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Will Xiao Zhan played in the remake of “Chinese Paladin”?

Chinese Paladin Hu Ge

Recently it’s said that “Chinese Paladin” will be remade. “Chinese Paladin” is a classic drama to many viewers. However, the entertainment industry likes to adapt classic dramas


The new “Chinese Paladin” is expected to have 40 episodes and will be filmed and produced by Penguin Pictures.

“Chinese Paladin” is adapted from a game, although this game is also very successful, for most post-95s the drama broadcasted in 2005 is their first contact with Xianxia drama.

Hu Ge Liu Yifei

The drama, both from the cast and the plot, is one of the best. Liu Yifei, Hu Ge, are so memorable, even the supporting role of Tang Yu Xiaobao, played by Eddie Peng. This drama is undoubtedly an unsurpassed classic in the minds of many people.

Although the remake is inevitable, but netizens still hope to find a few suitable actors. According to the news coming from the Internet, the role of Li Xiaoyao may be played by Xiao Zhan.

The Untamed Xiao Zhan

After all, it seems that Xiao Zhan is the actor which support by Tencent. His performance in the “The Untamed” is full success, so many fans request that he should play Li Xiaoyao.

The image of Xiao Zhan is close to Li Xiaoyao, He can try to challenge the classic image of Hu Ge. In addition, Xiao Zhan can bring popularity to this drama without worrying about ratings!

Classics can not avoid the fate of being remade, whether it is a tribute to the classics or destroy the classics! Hope the brand-new “Chinese Paladin” can be a new classic! Let’s wait and see!

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