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Snow Eagle Lord – Xu Kai, Gulnazar

Snow Eagle Lord is an ancient fantasy and romantic drama co-directed by Li Dachao, Li Wenlong, and Lin Xiangjian, led by Xu Kai, Gulnazar, co-starring Bai Shu, Lu Tingyu, Liu Zirui, and Song Xinran, with a special appearance by Zheng Kai.

The drama is adapted from the fantasy work of the author "Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi". It tells the story of Dongbo Xueying, the protagonist of the otherworldly continent. He is trying to save his parents who were confined by his mother's family, the Moyang family, for breaking the family rules.


Snow Eagle Lord

English Title: Snow Eagle Lord
Chinese Title: 雪鹰领主
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Tag: Xuanhuan, Martial Arts, Tribe, Adapted From A Novel, Perseverance, Cultivation
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Li Dachao, Li Wenlong, Lin Xiangjian
Writer: Pan Jing
Product Company: TENCENT PENGUIN PICTURES, 48 Movie Production
Released Date: 2023-06-21
Broadcast Website: WeTV, Viki, TencentVideo



A young man named Dongbo Xueying emerged in an amazing world.

When he was young, a huge change changed the course of his life, involving him in a huge conspiracy.

In order to protect his loved ones, Dongbo Xueying entered the Changfeng Academy to study and train hard to improve his ability.

During this period, he met the love of his life, Yu Jingqiu. They went from conflict and confrontation to knowing and loving each other.

His little brother Dongbo Qingshi was compelled by Ji Rong, so Xueying Ling was attacked by the demons and plunged into the disaster.

In order to protect his loved ones and the people of the world, Dongbo Xueying, a generation of strong men, his legend is shockingly starting!


Dongbo Xueying grew up in the snowy Xueying Ridge. This place belongs to the Longshan Kingdom and is the ancestral home of the Xia tribe. He had his parents, brothers, and uncles who taught him martial arts. Life was peaceful and beautiful, and the people lived happily under the governance of his father, Dongbo Lie. However, this tranquility was shattered when Dongbo Xueying was eight years old during the Fuyuan Festival.

On that day, Dongbo Xueying accompanied his two uncles, Zong Ling and Tong San, for a hunting trip. But Dongbo Xueying, being kind-hearted, couldn't bear to let his uncles kill a young deer, so he constantly caused trouble. As a result, his skilled uncles returned empty-handed to the village. It was the Fuyuan Festival, and Xueying's mother, Mo Yangyu, specially made desserts for her husband and children. Mo Yangyu was a mage with ancient bloodline heritage. She had left her family to resist a arranged marriage and later married Dongbo Lie. They lived in the Xueying Territory of the Qinghe Prefecture, where they had two children, Dongbo Xueying and Dongbo Qingshi. Dongbo Lie and Mo Yangyu had a deeply loving relationship, and the family gathered happily during the festival.

During this time, Dongbo Lie discovered his son's secret. Dongbo Xueying had brought back a young wolf cub. So Dongbo Lie took Dongbo Xueying to the forest and persuaded his son to release the wolf cub back into the mountains and find its father, the Silver Moon Wolf King. Dongbo Lie patiently guided his son and explained the principle of "great love comes from protection," telling Dongbo Xueying that this was the path to personal achievement and gaining more followers. Dongbo Xueying listened with confusion.

In the evening, under the bright moon, Dongbo Xueying told his younger brother, Dongbo Qingshi, the story of how ordinary people had to go through three levels of cultivation to become extraordinary. Currently, their mother and father belonged to the Shooting Star level, and no one in the entire Longshan Kingdom had reached the Transcendent realm. He vowed to intensify his cultivation and ultimately achieve the Transcendent realm. Moreover, he also wanted the storage pendant around his mother's neck.

As the night grew late, Dongbo Xueying prepared to return to their room with his brother, Qingshi. Suddenly, a terrible scream pierced the night sky, indicating an ominous sign. Mo Yangyu hurried to the room to check on her two sons, while Dongbo Lie armed himself and prepared to face the enemy. The attackers this time were indeed formidable. A huge four-winged vulture flew in the air, and a sinister-looking man with his subordinates blocked Dongbo Lie. Another man in silver armor flew to the city gate, unleashing a terrifying surge of power with countless lightning bolts. In an instant, Dongbo Lie's men were severely injured or killed.

Mo Yangyu realized the danger of the situation and made the worst assumption. She entrusted the storage pendant to Dongbo Xueying and instructed him to keep it safe. The pendant had a storage space inside and would assist him in achieving great deeds in the future. When the man saw Mo Yangyu, he removed his disguise and revealed his true identity. He was Mo Yangyu's brother, Mo Yangchen. He was ordered to capture her and bring her back to the family because she had violated the clan's rules and married Dongbo Lie without permission.

Dongbo Lie was unwilling to let Mo Yangyu be taken away, so he engaged in a bloody battle with Mo Yangchen. However, due to Mo Yangchen's profound cultivation, he had reached the rare Silver Moon level. Even with the combined efforts of Dongbo Lie and Mo Yangyu, they were no match for Mo Yangchen. In the end, Dongbo Lie was killed by Mo Yangchen. Mo Yangyu knew that if the enemy wanted to destroy the Xueying Territory, it would be effortless, so she reluctantly agreed to return to the clan and accept their punishment, in order to protect her son and the Xueying Ridge.

This tragedy left Dongbo Xueying's family broken and devastated. Fortunately, the lion-man "Tong San" and the snake demon "Zong Ling" protected the two young masters and managed the entire castle efficiently. In the blink of an eye, ten years had passed. Dongbo Xueying diligently studied and trained for revenge. He had now mastered the Heart Intent Spear Technique. His talent far exceeded that of most people, but he continued to practice relentlessly. He never forgot the revenge for his murdered father and mother and was always prepared to kill his enemy, Mo Yangchen.

In recent days, the Longshan Kingdom had been plagued by frequent attacks from demonic beings, causing panic among the people. After listening to the report from his subordinate, the Lord of Longshan, Sikong, concluded that it was the reappearance of the demon clan manipulated by the Demon God.

