, causing it to brake abruptly and waking up the sleeping Zhu Jiu.

As they continued their journey, they encountered a military checkpoint. After verifying their identities, they asked Zhu Jiu to step out of the car. She showed them her passport, and they made her raise her hands and conducted a body search. At this point, Fu Yunshen stepped in to shield Zhu Jiu. Just as a conflict seemed imminent, someone blew a whistle, and Fu Yunshen, along with Zhu Jiu, got back into the car, and they continued their journey.

Fu Yunshen returned to the mountains for further research, while Zhu Jiu noticed some wildflowers by the roadside and couldn't resist squatting down to admire them. Fu Yunshen approached and warned her that these flowers were highly poisonous. At first, Zhu Jiu thought he was joking, saying she knew they were African daisies. However, Fu Yunshen clarified that the flowers had a toxin that affected the heart. Zhu Jiu asked if it would affect her by just smelling them, and Fu Yunshen, with a serious expression, advised her not to proceed. Initially cooperative, Zhu Jiu eventually realized that Fu Yunshen was deceiving her.

While by the river, leeches climbed onto Zhu Jiu's feet. Fu Yunshen asked her to sit down and used wormwood to help remove the leeches. During this incident, Zhu Jiu felt her heart flutter for Fu Yunshen. Fu Yunshen urged Zhu Jiu to rest, but she was determined to complete the mission quickly. Fu Yunshen carried her despite her protests, and Zhu Jiu found comfort in his actions.

At night, inside the tent, Zhu Jiu injected herself with medication due to her injuries. She was relieved to have prepared the medication in advance, as otherwise, Fu Yunshen would have scolded her. Zhu Jiu took antibiotics and lay down. Fu Yunshen called her out for dinner, but she was feeling unwell. It turned out that she was having an allergic reaction to the leech saliva. In her discomfort, Zhu Jiu started talking about her impending death and even mentioned giving her bank card to her grandmother. As she continued to feel cold, she expressed regret about never having been in a romantic relationship. Eventually, she drifted off to sleep.

While Zhu Jiu slept, Fu Yunshen went out to gather some herbs. He ground them and applied them to Zhu Jiu's injuries. Fu Yunshen stayed by the tent throughout the night, watching over her. When Chen Le woke up, he saw Fu Yunshen sleeping outside Zhu Jiu's tent. Fu Yunshen instructed Chen Le to watch over her while he went back into the tent to get some more rest. When Zhu Jiu woke up and saw the herbs on her leg, she realized that Fu Yunshen had taken care of her, and her heart felt warm.

Fu Yunshen was still thinking about what to say to Zhu Jiu when she woke up. However, Gu Ruanruan called Fu Yunshen on the satellite phone. Gu Ruanruan had always liked Fu Xizhou but couldn't reach him. So, she ended up calling Fu Yunshen. When Zhu Jiu came out, she thought it was Fu Yunshen's girlfriend calling. Fu Yunshen couldn't help but smile, but he didn't say anything. However, later, when Zhu Jiu returned to the tent to rest, Fu Yunshen told her that he didn't have a girlfriend. Zhu Jiu couldn't help but laugh.

The next day, Zhu Jiu's condition improved, and they continued their journey. After a while, both of them felt tired, so Fu Yunshen gave Zhu Jiu his water bottle. Zhu Jiu accidentally touched the bottle's rim, feeling a bit embarrassed. They finally arrived at a tribal area, and Fu Yunshen spotted their company's tents. Before Zhu Jiu could rest, she was called over to assist in treating patients. The people here were refugees, and there was only one doctor named Ji Silang. Zhu Jiu found Ji Silang's name familiar and later realized he was her senior.

