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The Chronicles of A Town Called Jian – Victoria Song, Jiang Jinfu

The Chronicles of A Town Called Jian is a mystery drama directed by Zeng Nianping, starring Song Qian, Jiang Jinfu, Zhang Zhixi, Yang Yang, Nan Sheng, and Cao Yanyan.

The drama is based on the novel "塔罗女神探之茧镇奇案 / Ta Luo Nu Shen Tan Zhi Jian Zhen Qi An" written by Zhang Ranran, which tells the story of Du Chunxiao, a female detective who solves the mysterious murders of the Huang family and uncovers the reasons behind the murders.


The Chronicles of A Town Called Jian

English Title: The Chronicles of A Town Called Jian
Chinese Title: 茧镇奇缘
Genre: Suspense, Romance, Family, Thriller
Tag: Chinese Republican Era, Investigation, Birth Secret, Smart Female Lead, Secret Crush, Determined Female Lead
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Zeng Nianping, Chang Xiaoyang
Writer: Qing Mei, Zhang Yongming
Producer: Li Shaohong
Product Company: Rong Xin Da
Released Date: 2018-01-01
Broadcast Website: 熱點劇場Hotspot!



The Huang family is the richest in the town of Qingyun in the Southern.

In mid-summer, Master Huang Tianming will celebrate his 60th birthday, while Miss Huang Mengqing and her companion Du Chunxiao, who have stayed abroad for several years, will soon return. The whole family is busy.

Master Huang takes extra care of Du Chunxiao, and not only does he ask her to stay, but he also want to marrie her to his eldest son, Huang Moru, which surprises the whole family.

But when Du Chunxiao arrives at Huang's house, strange things happen.

Curious, intelligent but innocent, Du Chunxiao is unconsciously involved in the secrets of the House of Huang.

Her nature slowly leads her to discover the true personality of Master Huang. Her persistent investigation gets her into trouble several times.

In the process, she falls in love with Huang Muyun, the second young master of the Huang family.

Huang Muyun eventually helps Du Chunxiao to uncover the mystery of her origins and uncover the crimes committed by Master Huang 20 years ago.

Du Chunxiao and Huang Muyun eventually leave the criminal Huang Mansion to find a future for each other.


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