Sikong, the Lord of Longshan, analyzed the current situation of the major sects in the martial world and concluded that the Demon God was manipulating the demonic beings to cause trouble. Twenty years ago, the Xia Clan fought a great war against the Demon Clan and used the power of the Longshan Kingdom to repel them. However, the mighty Demon God, Darhao, was not completely eliminated and remained sealed. Therefore, it was not surprising that the Demon Clan resurged. However, Longshan Tower had always focused on gathering intelligence, and since the current situation was unclear, they needed to observe and adapt.

During Dongbo Xueying's practice with the wooden spear, he found it very exhausting. Following Zong Ling into the city, he bought a long spear. A seemingly worn-out and rusty long spear caught Dongbo Xueying's interest, and he decided to take it with him despite others' low expectations. At that moment, the demonic beings attacked again. Dongbo Xueying took up the spear and joined the battle, wielding it with remarkable skill. His spear technique was unstoppable, instantly killing any demonic being that came near. Zong Ling realized that the spear Dongbo Xueying had chosen was indeed extraordinary. Thus, Dongbo Xueying named it the "Feixue Divine Spear."

As the number of demonic beings increased, Dongbo Xueying gradually became overwhelmed and in a critical situation. Fortunately, the Knight Changfeng, Chiqiu Bai, arrived in time to rescue him. After bidding farewell to Dongbo Xueying, Chiqiu Bai speculated that the Demon Clan might be regrouping and personally sought the council of the elders to investigate and destroy the mountain range. As the Demon God always lurked in the Destroying Mountains, the martial arts experts agreed with the knight's judgment. Subsequently, Longshan Tower issued a reward and recruited talented individuals and experts to investigate any leads related to the demonic beings. Whoever provided information about the demon clan would receive the Black Iron Token from Longshan Tower. The knight also began his investigation.

Getting hold of the Black Iron Token would allow them to find the whereabouts of Dongbo Xueying's mother, Mo Yangyu. Therefore, Dongbo Xueying insisted on participating. Reluctantly, Zong Ling accompanied Dongbo Xueying to the Destroying Mountains. As expected, the demonic beings occupied the mountain range under the control of Gaibing, a notorious wanted criminal from Yishui City. To evade capture, Gaibing took refuge in the Destroying Mountains and had now joined forces with the Demon God. Gaibing had long realized that the Demon Clan was using him and his subordinates, but he had no other choice. Upon learning about the intrusion of outsiders, he ordered his subordinates to unleash the demonic beings and attack the intruders.

Dongbo Xueying and Zong Ling faced overwhelming odds and gradually grew exhausted, showing signs of defeat. At a critical moment, a woman descended from the sky and joined the fight against Gaibing. Observing her exceptional martial skills, it was evident that she was at the Meteor level. She was Yu Jingqiu, a disciple of the Water Source Daoist Temple, skilled in ice spells. She happened to pass through the Destroying Mountains and, seeing Dongbo Xueying at a disadvantage, gallantly intervened to help. Yu Jingqiu led Dongbo Xueying to safety, but the two sacrificers of the Demon God used black smoke magic to assist Gaibing and continued to pursue them.

Injured and unconscious, Zong Ling encountered the Knight Changfeng and learned about the fierce battle between Zong Ling and Gaibing, who had the assistance of the Demon God. Fortunately, Zong Ling, being a snake person, had a different internal structure and barely survived. Worried about Dongbo Xueying's safety, Chiqiu Bai personally treated Zong Ling's injuries and promised to find Dongbo Xueying. Meanwhile, Dongbo Xueying was in a cave, using his strength to catch fish for Yu Jingqiu. It was only then that Yu Jingqiu realized that the young man in front of her had no cultivation aura and recovered remarkably fast.

Gaibing quickly arrived with his men, leaving Yu Jingqiu and Dongbo Xueying with nowhere to run. They had no choice but to use a water evasion spell and jump into the sea. However, the sea had already been tainted by the Demon Clan's spiritual liquid, turning anyone who touched it into a demonic being. Upon receiving the news, the two sacrificers ordered a quick retreat and commanded Gaibing to retrieve the Marine Boundary Stone from the seabed. Unintentionally, Yu Jingqiu and Dongbo Xueying had already obtained the Marine Boundary Stone while underwater, but Yu Jingqiu accidentally got infected with demonic poison. In addition, they discovered a large prison under the sea, where numerous demonic beings were imprisoned.

Due to the damage caused by the demonic poison, Yu Jingqiu's cultivation was affected, and she was in danger during the fight against the demonic beings. At that moment, the Knight Changfeng arrived just in time. When he was about to capture Gaibing, the two sacrificers rescued him. The Marine Boundary Stone originally belonged to the Water Source Daoist Temple, serving as a treasured artifact. Its accidental loss allowed the Demon Clan to take advantage of it. Therefore, the Knight Changfeng intended to bring it back to the temple. However, Dongbo Xueying wanted to obtain the Black Iron Token and earnestly requested permission to take the Marine Boundary Stone to Longshan Tower. Consequently, the group traveled together to Longshan Tower, where they were greeted by the Lord, Sikong.

Upon seeing Dongbo Xueying, Sikong immediately remembered the scene from ten years ago when the young Dongbo Xueying sought his help for revenge. Dongbo Xueying expressed gratitude for Sikong's refusal back then, as it had shaped him into the person he was now. Sikong fulfilled his promise and handed over the Black Iron Token to Dongbo Xueying. However, Dongbo Xueying needed to uncover the Demon Clan's plan before Sikong could assist in finding his mother, Mo Yangyu's whereabouts. Dongbo Xueying gladly agreed and followed Chiqiu Bai and Yu Jingqiu to meet the elders. Yu Jingqiu requested to assist Dongbo Xueying and obtained the consent of the temple master, Sikong Yang. She accompanied him back to Xueying Territory.

News of the lord's return spread throughout the city, and the townspeople lined the streets to welcome him and express their gratitude to Yu Jingqiu.


