2023 Chinese Drama List

Autumn Fairy Tale – Zhao Lusi, Jiao Rui, Xu Kai

Autumn Fairy Tale is a romantic film directed by Wang Caitao, led by Zhao Lusi, Jiao Rui, and Xu Kai, with Meng Meiqi in a special appearance.

The film tells the story of two girls born on the same day, En Xi and Xin Ai, who are inadvertently swapped by Jun Xi, which leads to a tangle of misplaced fates and love among them.


Autumn Fairy Tale

English Title: Autumn Fairy Tale
Chinese Title: 蓝色生死恋
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Family
Duration: 104 min.
Director: Wang Caitao
Writer: Wang Caitao, Zhang Lu, Bao Erqin
Producer: La Peikang, Zhang Juncheng
Product Company: China Film Group Corporation
Released Date: 2019-02-14
Broadcast Website: iQIYI, 唐阁影院 Tag Theatre



En Xi and Jun Xi's real little sister Xin Ai was switched when they were born due to Jun Xi's mischief.

One day, the truth is discovered and En Xi and Jun Xi were separated.

Years later, they meet again and fall in love with each other.

Their love for each other is full of challenges and obstacles because of the "brother-sister" relationship between them.

This resistance comes first from their own hearts, and it is their destiny to decide whether Jun Xi is a "brother" or lover to En Xi.


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