When Fu Yunshen saw Zhu Jiu talking to Ji Silang, he suddenly felt jealous. He asked Zhu Jiu to pack up and prepare to continue their journey. Zhu Jiu temporarily stayed to help treat the injured refugees. Many children here had skin diseases, and Zhu Jiu learned that most of the medicines donated were from the Lingtian Group where Fu Yunshen worked. Fu Yunshen's grandfather was initially angry when he learned that Fu Yunshen had gone to M country. Fu Yunshen reassured his grandfather that he was doing fine there. Chen Le followed Fu Yunshen's instructions and handed over all the supplies. During Zhu Jiu's temporary stay, Fu Yunshen remained with her. Ji Silang wanted Zhu Jiu to stay longer since he was the only doctor there, and sometimes he couldn't handle all the patients. He wanted Zhu Jiu to stay for another week.

One night, Zhu Jiu informed Fu Yunshen about this, but he believed that their time was already tight, and they had to leave the next day. Zhu Jiu was concerned that more refugees were coming, and if they left, Ji Silang might be overwhelmed. However, Fu Yunshen believed that even if they left, life here would continue, and the situation wouldn't change. This led to an argument between Fu Yunshen and Zhu Jiu, and Zhu Jiu stormed back to her tent.

The next day, Zhu Jiu and Ji Silang continued their medical work and took a break after a long day. While Fu Yunshen insisted he didn't want to change their plans, he still informed Ansen about the last-minute change. Ansen urged them to make the best use of their time. In the evening, Ji Silang learned that Zhu Jiu intended to stay longer and felt that it would inconvenience them. At first, Zhu Jiu thought Fu Yunshen had already left, but he returned with supplies. Zhu Jiu was happy, although she didn't express it much.

After completing their work for the night, Zhu Jiu told Fu Yunshen about a little girl she had met. The girl was searching for her lost dog and had been injured by soldiers. Everything here was quite harsh. Fu Yunshen noticed Zhu Jiu was feeling down and offered comfort. He believed Zhu Jiu could treat many patients. Thanks to Fu Yunshen's reassurance, Zhu Jiu's mood improved.

After a week, Zhu Jiu prepared to leave, and Ji Silang thanked her for her time there. Chen Le handed over the herbs that Fu Yunshen had prepared and explained how to use them, which Ji Silang found very useful. The refugees came to bid farewell as they learned of Zhu Jiu's departure.

Next, Fu Yunshen's group continued their journey. They were about to reach another tribal area, and Ansen informed them about the situation they might encounter there. Soon, they arrived at the tribe, where the people were performing rituals and incantations. Ansen explained that they were seeking healing, and Zhu Jiu helped treat the sick children. Seeing the children in pain, Zhu Jiu couldn't help but feel deeply moved. Ansen told Fu Yunshen that there used to be the kind of herb he needed in this area, but it hadn't grown for a long time. Zhu Jiu also told her uncle that she wanted to find this herb, which would help the village with medical treatment. In the evening, Fu Yunshen was cooking, and Zhu Jiu, drawn by the aroma, joined him. Zhu Jiu pretended not to be interested in the food but couldn't resist and found it delicious.

While Zhu Jiu was eating, she accidentally dropped some hair. Fu Yunshen was attentive and helped her tuck it away. At that moment, Chen Le suddenly appeared between the two, saying he felt unwell with stomach issues and even gave Fu Yunshen his bank card password. Zhu Jiu couldn't help but laugh, as she had prepared medicine for Chen Le earlier. Fu Yunshen and Zhu Jiu were preparing to head into the mountains with Ansen's guidance. Chen Le reminded them to stay safe.

Accompanied by Ansen, Fu Yunshen and Zhu Jiu ventured into the forest. The area was shrouded in fog, and Fu Yunshen began feeling uncomfortable. Ansen inquired about Fu Yunshen's condition, and he mentioned feeling a bit breathless. Ansen suspected it might be altitude sickness and gave Fu Yunshen some Rhodiola extract, which Zhu Jiu promptly placed in his mouth. Due to discomfort, they all decided to take a break. However, the thick mist made it easy to lose track of their path, so Ansen emphasized the need to stay close.