Dongbo Xueying and Yu Jingqiu returned to Xueying Castle and received a warm welcome from the people of the city. Zong Ling and Tong San specially prepared a sumptuous feast for them and warmly urged Yu Jingqiu not to be polite. Dongbo Xueying also eagerly grabbed a pancake and ate it hungrily. The happiest person to see his brother return was Dongbo Qingshi. They playfully teased each other, creating a lively atmosphere. Such a situation no longer existed in Yu Jingqiu's past life, so she felt it was quite novel.

At night, Dongbo Xueying and his younger brother Qingshi sat on the rooftop as usual, enjoying the snowy scenery in the moonlight. They talked about finding their mother, Moyang Yu. The brothers were determined to find her no matter what. In the quiet of the night, Dongbo Xueying continued to practice his spear technique while Yu Jingqiu, unable to sleep, walked out of the room and silently watched Dongbo Xueying's training. After a round, Dongbo Xueying stopped and spoke to Yu Jingqiu. She shared her feelings about being at Xueying Castle, feeling the warmth and liveliness of a home. Dongbo Xueying looked at the laurel tree in front of them and told Yu Jingqiu that their mother personally planted that tree. In autumn, it would be covered in laurel flowers, and back then, she would make laurel cakes for him to eat. Unfortunately, it was not the season now, and the bare tree didn't look good. After hearing this, Yu Jingqiu used her magic to instantly cover the laurel tree with ice flowers, making it look crystal clear in the moonlight. Dongbo Xueying smiled when he saw it.

In order to capture Gai Bin, Chi Qiu Bai and Dongfang Xueying had previously discussed a plan. They spread the news of Dongbo Xueying's heroic deeds, including his adventures in the Destruction Mountain Range, storming the headquarters of the Bendao Alliance, retrieving the Ocean Realm Stone, and exterminating demons. They hoped to provoke Gai Bin's anger and lure him into seeking revenge. After seeing the posters and announcements on the streets, Gai Bin was indeed filled with deep hatred towards Dongbo Xueying. He led his men straight to Xueying Castle. Gai Bin, having joined the demonic clan, had greatly increased his power. Zong Ling, Tong San, and others were no match for him. Even Yu Jingqiu was knocked down by a single palm from him. In a critical moment, Dongbo Xueying suddenly received a divine intervention. His body emitted a radiant light, absorbing hundreds of rays of energy, and he himself began to glow. Gai Bin couldn't help but inhale sharply. Dongbo Xueying had absorbed the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. Indeed, at this moment, Dongbo Xueying had successfully opened his meridians and gathered battle qi, directly upgrading his cultivation to the Silver Moon level. The tide of battle quickly turned, and Dongbo Xueying swiftly gained control of the situation, capturing Gai Bin. He ordered his subordinates to clean up the battlefield and personally carried the unconscious Yu Jingqiu back to their room. He entrusted her care to Uncle Zong Ling and then took Gai Bin to the Longshan Tower to report the mission.

When they arrived at Longshan Tower, Lord Si An kept his promise and helped him find out that his mother, Moyang Yu, was imprisoned in Leichaoya. However, Leichaoya was a treacherous place, heavily guarded by Moyang Chen's forces. For a young man like him to go and rescue his mother was undoubtedly a perilous undertaking. Back at Xueying Castle, to avoid worrying everyone, Dongbo Xueying lied, saying that Lord Si An hadn't provided him with his mother's location. He reasoned that although they had captured Gai Bin, they still needed to learn about the demonic clan's next plan. After examining the map, Dongbo Xueying, to avoid alarming others, quietly left Xueying Castle under the cover of night and rode alone to Leichaoya. Leichaoya was the residence of Moyang Chen, and after years of fortification, he had made it impregnable. When Dongbo Xueying entered, he had to exert a great deal of effort to repel the layers of guards that surrounded him. Finally, he reached a heavy ice door and called out to his mother. Using the power of his divine spear, he forcefully opened the ice door. Moyang Yu had been imprisoned in this icy cave for ten years, her limbs shackled with iron chains, unable to move. When mother and son were finally reunited, they embraced each other and wept bitterly. Moyang Chen hurriedly arrived, but Dongbo Xueying's skills were far inferior to his. Seeing Dongbo Xueying heavily injured, Moyang Yu, in a desperate attempt to save her son, used her ancient bloodline to send him out of Leichaoya.

