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Qin Lan and Wei Daxun Were Spotted Dating in Sanya

Qin Lan Wei Daxun

Recently, Wei Daxun and Qin Lan were spotted traveling together in Sanya and spent the night together in a hotel, so they were suspected to be in a relationship.


They looked very close in their journey. When they went for a walk on the beach together, Qin Lan took the initiative to hold Wei Daxun’s hand. They walked slowly together, just like that sweet plot in a romantic drama.

Wei Daxun Qin Lan

They once worked together in a drama called “Dr. Tang“, we wonder if they have fallen in love over the drama.

Although Wei Da Xun is not a top popular star, he has had dating rumors with several actresses, such as Ma Su, and Yang Mi.

Ma Su

There was even a time when Wei Daxun and Ma Su were rumored to have been married.

Yang Mi

The most notable dating rumor of Wei Daxun is with Yang Mi. Their suspected relationship was revealed in 2019. At that time, they were photographed shopping together and even wearing couple’s clothes.

However, they never made any response. At that time, netizens did believe that Wei Daxun is Yang Mi’s new boyfriend.

Mr. Tang

Now, Wei Daxun and Qin Lan are exposed to being in a relationship.

The netizens are not optimistic about the romance between them, because the age difference between them is too large, Wei Daxun is only 33 years old, while Qin Lan is already 43 years old.

Wei Daxun performed very well on the variety show, he was responsible and funny and was praised for being very considerate. He should be the type that many girls should like.

He also has played in many works and his performance is also remarkable, so some netizens are saying that it would be a good thing if Qin Lan really got together with Wei Daxun.

Qin Lan Wei Daxun

Anyhow, if it’s true, fans will definitely send their blessings. Waiting for their response.

What’s your opinion on the relationship between Qin Lan and Wei Daxun? Pls, feel free to leave your comment.

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