Ansen and Zhu Jiu's group got separated, and Fu Yunshen took precautions by tying a ribbon around their wrists to prevent them from getting lost. He held Zhu Jiu's hand and led her forward. They eventually emerged from the misty forest, leaving marks along the way, hoping Ansen would find them. As they continued, they reached a riverside and rested for a moment. It was there that they spotted the Peidu plant they needed. They decided to proceed and search for it.

After persistent efforts, they finally found the Peidu plant. Fu Yunshen quickly shared the good news with Zhu Jiu. However, as she approached, she lost her balance, and both of them accidentally fell into a cave. Now they were truly trapped. Fu Yunshen retrieved some supplies from his bag to fill their stomachs, confident that they would find a way out. Zhu Jiu admired Fu Yunshen's optimistic spirit, and he noticed a wound on her hand, so he disinfected it using iodine from his bag.

Ansen had already become separated from Zhu Jiu's group, but fortunately, he spotted the yellow ribbon they had left behind and followed it to find them. By this time, their food had run out, and if no one came to rescue them soon, they could be in real danger. Fu Yunshen asked Zhu Jiu why she hadn't run when the gunshots rang out that day, and she admitted that she was scared. He guessed that Zhu Jiu had experienced something terrible.

Zhu Jiu recalled how years ago, a group of mercenaries threatened her mother, demanding to know where someone was hiding. Her mother insisted that she didn't know, but even so, she was violently killed. Zhu Jiu's father had hidden her in a barrel to protect her, knowing they were in grave danger. Her father led the mercenaries away to a distant location to keep her safe. Zhu Jiu longed for her parents and wished they could be with her. As she shared her memories, tears welled up in her eyes. Fu Yunshen comforted her and let her rest her head on his shoulder. Zhu Jiu was grateful for his comfort.

Zhu Jiu drifted off to sleep but suddenly woke up, thinking Fu Yunshen had left. Thankfully, he was still by her side. She felt cold, and Fu Yunshen tried to start a fire, but when he couldn't, he did his best to keep her warm.

When Ansen returned and informed Chen Le about Zhu Jiu and Fu Yunshen getting lost, Chen Le became worried and wanted to go into the mountains to find them. However, Ansen stopped him. It was already nighttime, and Fu Yunshen kept talking to Zhu Jiu to keep her distracted. Fu Yunshen also gifted Zhu Jiu a unique wristwatch and told her she was the strongest. Zhu Jiu was touched and considered it the best gift she had ever received. Fu Yunshen took off his own clothes to keep Zhu Jiu warm, and she offered him a chocolate bar as a gift. It was now their only source of sustenance. Zhu Jiu couldn't open it, so Fu Yunshen placed it in her mouth, surprising her by biting the other half while she was talking. She blushed and pretended to fall asleep.

Today is Grandpa's birthday, but Fu Yunshen didn't call, leaving Grandpa feeling a bit disappointed. At this moment, Fu Yunshen's mother received a satellite call, thinking it was from Fu Yunshen, but it turned out to be Chen Le who answered the call and said that Fu Yunshen was missing her. Yunshen's mother was extremely anxious and fainted, so her family rushed her to the hospital. Grandpa asked his daughter-in-law to rest and then sent Fu Xizhou to M Country to find Fu Yunshen.

Fu Xizhou had just arrived at the airport when Gu Ruanruan followed him, insisting on going with him. Despite the late hour and heavy rain, the local police initially wanted to postpone the search until the next day, but Fu Xizhou insisted they continue searching immediately, emphasizing that Fu Yunshen was his younger brother. At this moment, Zhu Jiu and Fu Yunshen had become weak from hunger. Fu Yunshen had a premonition that Chen Le would come to their rescue soon, but their willpower was waning. He asked Zhu Jiu to check her mother's diary for any self-rescue methods, and she began reading aloud. As they grew increasingly fatigued, Zhu Jiu lost the strength to speak, but Fu Yunshen kept trying to wake her up, even resorting to riddles to keep her from falling asleep. As their conditions worsened, Fu Yunshen heard someone calling their names, signaling their rescue. He got up unsteadily to call for help, but Zhu Jiu, who was half-conscious, asked him not to leave. After taking a few steps, Fu Yunshen collapsed, and the rescuer also fainted.