Zong Ling and Tong San found Dongbo Xueying's map at home and realized that he had ventured into Leichaoya alone. They entrusted Yu Jingqiu to Dongbo Qingshi's care and hurriedly went to Leichaoya. They indeed found Dongbo Xueying unconscious there and quickly rescued him. Inside Leichaoya, Moyang Yu used her ancient bloodline to save her son, which infuriated Moyang Chen. He forced his sister to reveal the method of unlocking the ancient bloodline, but Moyang Yu refused. Helpless, Moyang Chen continued to imprison her in the ice cave. After Zong Ling and Tong San left, Yu Jingqiu regained consciousness. During her battle with Gai Bin, a faint memory of her parents flashed in her mind, but it quickly disappeared, leaving her deep in thought. Yu Jingqiu learned that Gai Bin had been taken back to the Dragon Mountain Tower, so she bid farewell to Dongbo Qingshi and prepared to meet Gai Bin to inquire about her parents' whereabouts. Inside the Dragon Mountain Tower, Si An and his subordinates interrogated Gai Bin extensively, but he knew very little and had no knowledge of the demonic clan's next plan. However, he revealed that a man in a gray robe was a mole planted by the demonic clan in the Bendao Alliance, and all his actions were directed by that person. They discussed that Gai Bin was no longer useful and should be killed as a warning to others. When Yu Jingqiu, who had hurried back, expressed her opinion, she suggested taking Gai Bin back to the Shuiyuan Taoist Temple, as he might be used to lure out the man in the gray robe. Everyone agreed that Yu Jingqiu's idea was feasible, so they entrusted Chi Qiu Bai and Yu Jingqiu to take Gai Bin back to the Shuiyuan Taoist Temple. By now, the news of Dongbo Xueying capturing the leader of the demonic clan had spread throughout the streets and alleys. Kong Hai, the wealthiest man in the Longshan Kingdom, also heard the news. It reminded him of ten years ago when his good friend Dongbo Lie encountered an accident and Tong San came to seek help, but he heartlessly drove him away. Seeing Dongbo Xueying as a young hero now, Kong Hai couldn't help but contemplate resuming the marriage proposal between their families. Initially, he and Dongbo Lie had made a verbal agreement to marry their children. At this moment, Kong Youyue was sitting in a carriage, traveling on the road. She had a frank personality and a masculine demeanor, naturally possessing a business-minded acumen. This time, she made a large sum of money effortlessly. After Dongbo Xueying was rescued and returned to Xueying Castle, with the attentive care of Zong Ling and Tong San, he quickly recovered his strength. The failed attempt to save his mother had greatly affected him, and from then on, he devoted himself to diligent practice, determined to rescue his mother one day. Kong Youyue returned home, and her younger brother, Kong Hao, joyfully welcomed her. When Kong Hai saw his daughter, he couldn't help but blame her. Neither of his two children gave him peace of mind. Kong Youyue was obsessed with doing business, while his son Kong Hao spent his days playing with weapons. Kong Hai advised his daughter to settle down and buy some jewelry and clothes, intending to introduce her to her fiancé at Xueying Castle in the near future. Dongbo Xueying was practicing his spear technique when Zong Ling came and offered him guidance. Zong Ling told him that blind training alone wouldn't be enough and that he needed the guidance of a master to improve. Dongbo Xueying also had the same intention and informed his master that he planned to go to Chi Qiu Bai's Changfeng Academy to study. Zong Ling nodded in approval but suggested that he visit an old acquaintance before leaving. Dongbo Xueying arrived in the front hall and saw Kong Hai and his daughter. Kong Yue greeted Dongbo Xueying proactively, revealing that they had met before. Kong Hai caught up with everyone and mentioned the marriage proposal between their families. Dongbo Xueying claimed to be unaware of it and stated that his current goals did not align with marriage, fearing that he would disappoint Kong Youyue. Learning that Dongbo Xueying intended to study at Changfeng Academy, Kong Youyue had a new idea in her mind. Dongbo Xueying arrived at Longshan Tower and learned that Chi Qiu Bai and Yu Jingqiu had taken Gai Bin to the Shuiyuan Taoist Temple. He hurriedly followed them. On the way, the man in the gray robe attempted to ambush Gai Bin. Thanks to Dongbo Xueying's timely arrival, the gray-robed man was driven away. However, Yu Jingqiu's senior brother, Xiu Ran, continued to suspect Dongbo Xueying's identity and believed that he was colluding with Gai Bin from the inside. To prove his innocence, Dongbo Xueying accompanied Chi Qiu Bai back to the Taoist temple and devised a plan to expose the mole, which turned out to be Xiu Ran. Overwhelmed with shame, Xiu Ran committed suicide.

Dongbo Xueying's slight use of strategy exposed the hidden spy of the Demon Clan in the Water Source Daoist Temple, and also discovered that Muyu knew but didn't report it. Xiu Ran had died, and now Muyu begged for mercy, fearing that the powder would cause his body to rot and lead to death. Dongbo Xueying casually replied, "No worries, just go back and take a few more baths. It's just ordinary chili powder." Upon seeing Dongbo Xueying's actions, Sikong Yang, the master of the Water Source Daoist Temple, believed that Dongbo Xueying was intelligent and resourceful, showing great potential for cultivation. He thought that if Dongbo Xueying entered Changfeng Academy for proper training, he would become a valuable talent for the Longshan Kingdom. Chi Qiu Bai agreed and revealed the plan discussed with Dongbo Xueying, gaining Sikong Yang's approval.

At night, the prison in the Water Source Daoist Temple was pitch black. Two prison guards walked and discussed the events of the day, and Gaibin, who was in the cell, heard that the insider Xiu Ran had died, causing him to be surprised. Suddenly, a strange sound came, and a figure in a gray robe appeared, knocking out the guards. Gaibin immediately realized that it was Xiang Pangyun who had come to rescue him, and took the opportunity to escape from the prison. In fact, this was the strategy discussed by Dongbo Xueying and Chi Qiu Bai. They pretended to release Gaibin and used him to find the Demon Sect. Dongbo Xueying, Yu Jingqiu, and Chi Qiu Bai followed Gaibin and discovered that he left marks in every corner, suspected to be secret signals for communication with the Demon Clan.

While Dongbo Xueying was not at home, Dongbo Qingshi stole his Black Iron Token and went to Longshan Tower, hoping to find out the whereabouts of his mother. Upon seeing it, Si An, the master of Longshan Tower, determined that the Black Iron Token belonged to Dongbo Xueying. Seeing that Dongbo Qingshi had shallow martial arts and magical foundations, Si An threw him a portrait and asked him to seek apprenticeship and learn from it. Dongbo Qingshi took the portrait and gestured to people he met at the market. Unexpectedly, when he saw Bai Yuanzhi with his disciple Ji Rong, the figure in the portrait suddenly disappeared. Dongbo Qingshi concluded that Bai Yuanzhi was his master and followed him all the way to his residence. Bai Yuanzhi ignored him, and Dongbo Qingshi knelt at the door and couldn't get up. He was hungry all day, but fortunately, Ji Rong brought him food and secretly gave him advice on reciting aloud.

Dongbo Xueying and the others who were tracking Gaibin discovered that he was being attacked. Chi Qiu Bai immediately fought against the assailant with his Hexagonal Fan. In the chaos, the gray-robed person dropped a copper coin and fled, while Gaibin had already been killed by the gray-robed person. Dongbo Xueying and the others brought the copper coin to meet the elders. Following the plan, Dongbo Qingshi recited aloud, causing Bai Yuanzhi to be greatly annoyed. Worried that he wouldn't be able to sleep all night, Ji Rong helped Dongbo Qingshi speak. Bai Yuanzhi had no choice but to let him rest first. Although he didn't immediately accept him as a disciple, at least it was a tacit acknowledgment of him. Dongbo Qingshi was delighted to hear this.

