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Ma Jiaqi

Ma Jiaqi, born on 12 December 2002 in Zhengzhou, Henan. He is a Chinese singer, actor, member and leader of TNT. He is under Time Fengjun Entertainment.


Basic Info

Ma Jiaqi

Stage Name: Ma Jiaqi
Birth Name: Ma Jiaqi(马嘉祺)
Nickname: Xiao Ma, Xiao Ma Ge
Birthday: 2002.12.12
Height: 180cm
Talents: Sing, Piano, Drum, Performance, Dance
Place of Birth: Zhengzhou, Hebei, China
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Fandom’s name: Small Balloon
Fandom Color: #EAF2FF#9A91F2
Fanchant: yuè bái fēng qīng, shuǐ àn bái yáng. guó fēng shǎo nián, jiā qí zhèng dāng(月白风清,水岸白杨.国风少年,嘉祺正当)
Weibo: 时代少年团队长-马嘉祺


  1. Ma Jiaqi was a member of TYT (Typhoon Teens).
  2. He has a twin brother.
  3. He loves to have noodles, and he will have noodles when he is alone.
  4. When he dines together with somebody, he will listen to everyone’s opinions before recommending his favorites.
  5. He likes outfits that are simple and comfortable usually.
  6. When he was a kid, he worshipped the stylist.
  7. He raised a black Shiba Inu called Chai Liu Jin(柴六斤).
  8. He likes to travel by High-Speed Train.
  9. He doesn’t like to change the avatars on his social accounts.
  10. Ma Jiaqi gets bored when he has nothing to do or when things are slow.
  11. The most touching gift he has received so far is a text message from his family.
  12. He apologizes first if he’s made someone angry.
  13. He Scored 0 for his ability to be funny.
  14. He wants to write a screenplay for himself similar to “Pride and Prejudice”.
  15. His hates Houttuynia cordata.
  16. If he were to plan a trip, he would refer to everyone’s opinions to decide on a destination, then book a hotel and find local food.
  17. He likes sea salt perfume.
  18. Since he was a child, he has most often heard someone said he was clean.
  19. Ma Jiaqi doesn’t talk when he’s angry.
  20. When he’s sad, he ignores people and stays alone.
  21. Most photos on his phone are food photos.
  22. He likes to let his hair dry naturally after washing it.
  23. His favorite song is “Dang Ni”(当你)。
  24. He likes pure color socks.
  25. He likes milk tea with little sugar.
  26. Ma Jiaqi can play Piano, Guitar, Drums.
  27. He’s too skinny and he’s trying to find a way to gain weight.
Ma Jiaqi


In November 2011, he participated in the Eastern TV variety show “China’s Got Talent“ and won the Excellence Award in Henan Region.

In 2015, he starred in the children’s sci-fi drama “Happy star 5″(快乐星球5), playing the lead role Deng Xiaoshuai.

On May 11, 2017, he took part in the online variety show ” Teenage Society”(美少年学社) which aired on Youku. On July 11, he appeared in public as a TF family trainee. On August 12, he took part in the TF family’s outdoor performance “Summer Battle” and sang “Manual of youth”(青春修炼手册) and “Kuai Le Huan Dao”(快乐环岛) and so on. On 26, August, he participated in the second annual Fan Carnival held in Beijing, with the TF family trainee to perform the song “Big Dreamer”. On October 16, the TF family trainee released a single “Superman’s Birth Diary”(超人诞生日记), the song sang the youth’s inner desire to be as confident and brave as Superman, the more frustrated the more courage to pursue their dreams. On November 3, the movie “Love Education”(相亲相爱) which he playing the role of Lu Xiaoguang, a “troubled student” who grew up in a single-parent family was released. on November 11, he participated in the Hunan TV’s variety show “Happy Camp”, and performed the song “Superman’s Birth Diary”. On December 29, he participated in the TF Family Winter Carnival performance.

On May 11, 2018, he starred in the TF family web series “Obsessed With Heart”(念念) was premiered online. He played the role of Xiang Heng. On June 30, the children’s sci-fi film “HAPPY PLANET: TALE OF BOY 36″(快乐星球之三十六号) which he starred in was publicly released, he played the role of La Tiao. On August 16, the group released the single “Wake up”, the song expresses the teenager’s self-confidence. On October 18, he participated in the third annual Fan Carnival ceremony with the group, won the fan award. On October 7, Typhoon teens held their debut concert in Chongqing Shi Guangnan Theatre, and released their debut single “Wolf Boy”.

In 2019, he and TYT participated in the 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala. On April 25, he was selected as the 55th most beautiful 100 new faces in LikeTCCAsia China. In July, TYT disbanded and reorganized, and Ma Jiaqi participated as a trainee in the group’s reorganization variety show, “Typhoon Project (台风蜕变之战)”.On August 25, the “Typhoon Project” came to an end, Ma Jiaqi, Ding Chengxin, Song Yaxuan, Liu Yaowen, Zhang Zhenyuan, Yan Haoxiang, and He Junlin formed a group, and Ma Jiaqi debuted in the C position. On November 22, he and TNT released the debut single “The School Bulletin”(全校通报). On November 23, he and TNT held a premiere of the new song and released the song “Endless Adventure”(无尽的冒险) and debut again. On December 6, he and TNT attended the 2020 iQIYI Screaming Night and won the 2020 iQIYI Screaming Night Annual Potential Group Award. On December 8, he and the group won the TMEA Awards “Annual New Voice Group Award”. On December 31, he and the group participated in the Hunan TV’s New Year’s Eve concert.

On January 9, 2020, the variety show “Teens’ Dream Travel”(少年梦游记) which he took part in was aired. On April 3, he and TNT released the single “Popcorn”(爆米花).


Television series

  • “Obsessed With Heart”(念念) (2018-05-11)
  • “Second life”(第二人生) (2017)
  • Happy star 5″(快乐星球5) (2015)


  • “HAPPY PLANET: TALE OF BOY 36″(快乐星球之三十六号) (2018-06-30)
  • “Love Education”(相亲相爱) (2017-11-03)

Micro Film

“Feel the sun”(触摸阳光) (2014-02-23)

Variety Show

I Am The Actor S3(我就是演员3)(2020.12)


Name Group or Solo Year
“Superman’s Birth Diary”(超人诞生日记) TF Family 2017
“Wake up” 2018
“Wolf Boy”(狼少年) TYT
“Like Me”(像我一样)
“Dream Plus”(梦相加)
“To My Youth”(致青春)
“The Knight’s Manifesto”(骑士宣言) 2019
“GO! GO!”(姐姐恋爱吧)
“Passionate Desire”(热血的愿望)
“The School Bulletin”(全校通报) TNT
”Endless adventures“(无尽的冒险)
”Dream travel“(梦游记) 2020
“You Are Beautiful”(姐姐真漂亮)
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