The cave entrance was blocked by a large rock, and it needed to be excavated. When Fu Yunshen saw his rescuer, he was embraced by his older brother, Fu Xizhou. In his semi-conscious state, Fu Yunshen begged his brother to save Zhu Jiu. Due to exhaustion, Fu Yunshen fell unconscious, causing Fu Xizhou to worry. However, Fu Yunshen woke up and, upon learning that Zhu Jiu was safe, felt relieved. When he was feeling a bit better, he went to check on Zhu Jiu, who had just woken up. The two of them shared some banter.

Gu Ruanruan arrived at the scene and urged Fu Yunshen to leave, but he reluctantly complied. As Zhu Jiu was getting ready, she noticed the unique wristwatch that Fu Yunshen had drawn for her and couldn't help but smile. Fu Xizhou told his brother that they would leave when the helicopter arrived, but Fu Yunshen was hesitant and found various excuses to stay. Fu Xizhou understood his brother's intentions, and upon Fu Yunshen's request, he agreed to wait.

The next day, Zhu Jiu and her uncle continued to help the villagers with medical care, working late into the night. Since the medical care was free, many villagers rushed in, making it challenging to provide proper treatment. Meanwhile, in Shanghai, Zhou Zhizhi had always liked Fu Yunshen, but he never took the initiative. Fu Yunshen's mother often tried to create opportunities for them, but Fu Yunshen didn't show any interest in Zhou Zhizhi.

Fu Xizhou wanted to buy a piece of artwork from someone, and when he learned that it was a friend of Gu Ruanruan's, he went to meet her. Gu Ruanruan agreed promptly. She had promised Zhou Zhizhi to monitor Fu Yunshen and make sure he didn't get too close to Zhu Jiu. One night, Fu Yunshen made plans to chat with Zhu Jiu outside. He knew that Zhu Jiu had been pretending to faint in the cave, and she deliberately asked him about Zhou Zhizhi. Fu Yunshen mentioned that he would be returning to China, which made Zhu Jiu feel somewhat disappointed. After much thought, Zhu Jiu finally told Fu Yunshen that she wanted to talk to him. Fu Yunshen thought she was going to confess her feelings, but she asked him to repay the money he owed her instead. Fu Yunshen complied and returned the money to Zhu Jiu, who couldn't help but laugh.

Fu Yunshen had already arranged his brother's schedule. Now, the shareholders are waiting for good news from them in M Country. Initially, Gu Ruanruan came here just for fun, but when she saw the children covered in scars, she was moved. Gu Ruanruan realized the significance of Zhu Jiu and her team being here – to save more people. Zhu Jiu told Gu Ruanruan that she could share the photos with people in China so that everyone would be aware.

Actually, Gu Ruanruan also thought highly of Zhu Jiu, but she couldn't like her because she and Zhou Zhizhi were good friends. In the evening, Zhu Jiu sat by the campfire, and Fu Yunshen joined her. Zhu Jiu told Fu Yunshen that Du Pei could really treat the children's illnesses this time, and she was happy about it. However, Fu Yunshen mentioned that they came here for mining rights. This angered Zhu Jiu because these plants could save lives, and if Lingtian took possession of them, the children might have to buy them. Zhu Jiu was very upset. Even though both of them were here to help with the treatment, the children also needed the plants. Zhu Jiu begged Fu Yunshen to help the children, but he remained silent. Understanding Fu Yunshen's stance, Zhu Jiu could only turn and leave.

Zhu Jiu felt helpless because she couldn't pretend not to know that the children had hope of survival. After she finished speaking, she ran away, feeling very sad about the situation. Originally, she had feelings for Fu Yunshen, but ultimately, they weren't on the same path.