Seeing the copper coin, the elders recognized it as an item from the Bloodblade Tavern, where assassins from the martial world were often gathered. They believed that the tavern's owner, Ye Mei, colluded with the Demon Clan. However, Bu Xiaoxi thought it was too early to draw conclusions at the moment. Although Ye Mei had changed dramatically since the incident with the Bloodblade God Emperor, she had shown no hesitation in sealing the Demon God's physical body during the great battle back then, proving that she understood right from wrong. But now Ye Mei had become unrecognizable, separating herself from the Elder Council and pursuing money without considering right and wrong. Everyone decided to go to the Bloodblade Tavern to investigate and see if they could find any trace of the gray-robed person.

The gray-robed person returned to report to the two priests that Gaibin had died. The second priest believed that the remaining demons were useless and ordered the gray-robed person, Xiang Pangyun, to destroy them all. However, before destroying them, he wanted them to be useful one last time. He instructed Xiang Pangyun to take the demons and attack the Shenmo Well in Nanqin. The Shenmo Well was currently guarded by the Situ family. Situ Hong and Si Borong were assigned to guard the well, but Si Borong believed that the divine and demonic beings no longer existed, so he drank and feasted with the soldiers, having no vigilance. As a result, a large number of demons attacked that night, causing cracks to appear in the Shenmo Well. Aunt Si Lianghong and her men tried their best to defend and seal the cracks, but some Abyssal Demons still broke into the Longshan Kingdom. As a punishment, the Situ family was ordered to guard the Demon Well forever. To strengthen the Situ family, Si Lianghong arranged for Situ Hong and Si Borong to apply to Changfeng Academy.

As expected, Xiang Pangyun came to the Bloodblade Tavern to get medicine because he was injured by Chi Qiu Bai's Hexagonal Fan. Everyone arrived at the Bloodblade Tavern, and with Ye Mei's cover, Xiang Pangyun remained undiscovered. However, he stated that he would leave this place clean and tidy.

The search at the Bloodblade Tavern yielded no results, so everyone had to go back and reconsider their plans. Chi Qiu Bai was also preparing to establish the Changfeng Academy. After Dongbo Qingshi settled down with Bai Yuanzhi, he began practicing magic according to Bai Yuanzhi's methods. Seeing his clumsy appearance, Bai Yuanzhi worried about his compatibility with lightning magic. Bu Xiaoxi had been living in Yunwu City and was in a loving relationship with Chi Qiu Bai. On this evening, she was sewing clothes for Chi Qiu Bai under the lamp. Chi Qiu Bai came with flowers, reflecting on the establishment of Changfeng Academy. He was relieved that there would finally be an institution to nurture exceptional individuals, allowing more people to defend Longshan Kingdom. The academy not only taught cultivation and magic, but also emphasized kindness and righteousness, preparing individuals to serve the country. Sikong Yang invited Dongbo Xueying to stay at the Shuiyuan Daoist Temple to facilitate their journey to apply for the Changfeng Academy. After Yu Jingqiu arranged a room for Dongbo Xueying, she sat alone in the courtyard, pondering why she had not made any breakthroughs in her cultivation like her fellow disciples. Dongbo Xueying approached her and recalled what his mother had said about each transcendent's path being unique. While previous experiences could be learned from and used as references, blind imitation was not the way to go. It was necessary to rely on one's own understanding of the power of heaven and earth in order to achieve true breakthroughs. Yu Jingqiu agreed wholeheartedly. In order to get closer to Dongbo Xueying, Kong Youyue resolutely signed up to join the Changfeng Academy, and her younger brother Kong Hao insisted on accompanying her. At the entrance of the academy, Kong Youyue noticed that her headdress had fallen off, so she went to the market to pick a new one, wanting to present her most beautiful appearance to Dongbo Xueying. At the market, a little girl was crying because she didn't have enough money to buy a toy duck. Kong Youyue was about to help her with the money, but the vendor took the money and refused to give her the duck. Pu Yangbo, who was also there to apply for the academy, intervened and took the duck from the vendor, teaching him a lesson. Kong Youyue developed a special fondness for Pu Yangbo upon witnessing his actions. Upon learning that he was also applying for the Changfeng Academy, they decided to go together. The enrollment assessment at Changfeng Academy began, and the supervisor, Tan Shi, explained the rules. It sounded simple: enter one door and exit another to pass the assessment. However, it was not as easy as it seemed, as everyone struggled to pass through. One candidate had been trapped for 38 years without success. He told them that to pass, they had to pay attention to the changes in the stone steps before them. As everyone entered, they were plagued by their own inner demons and obsessions. Dongbo Xueying once again saw the scene of a magnificent eagle taking away his mother in the snowy landscape. He realized he had entered an illusion and quickly snapped out of it, pulling Yu Jingqiu out of the illusion as well. The others followed suit. After careful consideration, they realized that the floor pattern resembled the Big Dipper constellation. Kong Youyue and Yu Jingqiu shared their observations, and with everyone's guidance, Dongbo Xueying took the lead, walking according to the sequence of the seven stars. The others followed closely, holding hands and cooperating seamlessly, eventually passing the test as a group. Tan Shi announced that they had successfully passed the assessment and instructed them to meet the academy's dean, Chi Qiu Bai. Chi Qiu Bai and Tan Shi then led the male and female students respectively to visit their dormitories. They were told that the only place they were allowed to move around freely for now was the small training ground outside, and they were not to wander around randomly. In the boys' dormitory, everyone complained about the simple furnishings, but they accepted it and introduced themselves to each other. In the girls' dormitory, Kong Youyue saw Yu Jingqiu packing her luggage and approached her to ask about her relationship with Dongbo Xueying. Yu Jingqiu didn't respond, appearing aloof. Just as Kong Youyue was about to complain, she was startled by Lanxin's ghostly disguise. Yu Jingqiu quickly stepped in front of Kong Youyue to ensure her safety. Two senior female students approached and revealed that Lanxin often played such pranks and had been in the academy for seven years without passing the assessment. Kong Youyue thanked Yu Jingqiu for her actions and developed a slightly better impression of her. From the next day onwards, under the guidance of Chi Qiu Bai and Tan Shi, the students began their training and learning, starting from the basics to different categories of cultivation and magic.

