2022 Chinese Drama List

Youth – Esther Yu, Wang Yanzhi, He Landou, Yang Zhiying, Wang Wei

Youth is a school youth romantic comedy directed by Ding Ziguang, starring Esther Yu Shuxin, Wang Yanzhi, He Landou, Yang Zhiying, Wang Wei, Zhao Zhiwei, Cao Yuchen, Hu Wenze, Yang Yifei, and Li Jiulin.

The drama tells the story of five female college students with very different personalities, ideals, and dating styles who live together.




English Title: Youth
Chinese Title: 最亲爱的你
Genre: Romance, Youth, School, Comedy
Episodes: 26
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Ding Ziguang
Writer: Zhang Yun
Producer: Long Ya
Produce Company: HUACE FILM&TV
Broadcasting Website: YOUKU, WeTV, AsianCrush, HUACE GLOBAL FUN, Viki
Released Date: July 13, 2018


Esther Yu Esther Yu as Chen Chenchen
Wang Yanzhi Wang Yanzhi as Han Yitong
He Landou He Landou as Lin Xiaochun
Yang Zhiying Yang Zhiying as Ni Jin
Wang Wei Wang Wei as Zhang Shenglan
Zhao Zhiwei Zhao Zhiwei as Gao Lin
Hu Wenze Hu Wenze as Zhang Helin
Cao Yuchen Cao Yuchen as Yang Yu
Yang Yifei Yang Yifei as Ma Ke
Li Jiulin Li Jiulin as Jiang Heng


Lin Xiaochun was a college freshman. When she reported to the school, she coincidentally met her roommate Chen Chenchen’s boyfriend Gao Lin, who was also in the girls’ dormitory. To avoid the discovery, Gao Lin hid in all kinds of ways, which was full of laughs.

After the five girls lived together, a series of things happened that Lin Xiaochun could not tolerate. Under the heavy pressure, Lin Xiaochun’s emotions completely exploded.

It turned out that everyone was carrying a heavy past and had their own little secrets.

So the five girls sat down together frankly and gradually opened their hearts.

The landlord aunt went abroad, the five girls took the opportunity to hold dormitory activities, each invited friends to participate, the atmosphere was lively and harmonious.

During the four years of college, Lin Xiaochun and senior Yang Yu came together. Han Yitong was successful in her studies but was facing the crisis of being single. Ni Jin tried to change her mammonish. Chen Chenchen broke up with her boyfriend. Zhang Shengnan reconciled with her paranoid self.

The five girls gradually find the future they want in the friction and support.

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