Later, Fu Yunshen found his brother, hoping to allocate some medicine for research by the doctors to save the local children. Although Fu Xizhou wanted to help his brother, Grandpa would definitely not approve of this. The company was already in a difficult situation, and while Fu Yunshen promised to work on developing new drugs, the company couldn't afford to wait. Over 5,000 employees were counting on them. Fu Yunshen pleaded with his brother, but Fu Xizhou explained that if this project wasn't completed, the company would face massive layoffs.

Fu Xizhou decided to leave, while Gu Ruanruan stayed to gather more material. Fu Yunshen also didn't return with his brother. He wanted to discuss the development matter further with the professor. Hans planned to take the sick children to a better-equipped medical station. However, because of the Du Pei incident, Fu Yunshen and Zhu Jiu didn't speak to each other.

Professor Hans' test results confirmed that the children were infected with a virus. Fu Yunshen deliberately had Chen Le bring breakfast to Zhu Jiu, even though he was nearby. He could have brought it himself but chose not to do so to save face.

Professor Hans warned that the virus was spread through saliva, so everyone needed to take isolation precautions as they faced a tough battle. Zhu Jiu worked late into the night every day. However, there was one child named Danmin who refused to cooperate with treatment. He was adamant about returning to school, which created difficulties. Zhu Jiu called Ji Silang to inquire about the situation on his side, but things weren't going well for him either. She hoped the epidemic wouldn't spread further.

Fu Yunshen conducted experiments every day, hoping to help everyone. When Fu Xizhou met the prime minister, he learned that a batch of medicine needed to be delivered to Zhu Jiu's village. Since there were no flights available, Fu Xizhou volunteered to help using his private plane.

Fu Yunshen received a call from his brother, who wanted him to return immediately due to the outbreak in his current location. However, Fu Yunshen refused to leave. Oscar's wife came to visit him but was unable to see him due to his critical condition and the risk of infection. Zhu Jiu wanted to intervene on her behalf but was scolded by Uncle Hans. Oscar's wife caused a scene but eventually got to see her husband. Before they parted, they had argued, but after going through so much, everything else seemed unimportant. She realized that as long as Oscar recovered, it would be enough. However, even when the serum arrived, Oscar couldn't hold on till the end.

When Zhu Jiu was alone one evening, looking at the toy in her hand, Fu Yunshen came over. Oscar's family was very saddened, as they never expected to lose their loved one due to an illness. Zhu Jiu sometimes felt very inadequate, knowing that she couldn't save a life, which she considered a significant failure. Fu Yunshen understood that Zhu Jiu was very upset, and he wiped away her tears. He expressed his desire to help these children too, but he had his own mission to fulfill.

Zhu Jiu began to understand him a bit, and Fu Yunshen told her that she was needed here, so she must not falter. Mr. Jiang, upon learning that his son hadn't returned, was very angry. Fu Xizhou explained that he still had unfinished business over there, which also angered his grandfather, as Fu Yunshen's safety was paramount to them. After pushing Fu Xizhou aside, the grandfather inquired about his daughter-in-law whether Fu Yunshen was suitable to be the heir. Mr. Jiang naturally believed his son was highly suitable, but in reality, it was not the case.

The grandfather had long known that Fu Yunshen didn't care about that position at all. He devoted most of his energy to research. Mr. Jiang had no choice but to leave. Fu Xizhou received a call and learned that his mother's condition had worsened. He rushed to check on her. His mother was already confused and sometimes even mistook herself for his father. Because Fu Xizhou's mother had not been accepted by the Fu family in the past and her husband divorced her as a result, Fu Xizhou's attitude towards his mother had changed completely. Sometimes, she even did things that hurt her son, and Fu Xizhou had to endure it silently.