After everyone settled down at Changfeng Academy, they began their intense studies. Chi Qiu Bai and Tan Shi warned everyone to start from the basics, as a solid foundation was necessary to advance in different categories of cultivation and magic. Each person had different aptitudes and varying progress in their training. Si Borong, who complained and caused trouble, was disciplined by Teacher Tan Shi, and the others obediently focused on practicing their spells. Among the students, only Situ Hong had the most solid martial arts skills, while Dongbo Xueying was the most diligent in training. Situ Hong had a high opinion of Dongbo Xueying and considered him a rival. He sparred with Dongbo Xueying, reminding him to follow his heart when using the spear technique in order to achieve unity between person and spear and unleash the maximum power of the Divine Spear.

Yu Jingqiu lost her staff and had no luck finding military books, which made her feel frustrated. Dongbo Xueying comforted her and advised her not to worry. They then went together to the training ground to practice martial arts. Kong Youyue carried a food basket to find Dongbo Xueying but saw that he was already with Yu Jingqiu. Feeling upset, she returned to the dormitory and waited for Yu Jingqiu to come back, planning to pry out the details of Yu Jingqiu and Dongbo Xueying being together. To her surprise, Yu Jingqiu openly admitted to spending time alone with Dongbo Xueying, leaving Kong Youyue at a loss for words.

Bu Xiaoxi was invited to Changfeng Academy as a teacher and asked everyone to demonstrate their unique skills. Dongbo Xueying excelled in the Heart Intent Spear Technique, while Yu Jingqiu transformed countless petals into ice flowers, earning Bu Xiaoxi's approval. Kong Hao showcased his invention, the Flying Adhesive, but due to not controlling the airflow properly, he fell to the ground and was mocked by Situ Borong and others. To save face, Kong Youyue showcased her talent in arithmetic. Bu Xiaoxi believed that her talent could be cultivated into the Blinking Vision technique, allowing her to see the enemy's attack positions through internal perception and calculate the timing of their attacks, thereby assisting teammates in offense. Kong Youyue was delighted to hear this.

Later, Puyang Bo demonstrated instantaneous movement, dazzling everyone with his incredible speed. Bu Xiaoxi believed he had great talent in this aspect. Situ Borong publicly demonstrated the Situ Family's Knife Technique but acknowledged that his older brother, Situ Hong, represented the true martial strength of the Situ family. Situ Hong humbly responded but proposed that Bu Xiaoxi give him some guidance. This surprised everyone, as Situ Hong was challenging the teacher. Bu Xiaoxi gladly accepted the challenge, using her folding fan as a weapon. The two engaged in a duel on the open ground, with Dongbo Xueying carefully observing. He noticed that Bu Xiaoxi suppressed her combat qi at the Meteor level but still maneuvered effortlessly, which astonished him. After a few rounds, Bu Xiaoxi stopped her attacks and praised Situ Hong for his solid foundation, predicting that he would achieve great things given time.

Kong Youyue approached Dongbo Xueying, using the excuse of helping with laundry. However, he politely refused, while Puyang Bo took the opportunity to hand over his dirty clothes to Kong Youyue. Annoyed, Kong Youyue left. Seeking advice on how to get closer to Dongbo Xueying, she consulted Puyang Bo. However, Puyang Bo was a foodie, and according to his insight, to win a man's heart, one must appeal to his stomach. Kong Youyue followed his advice and cooked braised pork ribs for Dongbo Xueying. However, Puyang Bo, claiming to taste the flavor, ended up eating almost all of the ribs, leaving Kong Youyue chasing after him in anger.

Seeing Dongbo Xueying and Yu Jingqiu frequently together, Situ Borong defended his older brother, Situ Hong, believing that only he was worthy of the goddess Yu Jingqiu. Suddenly, the academy was attacked by a demon, and everyone grabbed their weapons to fight. Only Dongbo Xueying noticed the clues and realized that the demon was disguised as Senior Cui Yong, intending to test everyone's vigilance and adaptability. Dongbo Xueying's calm and quick thinking earned praise from Chi Qiu Bai and Bu Xiaoxi. Situ Hong realized the gap between himself and Dongbo Xueying when he failed to see through the flaws of the demon soldier.

The Dragon Mountain Country was about to hold its annual Weaponry Expo. When Dongbo Xueying heard that Yu Jingqiu wanted to go there to find a staff, he volunteered to accompany her. Eventually, they all agreed to go to the Fragrant Ancient Town together. Lu Huairu reported to the gray-robed person, Xiang Pangyun, that the assigned task had been completed and expressed her loyalty to the Demon God Sect. At the weapon expo, Yu Jingqiu didn't find the staff she wanted, but Dongbo Xueying unintentionally discovered the whereabouts of the demon. They followed and ended up entering the demon's teleportation array, instantly disappearing. Situ Hong, Yu Jingqiu, and the others frantically searched for them.

At this time, Dongbo Xueying had been secretly following the demon. He heard a familiar flute sound and couldn't help but be distracted, trying to remember where he had heard it before. Just then, the gray-robed person, Xiang Pangyun, discovered him, and they immediately engaged in a fight. Xiang Pangyun severely injured Dongbo Xueying, but he also got his eyes injured by Dongbo Xueying's fighting spirit. He hurriedly escaped back to his residence and used a dagger to dig out his injured eyeball to prevent it from rotting and getting infected. After being injured, Dongbo Xueying fell unconscious to the ground. Luckily, Yu Jingqiu and Situ Hong arrived shortly after, and they saved Dongbo Xueying and focused on healing his injuries. Dongbo Xueying mentioned that a large number of demons were present there before losing consciousness due to exhaustion.

