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Fortune Writer – Daisy Li, Ye Shengjia

Fortune Writer is a historical romance short drama directed by Zhang Zhiwei, starring Daisy Li and Ye Shengjia in leading roles, with supporting roles by Zhao Muyan, Liu Shanglin, Du Gonghai, Wang Xuexi, and Shi Rui.


Fortune Writer

English Title: Fortune Writer
Chinese Title: 执笔
Genre: Romance, Historical
Episodes: 24
Duration: 18 min.
Director: Zhang Zhiwei
Released Date: 2024-05-20
Broadcast Website: TencentVideo, WeTV



The legitimate daughter of the Prime Minister's Mansion, Su Yunqi, unexpectedly discovers that she is the malicious supporting female character in a novel, and her tragic ending is also recorded in the "Book of Fate" and cannot be changed. Su Yunqi refuses to accept her fate and decides to use the "Book of Fate" to defy the heavens and rewrite her own life.


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