The grandfather bought delicious cake for Fu Xizhou, who liked it very much but always ate it cautiously. Fu Xizhou's mother was still living in a mental hospital. The doctor told him that to improve her condition, they must determine the root cause of her illness. In the past, his mother had been constantly drawing a portrait of his father in her room, and perhaps his father was the source of it all. Fu Xizhou found the director of the mental hospital and saw all of his mother's medical records. Fu Xizhou's mother had been transferred from another mental hospital before, but the doctors there hadn't provided many records. The director only knew the other doctor's name and told Fu Xizhou.

Zhu Jiu handed Oscar's ring to his wife. Even though her husband had passed away, she didn't show signs of depression. Instead, she wanted to fulfill her husband's dream. One evening, Zhu Jiu went to find Fu Yunshen, who happened to be standing near a streetlight sign. He invited her to play on a higher platform, and although Zhu Jiu initially hesitated, she eventually agreed. They sat together, chatting happily. Fu Yunshen comforted Zhu Jiu, telling her to look at the world from a different perspective. Zhu Jiu said her biggest regret was not properly saying goodbye to her parents. They had a joyful conversation, and Zhu Jiu couldn't help but blush as she listened to Fu Yunshen.

The next morning, Gu Ruanruan informed Fu Yunshen that his mother had collapsed and was admitted to the hospital. Fu Yunshen had no choice but to return home. Before leaving, he wanted to say goodbye to Zhu Jiu, but she was busy with surgery. So, Fu Yunshen had to leave, and when Zhu Jiu finished her surgery and ran over, Fu Yunshen was already next to the helicopter. Zhu Jiu put a bracelet on Fu Yunshen's hand, and they hugged each other before parting. Despite the deep reluctance, both of them had their own tasks to complete, so they had to temporarily part ways.

Through an investigation, Fu Xizhou found Dr. Lin Yelong, who used to be his mother's attending physician. At first, Dr. Lin didn't want to talk to Fu Xizhou, but when Fu Xizhou showed him a photo of Dr. Lin causing a patient's death, he finally spoke up. Fu Xizhou learned from Dr. Lin that his mother's illness was caused by Fu Yunshen's mother. Originally, Fu Xizhou's parents were in love, but for the sake of the family's reputation and financial interests, they sent Fu Xizhou's mother, who only had depression at the time, to a mental hospital.

Fu Xizhou looked at Lin Zhi's confused state, recalling the mastermind behind all this, and a look of hatred crossed his face. Upon arriving at the company, he received a voice message from Fu Yunshen, saying that he would visit after seeing Jiang Shuning. After listening, he put down his phone and picked up a photo of himself that Fu Yunshen had placed on his desk before. Memories of their past time together filled his mind, and with mixed emotions, he put the photo in a drawer, trying to shift his focus to work.

As Fu Yunshen was on his way to the hospital, he received a call from Jiang Shuning, urging him to come to the company immediately. Fu Yunshen was puzzled at first, but Jiang Shuning informed him that Fu Xizhou had initiated the Pedu project. Fu Yunshen opened his email and was surprised to see that Fu Xizhou had even renamed the project. When Fu Yunshen returned to the company, he questioned Fu Xizhou about why he had unilaterally negotiated the mining rights. Fu Xizhou brushed him off with casual remarks and asked him to go home and rest.

Fu Yunshen later visited Jiang Shuning in her office. They exchanged some concerned words, and Jiang Shuning talked about Fu Xizhou's actions, insisting that they help Fu Yunshen regain control of the project. Fu Yunshen didn't want to discuss it and told Jiang Shuning that he was feeling tired and wanted to go home. She escorted him out of the office.

Zhu Jiu continued with her work as usual. After finishing, she had a video call with Fu Yunshen. They chatted briefly and then hung up. During dinner, Fu Yunshen told his grandfather, Fu Lingtian, that he wanted to stop the Pedu project. Fu Lingtian was puzzled, so Fu Yunshen explained the situation in Naudau. Fu Lingtian assured him that if Fu Yunshen could convince the board of directors, he would support him. Fu Yunshen was delighted, and the two of them enjoyed their meal together.