Seeing the situation, Yu Jingqiu decided to stay and take care of Dongbo Xueying, while Situ Hong went with his brother to investigate the situation of the demons in the vicinity. Yu Jingqiu created a barrier using a tree as a focal point and accompanied Dongbo Xueying to rest in that spot. Unconsciously, they both relied on each other and fell asleep. When they woke up at dawn, they quickly returned to Piaoxiang Town. Kong Youyue and Pu Yangbo had been waiting there. Yu Jingqiu planned to buy Source Stones for Dongbo Xueying's healing but found out that several stores had run out. After inquiring, they learned that many people had been buying Source Stones recently, which seemed suspicious. The four of them then followed the convoy that was purchasing Source Stones, intentionally causing an accident to check the Source Stones in the boxes. Eventually, the convoy they were tracking entered Lu Mansion.

Lu Mansion was Lu Huairu's territory, and due to his frequent purchases of weapons, he had business dealings with the Kong family. Kong Youyue had met him a few times before but knew that Lu Huairu mainly cooperated with Moyang Chen. Dongbo Xueying and Yu Jingqiu decided to go in and investigate while instructing Pu Yangbo and Kong Youyue to stay outside and inform Chi Qiu Bai if they hadn't returned within the time it takes an incense stick to burn. However, Kong Youyue insisted on going in together, and Pu Yangbo quickly escaped, claiming to go inform the dean. The three of them pretended to be Moyang Chen's people and forcibly entered when Lu Huairu refused to see guests. Inside the secret room, Lu Huairu was having a secret conversation with Xiang Pangyun, and Dongbo Xueying and his companions witnessed it. At the same time, Situ Hong and Situ Borong encountered a large number of demons. Faced with waves of relentless demons, Situ Hong led his brother in a desperate battle.

After Xiang Pangyun discovered Dongbo Xueying and the others, a battle ensued between the two sides. Xiang Pangyun was initially at a disadvantage, but he absorbed the essence of the demons, greatly increasing his power. In the end, even Lu Huairu willingly offered himself to Xiang Pangyun. Fortunately, Chi Qiu Bai arrived in time and prevented Xiang Pangyun from continuing his evil deeds. However, in the process, Yu Jingqiu was trapped under a stone slab while trying to save Kong Youyue. Dongbo Xueying, who had already been rescued by Chi Qiu Bai, returned to save Yu Jingqiu. Inadvertently, Dongbo Xueying fell on top of Yu Jingqiu, and his lips touched her cheek, causing both of them to feel embarrassed and flustered in their hearts. Eventually, Chi Qiu Bai retrieved the Source Stones that were taken by the demons and hastily returned to Lu Mansion to rescue Dongbo Xueying and Yu Jingqiu. Upon returning to the academy, the two of them rested in bed. Dongbo Xueying blushed and had a racing heart as he recalled the close contact with Yu Jingqiu.

Situ Hong and Situ Borong, after escaping from the brink of death, returned to the academy and saw Dongbo Xueying. Situ Borong became angry and blamed Dongbo Xueying for causing them to fall into a desperate situation. However, Situ Hong remained calm. Yu Jingqiu believed that this time, in preventing the demons' plan by destroying their sub-altar, Situ Hong's contribution was also significant. After all, he and Situ Borong had held back the reinforcements from the demons. Yu Jingqiu praised Situ Hong for his courage and intelligence. Situ Hong made a firm decision to train hard and become stronger, determined to surpass Dongbo Xueying in the future.

Xiang Pangyun lost the Source Stones and went to report to the High Priest and the two Priests of the Demon God Assembly. He was scolded harshly by them, but at this point, even killing him would be of no use. The High Priest pondered for a moment before saying that the matter of the Source Stones was not without a solution. The Second Priest quickly asked him for his good ideas. The High Priest suggested making a move in Yunwu City. The Second Priest immediately understood. The Source Stones that Chi Qiu Bai had taken were stored in Yunwu City. However, the combined power of Bu Xiaoxi and Bu Chunyuan's Twin Fans should not be underestimated. The High Priest said that they needed to prepare ten Blood-Refining Divine Weapons. Moreover, the dark stake he had set up in Transcendence should have been activated by now.

Chi Qiu Bai was reading a book when Bu Xiaoxi brought him the clothes she had made for him. Chi Qiu Bai gently said to Bu Xiaoxi that with her, he had a home. The two embraced each other affectionately, determined to protect Longshan Country and their happiness. They heard someone practicing spear in the courtyard and went to check it out. They saw Dongbo Xueying training hard again. Dongbo Xueying had solid basic skills and was willing to endure hardships. Now, his fighting spirit was also ignited. They believed that given time, he would definitely become an outstanding talent.

During his training, Dongbo Xueying couldn't control his fighting spirit and almost injured himself. Chi Qiu Bai immediately came to his rescue. After Dongbo Xueying stabilized, Bu Xiaoxi took out a spirit stone to assist him in cultivating his internal strength. Dongbo Xueying was grateful for his master's care. However, Situ Borong happened to pass by and saw everything. Situ Borong went back and told his brother Situ Hong about what he had seen. Situ Hong didn't say much, but he felt even more jealous and resentful towards Dongbo Xueying.

Kong Youyue brought a nourishing soup for Dongbo Xueying, but he didn't accept it. After Kong Youyue left it behind and went out, Pu Yangbo persuaded Dongbo Xueying to drink it. Dongbo Xueying said it contained donkey-hide gelatin, to which he was allergic, so he couldn't drink it. He let Pu Yangbo drink it instead to prevent it from going to waste. Pu Yangbo didn't hesitate and drank it all in one gulp. Meanwhile, Yu Jingqiu brewed a medicinal soup for Dongbo Xueying. Dongbo Xueying didn't refuse and drank it without any hesitation, saying that he only drank the soup brewed by Yu Jingqiu. Yu Jingqiu smiled at his words.

Dongbo Xueying became the hero who destroyed the Demon God Assembly's sub-altar, and Chi Qiu Bai called on everyone to learn from him. Situ Hong felt dissatisfied upon hearing this. Situ Borong challenged Dongbo Xueying, saying he wanted to spar with the hero. Yu Jingqiu and Kong Youyue were worried about Dongbo Xueying's recovery and advised him not to provoke Situ Borong. However, Situ Borong started demonstrating moves with Kong Youyue. Dongbo Xueying was forced to take action and fight him. Situ Borong pretended to be injured and fell to the ground, infuriating Situ Hong. He wanted to seek justice for his younger brother. Dongbo Xueying politely declined, fearing that he would lose control of his fighting spirit again and hurt everyone. But Situ Hong disagreed. His goal was to defeat Dongbo Xueying.

