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A Love So Romantic – Yang Zhiwen, Ye Shengjia

”A Love So Romantic” is a romantic comedy directed by Dai Lu, starring Yang Zhiwen and Ye Shengjia, with Zhao Tianyu and Yu Shuxin in special roles.

The drama tells a funny romantic story about a flower girl and a cool young master. The drama will be broadcast on Tencent Video on December 24, 2020.


A Love So Romantic

English Title: A Love So Romantic
Chinese Title: 少爷与我的罗曼史
Costume, Romance, Light Comedy
Episodes: 32
Duration: 45min
Director: Dai Lu
Broadcast Period: December 24, 2020
Broadcasting Website: Tencent Video


Yang Zhiwen Yang Ziwen as Su Xiaowan
Ye Shengjia Ye Shengjia as Gu Yanxi
Zhao Tianyu Zhao Tianyu
Esther Yu Esther Yu as Cheng Qianyu


Su Xiaowan, a flower seller who is good at cheating, accidentally makes a “brother-sister contract” with Gu Yanxi, the eldest son of the jewelry family, and thus takes on the role of Gu Wan’er, the younger sister of Gu Yanxi and the eldest daughter of the family. However, this change is not as good as Su Xiaowei thought. Gu Yanxi is a sharp tongue, scheming “brother”.Su Xiaowan can only fight against him. Although the road is difficult, fortunately, there is a warm-hearted second brother Gu Ziqian always accompanies Su Xiaowan and cares about her. but Gu Ziqian’s care seems to be more than the brotherhood. What’s worse, in getting along with the two brothers, Su Xiaowan finds herself falling into a love deeper and deeper with the most hated brother Gu Yanxi.

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