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A Writer's Odyssey – Lei Jiayin, Yang Mi

A Writer's Odyssey is a fantasy adventure film directed by Lu Yang, led by Lei Jiayin, Yang Mi, Dong Zijian, Yu Hewei, Guo Jingfei, co-starring Liu Tianzuo, Li Binghui, with Tong Liya, and Dong Jie in special appearances.

Based on the short story of the same name in Shuang Xue Tao's short story collection "飞行家/ Fei Xing Jia", the film tells the story of a father who takes on the task of assassinating a novelist in order to find his missing daughter, while the fantasy world written by the novelist is quietly influencing the fate of everyone in the real world.


A Writer's Odyssey

English Title: A Writer's Odyssey
Chinese Title: 刺杀小说家
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Adventure
Duration: 130 min.
Director: Lu Yang
Writer: Chen Shu, Yu Yang, Qin Haiyan, Lu Yang
Producer: Zhang Ning, Wan Juan
Product Company: Huace Film
Released Date: 2021-02-12
Broadcast Website: iQIYI, YouTube, 腾讯视频



In the imperial capital of the parallel universe, the god of heaven, the Red-haired Demon, rules with brutality and kills the innocent. A young man, Kong Wen, is being hunted by the Red-haired Demon and decides to fight back. Under the guidance of Hei Jia, he sets out on a journey to kill a god by a mortal.

This is the fantasy world written by novelist Lu Kongwen. Unexpectedly, the course of the novel affects the real world.

At this point, a man takes on the task of assassinating him ......


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