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Xuan Yuan Sword Scar of Sky – Hu Ge, Jiang Jinfu

Xuan Yuan Sword Scar of Sky is a historical fantasy drama co-directed by Li Guoli, Liang Shengquan, and Huang Junwen, starring Hu Ge, Jiang Jinfu, Liu Shishi, Tang Yan, and Gulnazar.

The drama tells the story of Yuwen Tuo, a descendant of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, and Chen Jingchou, the young master of the Chen Dynasty, who go from confrontation to team up and eventually purify the demon star with the ancient divine weapon Xuan Yuan Sword, repair the scar of the sky and save the people.


Xuan Yuan Sword Scar of Sky

English Title: Xuan Yuan Sword Scar of Sky
Chinese Title: 轩辕剑之天之痕
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Wuxia
Tag: Xianxia, Enemies to Lovers, Weak Male lead, Aggressive Male Lead, Power Struggle, Love Triangle
Episodes: 36
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Li Guoli, Liang Shengquan, Huang Junwen
Writer: Deng Liqi, Huang Haoran, Liang Liyan, Chen Shisan
Producer: Cai Yinong
Product Company: Chinese Entertainment Shanghai
Released Date: 2012-07-06
Broadcast Website: Tang Ren Theater, Viki



Chen Jingzhou was the last prince of the Chen Kingdom, bearing the mandate to restore the kingdom, but he had not done a decent thing in 18 years.

Chen Fu, a relic of the Chen Kingdom who had been painstakingly teaching him, heard that the fastest way to succeed in restoring the kingdom was to gather the five ancient divine weapons.

At Chen Fu's urging, Chen Jingchou set out on a journey to find the artifacts.

But his quest to restore the kingdom has its twists and turns when he meets his strongest rival, Yuwen Tuo, a descendant of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, a prince with a feud of his country and family. They both have a mission to restore the kingdom, but their methods and personalities are very different.

In the midst of their relationship with both friends and enemies, they encounter three distinctive girls - Yu'er, Xiao Xue, and Ning Ke, and are involved in a complex relationship.

In the end, the belief in peace prevails over selfish desires, Chen Jingchou and Yuwen Tuo sacrifice their personal love for the greater good and join forces to seal the Scars of the Sky and save the world.


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