Upon returning to Germany, Zhu Jiu went out again to observe clinical surgeries. After class, she wanted to consult the attending physician about some questions, and unexpectedly, the attending physician this time was Ji Silang. They met again and went to Ji Silang's office to chat. During a video call, Zhu Jiu told Fu Yunshen about meeting Ji Silang again. Fu Yunshen felt jealous, and after a few words, he noticed Fu Yunshen looking tired. They said goodnight and ended the call.

Fu Yunshen showed his new project to Fu Xizhou, but Fu Xizhou politely declined, saying that it needed approval from the shareholders and Fu Lingtian. He suggested that Fu Yunshen should talk to them first. However, Fu Yunshen faced resistance from the shareholders, as they didn't see potential in the project.

One of Zhu Jiu's colleagues mentioned the shortage of Pedu in the lab. Zhu Jiu trusted Fu Yunshen and told her colleague that Lingtian would definitely give up making a profit by transferring mining rights. Her colleague took her to meet a renowned expert, who turned out to be Ji Silang.

Jiang Shuning also disagreed with Fu Yunshen's actions, believing that he was essentially handing the company over to Fu Xizhou. Fu Yunshen once again emphasized his lack of interest in the company and his trust in Fu Xizhou. Jiang Shuning was frustrated and left in anger.

Zhu Jiu received a gift from Fu Yunshen and ate some milk candies. She reminisced about the time she and Fu Yunshen were trapped in a cave and shared a sweet smile. She also gave one of the candies to Ji Silang.

Fu Yunshen approached Gu Ruanruan, hoping to display the photos she had taken in Lingtian's lobby. Gu Ruanruan agreed enthusiastically after hearing his idea, and they reached a consensus. Chen Le was tasked with projecting the photos in the lobby, but it didn't have the desired effect, as the board of directors were all out playing golf, avoiding the meeting.

Fu Yunshen remained alone in the company, and Zhou Zhizhi came by. Fu Yunshen gave Zhou Zhizhi a ride back home, and Zhou Zhizhi asked if there was anything she could do to help. Fu Yunshen shared his thoughts, even though he knew that this endeavor was unlikely to succeed. He told Zhou Zhizhi that he already had someone he liked and advised her not to waste her time pursuing him. Zhou Zhizhi left disappointed.

Fu Yunshen called Zhu Jiu and learned that she had been working continuously for forty-eight hours. He suggested that she take a break and spend some time with her pet dog to refresh herself.

Zhu Jiu was having a video call with Fu Yunshen at night, and Fu Yunshen even let his little dog greet Zhu Jiu. Fu Yunshen actually missed Zhu Jiu a lot but didn't want to disturb her sleep. Reluctantly, he decided not to hang up the call.

When Zhu Jiu went to work in the morning, she received a sweet message from Fu Yunshen, which brightened her mood for the entire day. Meanwhile, Zhou Zhizhi's mother and Fu Yunshen's mother were chatting. Initially, Fu Yunshen's mother wanted to matchmake the two, but Zhou Zhizhi's mother had already learned that Fu Yunshen had someone he liked. She felt that a romantic relationship between them was unlikely. However, Jiang Shuning continued to express her intentions of matchmaking, secretly hoping for a union between the two families so that her son could inherit the Lingtian Group.

Fu Xizhou had been trying to meet with Gu Ruanruan, but she always found excuses to avoid him. Fu Xizhou had childhood memories of how Jiang Shuning treated him differently. When Fu Yunshen first met his brother, he was very enthusiastic and wanted to play together. He even gave his own toys to Fu Yunshen. However, Fu Yunshen was scolded by their mother for it. Jiang Shuning whispered to Fu Xizhou that their mother was a crazy woman. At that time, Fu Xizhou was just dissatisfied with Jiang Shuning, but his attitude towards him changed after learning that their mother was driven insane by Jiang Shuning.

