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Wallace Huo (霍建华) Profile

Wallace Huo

Wallace Huo (霍建华) was born on December 26, 1979, in Taipei, Taiwan, China, and is an actor, singer, and producer.

In 2002, he entered the entertainment industry by starring in the idol drama Star, and in 2003, he gained attention in Taiwan with the inspirational idol drama At Dolphin Bay.

In 2009, he gained great popularity for his role as Xu Changqing in Chinese Paladin 3.

His major works include The Journey of Flower, Love Me If You Dare, Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace, etc.

Basic Info

Wallace Huo

Stage Name: Wallace Huo
Chinese Name: Huo Jian Hua / 霍建华
Nickname: Huo Huo, Hua Ge, Guomin Immortal
Place of Birth: Taipei, Taiwan
Nationality: China
Birthday: December 26, 1979
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 177cm (5’9″)
Weight: 64kg (140.8 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Fandom Name: Huo Mi / 霍迷


  1. Wallace Huo’s agent is Huajae Company.
  2. Education: Wallace Huo studied at Nan Chiang Vocational High School.
  3. Favorite sports: basketball, billiards, and taekwondo.
  4. Favorite colors: black, white, blue, and purple.
  5. Favorite music genre: jazz.
  6. Loves to read books and listen to music.
  7. Likes to travel to Australia.
  8. Likes to collect shoes.
  9. Wallace Huo’s wife is Ruby Lin.
  10. On July 31, 2016, Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin held their wedding in Bali.
  11. On January 6, 2017, Huo and Lin’s daughter was born.



  • Somewhere Winter(Qi Xiao)(2019)
  • The Founding of an Army(Chiang Kai Shek)(2017)
  • Our Time Will Come(Li Jin Rong)(2017)
  • Fatal Countdown: Reset(Cui Hu)(2017)
  • Suddenly Seventeen(Mao Liang)(2016)
  • Hide and Seek(Zhang Jia Wei)(2016)
  • Inside or Outside(Xie Tian You | Chou Le)(2015)
  • Honey Enemy(Xu Mo)(2015)
  • Ultra Reinforcement(Yang Zhi Ang / Er Dan)(2012)
  • Contract About Interchange Status(Mai Zhe Lun)(2009)
  • Hands in the Hair(Hwa)(2005)
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