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Esther Yu

Esther Yu(Yu Shuxin,虞书欣) born on December 18, 1995 in Shanghai, is a Chinese actress, singer, and member of The9.

In 2015, starred in her first TV series “Vagabondize”(新边城浪子) thus officially entering the acting world.

On January 26, 2020, she starring in the urban emotional drama “Find Youself”(下一站是幸福), Yu Shuxin rose to prominence with her role as Cai Minmin. In March, she gained widespread attention for her performance in the variety show “Youth With You 2”.

Basic Info

Yu Shuxin

Stage Name: Yu Shuxin
Birth Name: Yu Shuxin (虞书欣)
English Name: Esther
Nickname: Xinxin
Birthday: December 18, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Place of Birth: Shanghai, China
Blood Type: A
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Fandom’s Name: Pomegranate 
Fandom Color: Pomegranate Red
Fanchant: zhèng tǒng ǒu xiàng yú shū xīn, yī xīn yī yì zhī wéi nǐ(正统偶像虞书欣,一心一意只为你)
Weibo: THE9-虞书欣
Instagram: @estheeerrrrr

Esther Yu Facts

  1. She Ranked #2 in Youth With You 2.
  2. She studied fashion management at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore.
  3. Her agency is Zhejiang Huace Film & Tv Co.,Ltd.
  4. She comes from a wealthy family.
  5. Her ex-boyfriend is Zhao Zhiwei.
  6. Ideal type: Cai Xukun
  7. Her favorite idol is Lias.
  8. She is a fan of Blackpink.
  9. She likes to fishing on the sea.
  10. Favorite fruit: cucumber.
  11. Favorite anime: Card Captor Sakura.
  12. She’s cute, sincere, and kind.
  13. She likes to make people happy.
  14. She was nominated for Audience’s Choice for Actress by “Find Yourself” at the 30th China TV Golden Eagle Award.
  15. In 2020, She has been ranked on the 2020 Forbes 30 under 30 china list.
  16. On Oct.10, 2020, She won the Best Actress (Web series) by “I’ve Fallen For You” at the 7th The Actors of China Award Ceremony


  • Assassin in Red(刺杀小说家)(2021)
  • Flowers Fall in Fleeting Time(花落流年)(TBA)

Esther Yu Television Series

  • Border Town Prodigal(新边城浪子)(2016)
  • The Advisors Alliance(大军师司马懿之军师联盟)(2017)
  • Ordinary Years(平凡岁月)(2017)
  • Youth(最亲爱的你)(2018)
  • My Amazing Boyfriend 2(我的奇妙男友2之恋恋不忘 )(2019)
  • Find Yourself(下一站是幸福)(2020)
  • I’ve Fallen For You(少主且慢行)(2020)
  • A Love So Romantic(少爷与我的罗曼史)(2020)
  • Moonlight(月光变奏曲)(TBA)

Television Shows

  • Grade One Freshman(一年级·毕业季)(2016)
  • The Sound: Season 3(声临其境第三季)(2019)
  • Youth With You 2(青春有你第二季)(2020)
  • Go Fighting! 6(极限挑战6)(2020)
  • Go Fighting! Treasure Tour(极限挑战宝藏行·三区三州公益季)(2020)
  • Let’s Party(非日常派对)(2020)
  • Happy Camp(快乐大本营)(2020)
  • Dimension Nova(跨次元新星)(2020)

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  1. To be honest, Esther Yu’s words are just too much. I wish she just stops talking for once and start acting like an adult.


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