Gu Ruanruan asked Fu Yunshen to accompany her for shopping. Gu Ruanruan bought a bunch of things, and originally, Fu Xizhou didn't want to go. However, upon learning that it was Gu Ruanruan's birthday, he had no choice but to join her. In truth, it wasn't Gu Ruanruan's actual birthday, and she took this opportunity to confess her feelings to Fu Xizhou. This time, Fu Xizhou didn't refuse and instead held her hand. Gu Ruanruan hugged Fu Xizhou tightly. In the evening, Fu Xizhou escorted Gu Ruanruan back home. Just before parting, Gu Ruanruan kissed Fu Xizhou on the cheek. Fu Xizhou was a bit stunned, and by the time he reacted, Gu Ruanruan had already hurriedly gone back inside.

After returning home, Gu Ruanruan told her mother that her wish of over twenty years had finally come true. However, her mother felt that, from the current perspective, Fu Xizhou didn't seem to love Gu Ruanruan as much as they had hoped. Her parents just wanted their daughter to find someone who genuinely cared for her. Choosing to be with Gu Ruanruan at this critical moment seemed to have impure motives. Still, Gu Ruanruan believed that Fu Xizhou truly liked her.

When Fu Yunshen went to work, he was ridiculed and mocked by others. Later, he learned about Fu Xizhou's plan to get engaged to Gu Ruanruan. He then confronted his brother, questioning why he hadn't informed him earlier. Fu Xizhou didn't give a straightforward answer, and Fu Yunshen also sensed that his brother had ulterior motives, although Fu Xizhou didn't reveal them.

Jiang Shuning sought out Chen Le and asked him to report on Fu Yunshen's recent activities. Chen Le simply shared what he had observed. In the evening, Fu Xizhou personally delivered an invitation to Jiang Shuning, but even in this, he chose to make some sarcastic remarks. Although his words appeared harmless, those with a keen eye could sense that there was more to it.

After returning home, Jiang Shuning still wanted her son to manage the company properly. However, her son repeatedly emphasized his lack of interest in managing the company. Jiang Shuning suddenly felt an unprecedented fear. She was afraid that Fu Xizhou would take over the entire company, leaving Fu Yunshen with nothing. The next day, Jiang Shuning visited Fu Xizhou's mother and handed her the invitation. She even provocatively mentioned that Fu Xizhou's father had died a long time ago and had become stiff by the time he returned to the country. She implied that she was responsible for his death. Jiang Shuning kindly gifted a set of formal attire to Fu Xizhou's mother, but she immediately threw it away.

In reality, Fu Xizhou had already prepared the attire for his mother. The day of Fu Xizhou and Gu Ruanruan's engagement quickly arrived. Fu Xizhou's mother held the attire and headed to the banquet venue. Fu Yunshen was still trying to persuade his brother to delay the project, but Fu Xizhou had already made up his mind.


  • 2023-09-15 17:05:27

    Recommend "South Wind Knows", Cheng Yi's acting has conquered me once again

    "South Wind Knows" is really good. Cheng Yi is unrecognizable in every drama compared to his previous work.

    "South Wind Knows" is Cheng Yi's first modern romance drama, but he doesn't overact; he hits the right notes and even adds to the charm. His eyes are expressive, and his subtle expressions are rich, and his voice is pleasant to listen to.

    Cheng Yi is a true actor; when you see him, you can tell he's dedicated to his craft. He doesn't appear in variety shows much, but he has a strong presence in them as well. This is what an actor is, not just a star.

    The female lead Zhang Yuxi looks great in modern attire and can carry her role well.

    A handsome male lead and a beautiful female lead are a must in modern romance dramas.

    The second male lead is also handsome, and his acting is good too.

    The plot has depth, and the pacing is just right.

    The outdoor scenes are also well done.

    There are touching and funny moments; it's a drama worth following.

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