Stand By Me – Cheng Yi, Zhang Yuxi, Xuan Lu, Han Dong

Stand By Me(Dream of Chang’an) is an ancient youth suspense drama, directed by Liu GuoNan and Zhao Lijun. Starring Cheng Yi, Zhang Yuxi, Xuan Lu, and Han Dong.

The drama is based on Fei Hua’s novel “JIAN QI XING”, which tells the story of twin sisters Cheng Ruoyu and Qiu Yanzhi, who are on opposite sides.

They reunite in a fatalistic way, and are involved in the dynastic storm together with Prince Li Yan and Lord Guang, and grow up together.



Stand By Me

English Title: Stand By Me / Dream of Chang’an
Chinese Title: 与君歌/梦醒长安
Genre: Ancient, Suspense, Romance
Duration:45 min.
Producer: Zhong Junyan
Director: Liu Guonan, Zhao Lijun
Writer: Shisi Que
Product Company: H&R Century Pictures, YueShi Media, He Li Chen Guang International Culture Media, Innovation Media Power, Li Tian TV&Film, China Wit Media
Broadcast Website: MGTV, VIKI, YoYo TV, WeTV
Released Date: August 8, 2021


Cheng Yi Cheng Yi as Li Yan
Zhang Yuxi Zhang Yuxi as Cheng Ruoyu
Xuan Lu Xuan Lu as Qiu Yanzhi
Wu Lei Han Dong as Prince Guang


During the years of Emperor Wenzong at the end of the Tang Dynasty, the eunuchs were in power. The Emperor and Wang Ya, Li Xun, and Zheng Zhu set up the “Gan Lu scheme” in an attempt to kill the eunuch Qiu Shiliang.

The younger sister is adopted by the Ziyi bureau and renamed Yu Bing’er, while the older sister is determined to take revenge and renamed Yanzhi. She becomes Qiu Shiliang’s righteous daughter.

Seven years later, the new emperor Li Yan ascends to the throne, and Ziyi Bureau is appointed to fight against Qiu Shiliang, thus the two sisters are fated to reunite on opposite sides. Yu Bing’er has lost her memory.

Yanzhi does not recognize Yu Bing’er, who has grown into a young girl. In pursuit of Emperor Wen’s edict, they become rivals and enemies. When Yanzhi learns that the person she has been framing is her own sister. She decides to sacrifice herself to save her sister.

In the end, Yu Bing’er helps Li Yan to eradicate the forces of Qiu Shiliang. After Li Yan’s death, Li Chen, the lord Guang, takes the throne and is determined to revive the Tang Dynasty.

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