The Demon God Assembly summoned Moyang Chen and ordered him to find ten sets of Blood-Refining Divine Weapons in the shortest possible time. Moyang Chen couldn't refuse and had to discuss with his apprentices. The apprentices all said that Blood-Refining Divine Weapons were not ordinary weapons and required a lot of Blood Spirit Stones to refine. However, Moyang Chen only had one given by the High Priest. An old apprentice told Moyang Chen that if there weren't enough Blood Spirit Stones, ancient bloodlines could be infused into the refining process. Moyang Chen took his younger sister Moyang Yu to the refining furnace and, regardless of her life, drew blood and delivered it to the furnace. Moyang Yu couldn't bear it anymore. She would never allow Moyang Chen to refine Blood-Refining Divine Weapons to harm the mortal world. So, she unleashed all her power and completely destroyed Moyang Chen's refining furnace. Seeing the mess, Moyang Chen was tempted to kill his sister but refrained from doing so. Moyang Chen reported this incident to the High Priest, who became furious and prepared to punish him. Moyang Chen quickly assured that he would find the Blood-Refining Divine Weapons.

To make amends, Moyang Chen searched everywhere for Blood-Refining Divine Weapons and finally found four sets in Kong Hai's weapon vault. However, the cunning merchant Kong Hai demanded two hundred thousand taels of gold for each set. This enraged Moyang Chen, and he clenched his fist, wanting to kill Kong Hai.

Moyang Chen only retrieved four sets of Blood-Refining Divine Weapons. However, the High Priest used his magic to divide the four sets into numerous sets and armed many demons. With everything prepared, the High Priest ordered the second priest to lead a team to Yunwu City. The second priest still feared the combined power of the Bu Xiaoxi sisters' Dual Fan, but the High Priest informed him that today Bu Xiaoxi and Chi Qiu Bai were going to visit the orphanage, which presented a perfect opportunity to strike. The second priest admired the High Priest's accurate information. Chi Qiu Bai and Bu Xiaoxi arrived at the orphanage, where the children loved them dearly. Each time they visited, they brought many gifts for the children and did their best to help those in need.

Meanwhile, a large group of demons, led by the second priest, arrived at Yunwu City. The demons clashed with the city's defenders, and Bu Chunyuan, who guarded the city, rushed to the scene upon hearing the sounds of battle. He engaged in a fierce fight with countless demons. Eventually, the second priest and the demons used their magic to restrain Bu Chunyuan. After parting ways with Bu Xiaoxi, Chi Qiu Bai returned to Yunwu City and discovered the devastation caused by the demons. It was evident that the demons had already infiltrated the city. The second priest threatened Bu Xiaoxi with Bu Chunyuan's life, and although Bu Xiaoxi pretended to comply, she had prepared herself to sacrifice her own life. After forcefully pushing Bu Chunyuan away, she and the source stone disappeared in a burst of smoke and ashes. The second priest couldn't help but feel regretful, as they couldn't even find a single source stone now.

Devastated by the death of Bu Xiaoxi, Chi Qiu Bai was consumed by grief and harbored deep hatred, aging overnight. The elders came to bid farewell to Bu Xiaoxi in Yunwu City, and Chi Qiu Bai swore to eradicate the Demon God Assembly. Upon learning that the source stone in Yunwu City was destroyed, the High Priest didn't despair because he knew there was an extraordinary source stone in the Sea God Palace. Taking advantage of everyone being in Yunwu City to bid farewell to Bu Xiaoxi, Xiang Pangyun led a surprise attack on the Sea God Palace. Upon hearing this news, the elders were filled with anger. The Demon God Assembly had brazenly challenged them. However, everyone was puzzled about the existence of another source stone in the Sea God Palace, and they demanded an explanation from the palace's elders. The Sea God Palace elders only mentioned that the source stone was a rare one refined by Bu Xiaoxi and Bu Chunyuan themselves, and they couldn't explain further. Seeing the growing discord among them, Sikong Yang persuaded everyone that instead of dwelling on this matter, they should unite and eliminate the immediate threat of the Demon God Assembly.

Thus, they hurried to the Sea God Palace and engaged in a fierce battle with the demons. Chi Qiu Bai turned his sorrow into strength and fought tenaciously in the midst of the enemy. The demons proved to be formidable opponents, and many students from Changfeng Academy were injured in the battle. Kong Youyue was also injured and fell to the ground. Situ Borong quickly protected Pu Yangbo and rescued Kong Youyue. While the battle raged on, the second priest quietly approached Bu Xiaoxi's grave and absorbed her soul from the tomb.

Dongbo Xueying and Yu Jingqiu encountered their formidable enemy, Xiang Pangyun. Due to absorbing the souls of demons, Xiang Pangyun became incredibly terrifying. He revealed his true form, a massive and intimidating figure. Dongbo Xueying and Yu Jingqiu fought with all their might. During the battle, the colossal entity dragged Dongbo Xueying off a cliff. Yu Jingqiu, in agony, called out Dongbo Xueying's name but received no response. Chi Qiu Bai comforted Yu Jingqiu and vowed to find Dongbo Xueying.

The theft of the rare source stone from the Sea God Palace left the palace's master feeling melancholic as he reminisced about the sisters Bu Xiaoxi and Bu Chunyuan helping him refine it. When the sisters had created the rare source stone, the palace's master took it without even expressing his gratitude. The sisters were puzzled and asked their master about it, but he advised them not to mention the matter again because the Sea God Palace's master also had contributed to their fans. Sikong Yang discovered Blood-Refining Divine Weapons among the remnants of the demons and realized that the demons must have colluded with the Dragon Mountain Kingdom. They used weapons from the kingdom to defeat them. The immediate priority was to identify the spies who had conspired with the demons. Situ Hong volunteered to investigate the matter, and Yu Jingqiu, desperate to find Dongbo Xueying, also expressed her willingness to undertake this challenging task.



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