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Somewhere Winter – Wallace Huo, Ma Sichun

Somewhere Winter is a romantic film directed by Wang Weiming, led by Ma Sichun and Wallace Huo, co-starring Wei Daxun, Zhang Yao, Lin Bohong, and Vicky Chen, with Qi Qin in a special appearance.

The film tells the story of a talented girl, An Ran, and a Taiwanese boy, Qi Xiao, who meet and fall in love at a Qi Qin concert in 1991, but this passionate love is repeatedly separated due to misunderstandings, changes and the times.


Somewhere Winter

English Title: Somewhere Winter
Chinese Title: 大约在冬季
Genre: Romance, Drama, Life
Duration: 125 min.
Director: Wang Weiming
Writer: Rao Xueman
Released Date: 2019-11-15
Broadcast Website: Viki



In 1991, during the passionate performance of singer Qi Qin's concert, An Ran, a talented woman from Beijing Normal University, and Qi Xiao, a photographer from Taipei, met by chance. After the music ended and the crowd dispersed, the two of them encountered each other again and fell deeply in love. However, having courage does not guarantee love, and not all reunions lead to another reunion! In the years of wandering, when we lost our beloved, can we still remain safe and sound? In the days without me, will you take care of yourself? In 2019, will Qi Xiao and An Ran be able to reunite?


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